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Gigabyte Aorus AP850GM 850W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $119 Pickup/ + Delivery @ BPCTech


One of the lowest prices to date for a top tier 850W PSU. One of Gigabyte's first PSU's to market that didn't disappoint.

Great review below with comparisons:

  • Fully Modular design with a single +12V rail and 850W output capacity
  • 135mm 2 ball bearing smart fan with fan stop function
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: above 90% efficiency at 50% load
  • High quality 100% Japanese Capacitors

P.s. Should add that I have an EVGA Supernova G3 650W 80+ Gold which I am replacing as I've just acquired a RTX3080 and the power supply isn't enough, regardless of YT reviews. PC has restarted a couple of times. Worth thinking about if you guys have a new GPU on the way.

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    Bought one. Thanks!


    How is the quality on these?


    $20 shipping… Not sure


    Amazing find!


    That's not the one that explodes, right?

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      The ones people tested were the non Aorus ones these are higher quality.


    I am using this. Looks good, but the cable looks a bit thick, very hard to hide them.


    Anyone know the warranty length for Australia?

    Also should I keep waiting for a Corsair RM850x deal or is this comparable quality?



      It is 10 years I believe.

      Based on the comparison above, the RM850x has 1% better performance, significantly quieter but 1.5% lower efficiency. Naturally this is comparing 2019 models. Overall, I'd pick the RM850x IF they were the same price. However, they are currently $40 more for the cheapest one, so I'd go with this one.

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      Good q mate. Not sure if Australia is even under warranty.


    Does anyone know if the Gigabyte AORUS AP750GM 750W 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply compares to this 850Watt version in quality just wondering as I own one, cheers

    Edit: certainly a bargain I paid $165 for mine


    I had my eyes on Corsair 850X for my next build but it seems like this is $50 cheaper? I plan on getting a RTX 3080 if the price ever drops down remotely close to RRP.

    Can any PSU experts in here tell me why I shouldn't get this over the 850X?


    Thanks OP. Shipping showed $20 before I filled in my whole address which gave me a $15 option with Fastway.

    Probably won't need this for another year or so but PSU prices don't seem to drop much anyway - guessing because PSU tech is mature. In fact, I'm currently using a EA650G-PRO which I bought in 2019 for $119 and somehow prices have gone up.


    Thanks OP, bought one and got $6 shipping yew


    and..the price is back up :(