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Ozito PXC 36v (2x18v) 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum-Mulcher Kit (2x 18v 4.0ah Batteries + 2x Compact Fast Chargers) $179 @ Bunnings


Ozito PXC 36v (2x18v) 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum-Mulcher KIT (2x 18v 4.0ah Batteries + 2x Compact Fast Chargers) $179

23x @ Castle Hill (NSW) - possibly nationwide

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    It is not listed on the bunnings site thanks for updating image

    36v by using 2 18v batteries in series? unusual
    i have the corded $50 unit is useless clogging and jamming
    but this has a better looking design shape

    Have you used this one?

    could this one be a bit better?

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      not sure, I went for the 2x 18v Battery deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642518) and got this instead. I'll update when I get a chance to take it for a spin.

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      It's not that unusual. I have what must be the previous model and an Ozito line trimmer, both of which are powered by 2 x 18v.
      The Ozito blower/vac I have is excellent - at least for my needs (mainly Bougainvillea leaves). The main issue I have with it is the design of the vacuum bag, which results in holes developing around the bag's inlet. I note the new model includes a redesigned bag inlet - so it might be worthwhile me getting one when my vac bag requires replacing yet again.

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        Love all my 2*18v ozito tools, 5 in 1 mower, jet blower, pole pruner and chainsaw etc..bloody powerful close to corded or even petrol ones. The normal 18v just toy like.
        I have been eyeing on a leave vacuum for a while then not bothered because by reading the reviews and looked in person found the bag is pretty much consumables, cost you a fortune in a long run. Not sure this new version better or not.
        Bloody 27.5 dollars per a bag and you might need 3 per year…


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      I've had the corded one for a few years, never gets jammed, only clogs the nozzle if I suck up a bit patch of leaves, at which point you can still free them up just turning it off and shaking them out. Aside from it being corded, it's been great value for me.

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      just unboxed and there was 1 bar battery, so I tested it as a Blower only and it wasn't too bad for my needs (just blowing leaves out of garage and onto road)
      Some points that may help others :
      Specs thanks to @Z0harm : https://ozito.com.au/products/pxc-2-x-18v-3-in-1-blower-vacu...
      - VERY loud (specs say 103db)
      - weight wasn't too bad, I was able to use it one-handed
      - Non-Turbo : ok
      - WITH TURBO : much better and I'd probably always use it in Turbo mode for my needs
      - can't say anything about battery time as it wasn't fully charged, but I got about 10 minutes from factory packed.

      Hope it helps

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        what produces leaves in your garage?

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          let the man grow his medication in peace

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      yeah this is it. saw a bunch of them at virginia (brissie) but didn't grab one

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    Pretty sure I've got the exact same model before. Returned it after half a year. 100% will NOT recommend it.
    - It is HEAVY using it as a blower compared to the blower-only models.
    - Suction in vacuum is poor. The nozzle needs to almost form a seal with the ground to suck things up. I was cleaning up after some wood work and it could only suck up the nozzle's diameter worth of wood chip / saw dust at a time.
    - The "mulcher" is really just a spinning metal disc with prongs on it like a juice blender. I doubt it can mulch anything other than dry leaves and small twigs.
    - The vacuum bag is hard to clean and the zipper seized up after a few uses.

    Glad I kept my receipt!


      certainly looks heavy extra 4kg
      i look at the cheapie corded one i have
      but sadly cannot compare specs they do not provide so probably wont buy thank you

      No Load Speed 10,000 - 15,000/min
      Blow Speed 160 - 270km/h
      Max. Air Volume 12m³/min (720m³/h)
      Weight 3.4kg

      Voltage2 x 18V (36V)
      No Load Speed 8,000 - 14,000/min
      Max. Air Speed 230km/h
      Max. Suction Power 700 m³/h
      Max. Air Volume 225 m³/h
      Weight 8.04kg


    Confirming in stock at QLD Springfield store, not near entrance is in the 'non shelving' area next to Garden Power tools Bays.
    Guesstimate I saw 6 boxes.


    Does anyone know if the bag would be covered under warranty?

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    Lots in North Lakes today. Thanks OP, a real bargain buying the batteries and chargers alone is $178.


      Went out and bought one today, mainly because I needed the 4AHs for my mower (and I'll be using my existing 3AHs for the blower) - as you say the batteries alone are $140 (or $100 whenever the 4AH black versions are on sale), so it's best to think of this as a relatively cheap skin included as a bonus with a battery purchase. I haven't tested the other functions (and honestly I don't think I ever will), but it worked decently as a blower and can indeed be used in one hand (but I found myself occasionally grabbing it with my second hand from time to time due to the weight).


    Is on the Bunnings website now if you wanted to update the post.


    Picked one of these up today. Seems good. Not concerned about longevity given bunnings ridiculous warranty coverage for this stuff. Great to have another 2 x 4.0ah batteries for the 36v Mower :).