Boost Kicking Me off Grandfathered $150 Plan

Just a heads up, the ride is finally over I guess.

Got this text today

"Mujaji, from 10 September we'll be updating you to our latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan. Find out more about what's changing at [REDACTED]
This update will be automatic. Until then, your current recharge inclusions will not change and you can keep using your service as usual."

The link they sent had this nugget of info

"$50 off your next $200 recharge
Once your plan has been updated and your recharge is coming up to expiry, you'll receive $50 off your next $200 recharge, plus 30GB bonus data to use in Aus within 12 months.

The discount will be applied automatically at the checkout, when you make your eligible recharge."

Which negates my first thought of recharging 12 days early getting in before the 10th for one extra year at the cheaper price.

On the plus side I will finally be free to port back and forth to get new customer discounts again to avoid that $4.17 extra a month in the recharge after next.

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  • Merged from Boost mobile $150 plan phased out soon

    Just got an email from Boost saying they're gonna remove the $150 recharge completely from September. Looks like everyone on the old $150 plan with 80gb will be automatically bumped up to the $200 plan, which offer greater data (130gb). They've offered a one off discount of $50 to make up the increase but apparently you'll be paying more from now on. RIP boost anytime plus.

    • +3

      It's been a pretty good ride while it lasted, just like Telstra Prepaid Plus.

    • Wow, that's a ripper. I use it for last 3 years. Very helpful as it has overseas calls free / 1200 min. Does anyone know a competitive product?

    • I was just going to post the same!

      Click on the $150 option:

      And you'll see "New Plan" alongside is N/A.

      I'm trying to find out from Boost if there's any way to just transition to another 12 month plan, rather than a monthly one. I'll have 11 months of the plan left at the time of the plan migration.

      • +1

        The Boost expert says:

        • If you were migrated to the new system while you are on a $150 plan you will still be able to use it as it is, it's just that once the plan expire you can no longer recharge the plan of $150.
    • Unless you need full Telstra access Woolworths seems like a good plan. Otherwise Coles mobile (optus) and the data roll over looks good. Given 6 months in I've only used like 6GB of my 80GB due to WFH and not traveling much.

      • +3

        Woolworths is good if you don't need occasional international call. Optus or Coles is not comparable, even for double the data

        • Optus or Coles is not comparable

          Neither is the price.

  • +2

    Unless you really need full Telstra access then probably move to Woolworths (Telstra Wholesale) or Coles mobile (Optus). The idea of data roll over with Coles is enticing considering I've only used 6GB of my 80GB in 6 months due to working from home.

    • +1

      $100 a year with Coles is a pretty amazing deal.

      • For 60GB (averages 5GB/mth)

  • +1

    Unfortunate :(

    I really need a telco that provides WIFI-calling since I get crap all service from my apartment. Boost was the cheapest option at the time but looks like I'll be out searching for a new one soon…

    • This.
      Are there any other cheap plans with WiFi calling?

      • Here's a good article with details of who supports Wifi calling

        • Thanks. It's the same providers since I last had a look back in January 2020. Telstra/Optus will not be as cheap as $150 for a year.

      • +1

        Do you still prefer Telstra? Moose Mobile has both VoLTE and VoWifi (Optus network).

  • i was on the prepaid boost plan - they kicked me off - asked to do the new recharge 28 days.

    at least there is a 30$ plan -

  • +3

    Luckily I just recharged $150 last week, so won't have to worry about it for a year.

    • +3

      Probably in a year you might still get the $50 discount and 30GB extra bonus so you might have two years to think.

      • +6

        That's future me problems haha.

  • Is this only getting sent out to people whos plan expires in the near future?
    I haven't seen anything.
    Plan expires in December.

    • Mine expires this evening and I have not heard anything. Guess I have to pony up for the $200 or $300 12-month plans.

    • I'm only a couple months into my plan and got the email.

    • May be you're on the later plan, not the original plan. The original one can be recharged unlike the later must be activated from the $150 prepaid pack and not supposed to be renewable. But that's just saying from Boost and they have no way of enforcing the terms typical of Telstra.

      • I renewed through the app in December last year.
        Changed down from the 240Gb plan to the 80gb plan cause I'm on Work WiFi now.

