Amazon AU Delivery Notifications Being Sent to Another Non Registered Gmail Address of Mine

Searched around the web to see if I could get an explanation on this behavior, but all results are around phishing and nothing like what I'm experiencing.

Basically, I've got an Amazon account that's registered to my primary email with a domain. Nothing puzzling regarding getting the delivery notifications to this address so that's all above board.

I have a secondary domain account which I hardly use, mainly used for promo sign ups and newsletter subscriptions etc.

I only recently just looked into the gmail account to try find a previous promo sign up, and happened to notice that I have a lengthy history of Amazon delivery email notifications for my account, going into the too.

I've gone through the Amazon "Your Account" to try find something around this space, questioning myself whether I added the gmail account as a secondary email for notifications or something… But for the life of me I swear I can't find anything of such.

I can't remember doing anything in Amazon to even link the gmail account, seems like there no option available to even do this.

So who else to turn to, but the people that know everything about anything!

Please enlighten me on why I'm experiencing this behaviour, and if you are aware on how this is happening, how do I stop this?

Thanks in advance!

TLDR: Getting Amazon delivery email notifications into two email addresses I have, correct registered live account and my gmail account that's not even the registered email address. Why is this happening and how can I stop this?

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    Have you set up any forwarding rules in your mailbox you might have forgotten about? It's happened to me before!


      How does auto forwarding email work?


        Most mail servers (or clients, depending on their setup) allow the user to configure global email forwarding rules (ie. If you recieve any email, redirect it to a different email address) or specific filter rules (ie. If you recieve an email from [email protected], redirect it to a different email address)

        Depending on how the system handles the autoforward this may appear in the different email inbox as coming from the actual sender (ie. The person who sent it in the first place, in OPs example, Amazon) or from the account that autoforwarded (ie. The OPs live/outlook email address)


    Backup / recovery email address in Amazon account?


      Thanks for your input…

      Is there such a thing, I couldn't find backup/recovery anywhere in Amazon settings?

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        Not sure. Just brainstorming

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    In your gmail account settings, check if you have added your live account as a forwarding address. Or vice versa.


    Thanks for the suggestions so far… No rules have been done in either of the live or gmail accounts… Just checked and confirmed I haven't created any rules at all.

    Also not getting this behaviour for any other emails… Only Amazon delivery email notifications.


    Edit: After a bit more cross checking of Amazon emails between my live and gmail accounts, only the delivery notifications from the following addresses are also going to the gmail account. No order email notifications are going to the gmail, just the correct live one. <[email protected]> <[email protected]>


      In gmail open the email and select "Show Original" from the email's three-dot menu, this will show all the routing/delivery/maily stuff.


        Thanks for that, I didn't know about this function…

        Original Message
        Message ID <[email protected]>
        Created at: Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:26 AM (Delivered after 4 seconds)
        From: "" <[email protected]>
        Subject: Delivered: Your Amazon package has been delivered.
        SPF: NONE with IP Learn more

        Without going through all the coding further below that (I have no idea how to read it), from the above I can only presume it went direct to my email with no other routing, but still received in my, so strange!


          If you want you can PM me the full mail header and I can dicpher it for you.

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            @iDroid: Thanks for your willingness to help!

            It's ok, wouldn't want to trouble you or waste your time on it… I'm filing this away in the cbf basket as it's not really critical case. Thanks again =)


    I've recently been fighting with Amazon regarding duplicated Prime charges.
    It was found after weeks of back and forward, that a second account was created at some point years ago, and I had purchased something, which picked up my CC at the time (of course). In doing so, at a later stage, Prime was activated. However, I do not use this account (@gmail).

    My actual Amazon and Prime account are attached to my primary email account (@iinet).

    Took over a month to have Amazon ID the issue, then another 2 weeks of fighting to get refunded for the duplicated charges. I'd not picked it up as the charges were coming through a few days after each other. When I'd previously sighted it, I assumed it was a pending charge, then carried over. My fault for not properly checking.

    Since, I finally managed to get a refund, however, the account (@gmail) was not deleted by Amazon as agreed and this kicked off again a few weeks later for some unknown reason. This is I picked it up as I'd resigned for an annual sub on the mail account.

    Amazon finally deleted the duplicated account during the week and I'm still awaiting the most recent refund.

    I find it all questionable, as each time I speak with Amazon I'm told they have processed a refund, however never appears in my account, unless I chase and chase and they never provide any reference numbers or the likes.

    Service from Amazon is extremely poor and lacking in an every increasing manner over recent times…

    Rant over…


      Thanks for sharing your story!

      It's actually helped with some things that may be of relevance.

      I just realised that I do have a secondary Amazon account with this gmail email. Last purchase was back in 2019, I think I used this gmail email to create a secondary Amazon account for the 2 weeks free Prime trail back at that time, and possibly used a cc that I've used on my primary live Amazon account.

      I'm speculating that the Amazon system has somehow picked some stuff up between the two accounts, which has incidentally caused some of the email notifications (i.e. delivery notifications) going into the gmail account too.


        No problems.
        Good luck with sorting it out.
        Wait until later in the evening and go to the help section and hit the 'call me' button. Should be speaking with someone within a min or two.

        They are often pretty useless, so make sure you keep notes and the person name etc.
        If you ask them to provide an email with a confirmation of the call, they usually will. but you need to ask for it.

        All in all, they are pretty useless…