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[Pre Order] Animal Crossing - Sanrio Collaboration amiibo Cards $9.95 + Free Delivery until 11PM 6th Aug(Free C&C) @ EB Games


I know I'll get comments that this is not a bargain but there are a lot of Animal crossing fans who want these and they go out of stock really quick.

Get in quick before the scalpers grab them.

Release date is Fri, 20 Aug 2021 and requires a $5 deposit in which case you can cancel if you change your mind too. So buy first and decide later. The OZB way.

Collect & connect with amiibo™ cards!
Special Sanrio Amiibo Cards can be scanned into Animal Crossing: New Horizons for exclusive poster goodies to decorate your house! Learn everything to know about Sanrio Cards in this guide.

These cards featuring various villager designs inspired by Sanrio characters were first introduced with Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Welcome Amiibo update and are compatible in a limited fashion with New Horizons too!


6 amiibo™ character cards

All 6 amiibo™ character cards from the unique Sanrio Collaboration Series

Official Nintendo licensed merchandise

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    • I posted a comment in there that they would restock again lol

      • Just realised you get all 6 cards in the pack (so no RNG). Pre-ordered place, thanks.

        • You do thats why it goes quick especially at only $9.95

  • +1

    Strictly ten per customer

    Not sure why you need 10, when each pack contains the full set.

    • +1

      Scalpers would want to buy them all unfortunately.

  • +1

    got mines on esty earlier in the year
    couldnt be bothered waiting for them to release more so they can make soooooo much money out of this and mass produce it

    • +1

      got mines on esty earlier in the year

      I'm assuming 'custom made' NFC tags/cards?

    • I ordered blank NFC cards and did it myself. Only managed to get the phone to emulate as a card once. But still ordered these to collect lol

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    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Grabbed a pack, thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • Friday, August 20 is the release date, BTW.

  • Thank you OP.

  • Will Amazon stock again for us locked down people?

    • what you can do is order the EB games one first.

      If it the Amazon deal pops up order that and then cancel the pre order with EB.

      • +1

        I had to cancel EB Games preorder once.
        I had to go into store to get $10 preorder deposit refund.
        Might be something to do with that particular store but they could not refund preorder deposit automatically.

        • I’ve had a pre order on hold for me for months when it was available to pick up. It’s $5 for deposit only . You can cancel in store the next time you’re in the area but at least this way you can have one on hold for you of Amazon doesn’t release it

        • Last time i cancelled a preorder and they said I had paid via gift card (I hadn't) and said they could only refund me $10 onto a gift card.

          I didn't argue the point as I had something else to buy with the $10.

        • It's not about that particular store, if you order online for delivery then you can just call up and they can process the refund for you however if you choose click and collect from what EB Games told me, the money for pre-ordered get transferred to that store and EB Online no longer has the money anymore so hence you need to get money back from that store.

  • Thank you for posting!

  • -2

    thanks. bought 5x

    • Are you making a deck for poker?

  • Thanks! Strictly 10 per customer and the fact that it’s still available suggests there’s enough stock to go around this time.

    Preordered one :)

  • No longer available for preorder instore. I suspect there's not much stock left online.

    • i just checked and its still available?

      • Available online, but the instore system won't let them put a preorder in.

        • do you mean going into the store to order it or as in doing a click and collect?

          If you mean going instore i thought they werent allowing purchases in store and online orders only due to COVID (depending which state you're in).

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Yes. Stores are only closed in Qld, NSW, and as of 8pm today, VIC.

            Easy enough to order online for pick-up in store instead.

  • +2

    Just letting you know EB Games now have free standard delivery

    this applies to all items from what I have tested on the website

    • Appreciate the heads up. Wonder if its a limited time thing while many states are in lockdown or something… but I hope it stays. Biggest issue with ordering anything from EB is that they always wanted like $15 to send it.

      Edit: Just tested with a preowned game and its $6 via Courier Please and $18 via Drive Yello (same day delivery). Not free (probably only for their standard AusPost shipments from their warehouse) but definitely better than it was before.

      Edit 2: Looks like they started a free delivery promo for some funko pops an hour ago. Wonder if they've messed up and made it for all warehouse orders instead lol.

    • Looks like its only for items from the warehouse, but good that they're finally offering it.

      Stuff coming from stores still have a $15 delivery fee.

  • +2

    For anyone that missed out, they are also available directly from Nintendo

    Note: Delivery is a Flat $7.95 (Free over $80 Spend); so perfect opportunity to also claim My Nintendo Rewards

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