  • Hold up, the online recharge using credit/debit card (on the app) still lists the $150, 12 month expiry plan as a recharge option.

    We might still be able get it :)

    Unfortunately I need a real receipt for reimbursement, but since work's paying I might as well get the $300 plan.

  • +2

    Are Boost going to re-enable international roaming eventually?

    • +1

      Hopefully by the time scomo lets us take a Hawaiian holiday

      • Hopefully, my partner is from Hawaii

  • +2

    I am on the 150 plan mine expires in mid September haven’t had any notification yet?

  • +1

    Mine expires 29th Sept and I got the email today. The $150 recharge option still shows in the app, so am hoping I can recharge again before the 10th to get another year then hopefully still get the $50 discount off the $200 recharge for another year after that.
    (I don’t need the extra data, I’ve only used 14GB out of the 80GB so far in 11 months)

  • Doesn't Woolies mobile have full Telstra access?

    I bought my first Woolies prepaid last month and can't get a signal at home. I thought it was my newish phone because I live in a black hole, but can get a tiny signal on my old pre-smart Telstra phone with prepaid from the Telstra shop. So I thought it was because my old phone must have had the blue tick for rural areas and my newish phone didn't, and I didn't realise that.

    I needed to get a smart phone working for the covid app which is why I needed a newer phone.

    • +1

      Doesn't Woolies mobile have full Telstra access

      Nope, only Telstra and Boost do. No other provider (not even Belong) have access to the full Telstra retail network.

  • How many gigs per year?

  • My mums plan expired July 26, I renewed it for her to the $150 recharge so her current plan won't expire until 26 July 2022.. She got the email yesterday.
    I'm presuming she will be switched to the new plan in September but won't pay any more until she has to re-charge again in July next year? Interestingly the date listed as the switch date is September 14, not September 10 as the OP's is. Maybe they're doing it in batches?
    My dad and I are both on the same plan, ours expired August 9 and I recharged to the same $150 plan, no emails to either of us yet.

  • I think this is awesome value from woolies mobile once this ends amazing deal ends for me in Feb 2022

    • But that's barely more than the $150, 80Gb offer that's being deleted by Boost and with far smaller geographic coverage (Boost Full Telstra coverage, Woolies, only Telstra Wholesale - ie Optus level of coverage)

    • With $150 there are other options from the big 3 telcos.

  • I just got the email too, but for 15 September 2021

    Your update to the latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan will happen automatically from 15 September

  • I got my email yesterday :-(

    from 17 August your prepaid service will be updated to our latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan.

    I'm a weird user, the best value for me was the $100 60gb plan (that I usually used in around 4.5 months). So the new $200 plan doesn't make much sense, looks like I'll have to start recharging $300 for the year (an increase of around $40).

    • I thought there was a legal reason grandfathered plans existed…

  • +1

    Just got my email today, plan expires on 28/03/2022. Looks like I'm set til 2023 with the $50 off $200 plan.

    CodeXD, from 16 September your prepaid service 0412345678 will be updated to our latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan.

    • yep just got mine too

    • Same

    • +1

      Might want to remove your mobile number from the post…

      • +7

        I paid for the premium number let me flex kthx.

  • +1

    I got this email today, what would be cheap plan if I want international calling?

    • I am looking at the same. Sadly the new plans on boost do not inlcude the main country i want to call (it was on the old plans, now it only gets 1200 minutes). The other one i found that has a lot of intl minutes and some unlimited ones are the lebara plan, but i haven't been able to find them on sale yet.

  • i got a text from Boost as well but they offered the $50 discount once my plan expires (Jan 2022)

  • The 50 dollars discount. Do we have an expiry date on it? Can anyone confirm please? If no expiry date, I will just recharge to 150 before 10/9

  • WTF is happening? My migration today was cancelled by text yesterday. My plan expired on the 5th and I phoned customer service who advised to wait until I receive the discount post-migration, according to a text sent on the 3rd. I phoned today and was told the migration cancellation was automatically triggered by their system, possibly due to an error, and they recommended buying a 28-day plan for the time being. Boost is really annoying me. Seems as though they've hidden their only Australian-based contact method in the CIS pdf: [email protected], I'll give it a shot.

