Australia Post Price Increase for 6th September 2021

So just after I made a post about sendle having a cheaper parcel option, Australia Post, once again, does it again and raises prices in the other direction.

Starting 6th September, prices will increase ~1.5%, making the regular parcel option increase from $9.15 to $9.30. This is after a price increase was announced just 1st March this year where they were $8.95, and previously $8.30 before that. International letter costs increasing too, so they'll likely have to introduce new stamp options too.

More info here:

Continuously raising prices like this continues to put a strain on businesses, especially since we are more and more reliant on delivery services in this time. Thoughts?

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  • Unfortunately the more Australia Post do this the more people will find alternatives to send parcels and the more Oz Post will increase prices again and so the cycle continues. Making the prices affordable IMO especially for small business, means more business for Oz Post who I prefer to use, but will be reassessing purely because of their continual increases. Its the way of business I guess.

  • Any recommendations to courier wine from state to state?

  • Cartier watches don't pay for themselves!

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    How else are they expected to pay out people one million dollars

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    AusPost 5 days from NSW/ VIC to WA. Sendle at least 2 weeks+. I wont use sendle.

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      It's random although I've noticed AusPost delivery times much slower in the last 2 weeks

      Canberra ==> Syd overnight - Sendle
      Central Coast ==> Syd 2 weeks - Aus Post

      • Aus Post have been surprisingly fast lately delivering to me in the Wollongong/Illawarra area.

        I had 3 items shipped from the Hunter Valley on a Thursday afternoon. 1 turned up on Saturday morning, the other 2 on the Monday.

        Amazon shipments from Sydney have been turning up overnight. Amazon from Melbourne 2-3 days.

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    I would happily pay more to Australia Post if they provided the service expected of them. Fact is though, they fall short on all of their own metrics and those the Government sets for them. They make their own rules, break them - no one cares.

    I've lost thousands of dollars in charge backs in the past 12-18 months and hand on heart I can blame Australia Post for 100% of the lost/late items.

    Where is the 4 working day "letter item" guarantee ?

    What happened to the "expedited" letter service?

    Where is 1 working day express post delivery, pretty sure this worked fine in 2001 fast forward 20 years, apparently its now not possible ?

    Ever mentioned to a post office employee (Aust Post owned store) your item is lost or late - they basically tell you "not my problem log an inquiry online - now get out the store"

    Want to post an item at a post box around 4pm on a Friday - guess what, its most likely going to sit in that box until 3pm next Monday

    I could go on and on …..

    Imagine a world where you ran a business with sh%thouse customer service, could set your own prices in a monopoly (which you continually deny is a monopoly), could pay your CEO more than the Prime Minister of the country and rise your prices every 4-5-6 months without consequence.

    The only good thing about all this is that as a tax payer I, like you own Australia Post, so I guess in some small way we all benefit from the incompetence, sloth, greed and arrogance that is Australia Post.

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      Ahh that point about posting 4pm… They've changed most street boxes to 12pm now, so thats an extra day on most items just straight up because of that.

  • Sucks, though coincides with both:
    * 3% increase per year for next 3 years pay rise currently being negotiated with staff
    * Returning to less profitable daily mail delivery as the relaxed/reduced regulatory requirements end

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    I've sent around 50 items with Sendle. I haven't had an issue yet, although I do dread something happening with all the negative comments on Ozb. But when the price difference is huge, I do risk it.

    • Same here. But I do find that there's a small percentage of packages to went missing with sendle, but their insurance claim process is painless. They just ask for basic info or pics.

      Sendles pickup from home option is extra awesome for lazy me who cbf driving and waiting in line at auspost

      What is good about auspost is that you have the option of signature on delivery so the package goes to an LPO if no one is home. Which is good if you don't want things go missing after its left at the receivers front door.

      I like using a balance of both

  • I use Sendle for lots of my ebay sales. I've always found them to be fairly reasonable. I've had 1 parcel go missing but they paid out the insurance no questions asked. I think some of the problems that are experienced relate to the individual couriers in the area.

  • How much would large letter now costs once the increase starts? At the moment its


    • Nothing yet, but increase pricing for business sending mail via their imprint service it seems.

  • How do Sendle compare to Couriers please, Fastway in terms of reliability and reaching regional areas? I've been using Shipit which mainly uses CP & FW. They are not quick but are cheaper to the prices you are quoting above (assuming they are local deliveries).

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      Sendle use CP and FW just a difference skin and pricing, you can't choose which courier. You will only know after label creation.

      Sendle probably better option as you don't have pay subscriptions to access CP/FW but shipit do offer more courier selection such as DHL/TNT for heavier items but these are premium service and much more than auspost so not really any point unless you doing larger quantity but is cheaper to go direct to DHL/TNT/TOLL for pricing but I guess the service offer courier options.

  • Gotta love auspost each year increasing the price meanwhile decreasing the quality of service provided… They still offer express post option but more often than not takes as long as regular, not to mention the cutting down of letter deliveries to every other day.

  • I only get 3 services a week but am curious to whether this is Australia wide and also for both residential and consumer.

  • People should just use the parcel 7/11 shipping, via toll

    • It takes forever to punch in the details by hand. The reason people use sendle/AP and shippit is integrations.

  • Heaven forbid don't ask for a wages rise. Unfortunately the cost of business is always increasing and more so since Covid.

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    Search your email inbox for the word "Sendle", there's a good chance you've already received packages through Sendle from online orders and not even realised it.

    • Sendle has failed to pick up my parcel 3 days in a row since Wednesday, so… I’m not sure what to do. I did find out they have a next day pickup guarantee so I’ll get refunded the shipping… if it still gets picked up.

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    What this doesn't also say is that AP has also widely and drastically changed their whole domestic zones.

    It doesn't affect the average user as much but for eparcel business users, it means that things as a whole get cheaper. I suspect this is set to try and offset that.

    Ultimately the eparcel system is where the bulk of their business comes from.

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    Auspost still the most reliable, and the changes they made to weight (anything 5kg and under) in the satchels are great

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    Worst postal service ever.

  • They have to find ways to pay that moron her $1 million exit fees.

  • The increases for under 5kg parcels are miniscule, and indeed for the AusPost My Business Post rates, actually an improvement in some cases.

    Some significant towns have been "promoted" from the rural category to major regional area category, such as Bendigo, Townsville and Darwin. For the average small business that's about a 10% improvement in postage to those particular locations.

    No such improvements for the above 5kg though, only increases across the board.