    Is it true that these new plans don't have MMS?

    • tried MMS today and it still worked

      • Hmm, I don't see anything written on their website regarding a change to that but a lot of people here have said otherwise, perhaps it's video MMS affected.

  • Anybody know how do we find out Boost ID for logging into the new App?

    The previous App is bringing up errors and today after getting a text from Boost saying my number has successfully updated to the Boost Mobile Prepaid Plan. and You can down load the new My Boost Mobile app to check your balance, expiry etc etc.

    I uninstalled the previous Boos app, installed the new one and upon starting it, it says if your a customer before Jan/2021 click here which takes you to the old App to install again or you can choose a New Customer but asks you to login or create an account, but I thought already being with boost that I have one already so where are these details approx?

  • Merged from Boost Changing $150 Yearly Plan

    I am on $150 boost mobile plan and got the following message:

    Your Boost plan is getting an update.

    Skinny, from 25 October your prepaid service 0469696969 will be updated to our latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan.

    This update will be automatic. Until then, your current recharge inclusions will not change and you can keep using your service as usual.

    So, what's changing?

    • Recharge expiry - We have simplified our recharge options. All recharges will now have either a 7 day, 28 day or 12 month expiry period, depending on the recharge amount.
    • International Calls & Text - On recharges of $30+, you'll get standard international calls to 50 selected destinations (including unlimited calls to 20 selected destinations), plus text to all countries.
    • Auto recharge - for security reasons, any saved credit card details will not carry over. Once your plan has been updated, you will need to set up your auto recharge again, using the My Boost Mobile app.
    • $150 Recharge - The $150 recharge will no longer be available. We have lots of other recharge options – find out more below.

    New $200 plan

    100GB of data
    12 Months expiry
    Unlimited Calls & Text
    to standard national numbers

    Unlimited International Calls & Text
    to standard numbers to 20 selected destinations
    + 1200 mins to 30 selected destinations
    + 1200 text (inc. MMS) to all destinations

    (all for use in Australia)

    There are some additional changes to plan features:

    1.Premium and 1900 Numbers - Calls and SMS to Premium or 1900 numbers will no longer be available.
    2.International Roaming - International roaming is no longer available. However, don’t worry, are planning to re-launch roaming in 2022.
    3.Managing auto recharge - You will no longer be able to set up and manage auto recharge using #111#, you will need to use the My Boost Mobile app.

    $50 off your next $200 recharge

    Once your plan has been updated and your recharge is coming up to expiry, you'll receive $50 off your next $200 recharge, plus 30GB bonus data to use in Aus within 12 months. The discount will be applied automatically at the checkout, when you make your eligible recharge.

    • It already changed last year mate, You were lucky enough to score the $150 Sim deal, Boost will not Offer that deal again

      • what changed last year was for new customers.. existing customer on $150 plans continued but are also now gone with this change.

    • +1
    • So I'm still good for the next 20 months then, sweet.

  • +1

    I just talked to the customer service, the $50 will be refunded after we recharge $200.

    I have your account pulled up now and can confirm you were eligible for the $50 discount. I'm sorry if you were not informed about this but the discount will apply in a form of a refund. You'll receive the refund as well as the 30 GB bonus data within 72 hours after recharging

    • just to confirm, so will they refund $50 into your original payment method?

      • Yes, I asked this question too.

        • Thanks

    • What is the number for boost customer service?
      Can't find it anywhere

  • How long does it take them to refund.. anyone have had any issue regarding $50 refund after $200 recharge.?

    • I'm wondering this too? I renewed 9 days ago on 31/10 and no refund yet. Communication has been pretty poor leading up to this, only found out plan had run out once I lost connectivity. Received notification that plan was being updated and that I'd get the discount on 14/9. Then received email on 23/9 that update occurred and then nothing after this. Wondering if I have to go through the hassle of phone customer service….tried the robot and gave up really quickly

  • Yeah I just recharged and still haven't received a discount of $50 or refund. I might call them tomorrow.

  • Recharged and didn't receive the discount, went on the chat and they added the bonus data and issued a refund.

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