This was posted 3 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Puma FUTURE Z 2.1 FG/AG Football Boots $11.20 (Was $180) + $8 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Puma


I'm not a football player so can't comment on these but for this price I might just need to take up the sport.

Use code EXTRA30 for the extra 30% off.

Some other fantastic prices on Football boots if these go OOS:

KING Pro FG Football Boots - $14.00 (was $180)

ULTRA 1.1 FG/AG Football Boots - $17.50 (was $280)

FUTURE Z 1.1 FG/AG Football Boots BLACK - $35.00 (was $280)

FUTURE Z 1.1 FG/AG Football Boots YELLOW - $35.00 (was $280)

FUTURE Z 1.1 FG/AG Football Boots WHITE - $38.50 (was $280)

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      @Nugs, nothing wrong with 'green' boots.
      The grass is green remember?

    • +10

      Boot Polish?
      Have you played sport this century?

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    edit: smaller sizes available

    • +1

      ? All sizes available for me

      • Sizes 7 - 12 only.
        Not all sizes available.

        • Yes, all the sizes listed on the website available.

          Not OOS as @anamul commented, unless u class 7-12 as small sizes?

          • +1

            @Bunsen: Are you guys able to add to cart? I get a "This product is out of stock." error after adding to cart.

            • @anamul: sites crashed now, no pulldown for sizes or amount but still says 'Instock' lol..

    • +2

      Yes only
      Most sizes available !!

  • +12

    "for this price I might just need to take up the sport."
    - what got you into this sport?
    - "found some cheap kicks"
    - "100%"

  • any size 4?

    • +1

      Why don’t you find out and let us know?

  • +2

    website crashed LOL

  • Some decent prices for young kids shoes too.

  • Size 14s available in most. These boots tend to run narrow too. I have a pair of 13s and they were snug, been tempted to get 14 but worried they just become longer and not any wider.

    • +1

      13.5? Or worse case you can chop a toe

  • +1

    I actually need new boots as well! Hopefully can get through the checkout stage.

    Edit: I got through and ordered the ULTRA 1.1 FG/AG FOOTBALL BOOTS for $33 including delivery. So it seems the code didn't work but I still hope they honour it.

  • Website won't work.

  • So far anyone could buy? Checkout page is stuck for me.

  • +3

    Extra30 won’t work either. Waste of time

    • Yup thats the issue I am having.

  • Website snapped at by puma..can't select size.

  • Let's see if they honour it…

  • +1

    Really cheap price without coupon already but shows "The coupon code "EXTRA30" is not valid"

  • yep, EXTRA30 is a dud

  • EXTRA30 is not valid :(

  • Same, extra30 not working

  • Everything I wanted is now OOS

  • -1

    I assume extra30 will only work on things that haven't already been marked down. Tends to be the case with their deals in store as well where promos don't stack on promos (theres been times in store where they had shoes, 2 for $80, and 30% off but the 30% off only was on rrp prices and couldn't be used with the 2 for $80 deal)

    • Negative. The code was designed to be used with their Outlet stuff (aka on sale items)

  • code works at the start, but it seems they have removed now.

  • +2

    What a waste of time. Added 10 different things to cart, discount code doesnt work. Slowest website experience for a long time as well!

  • I managed to secure 2 boots.

    • +1

      they're usually in lots of 2..

      • Then their logic is sound.

  • Items disappearing from the cart lmao

  • +2

    Website run from dial up and a code that doesn't work.

  • Fairly certain this was a pricing error, not sure if they'll honour the orders.

    • Im thinking same thing, there is still some sale stuff that says $25 for the boots and now when you add to cart, they are $125

  • Code was definitely working before, ordered $200 of shoes and clothes without any issues. Looks like it's been ozbargained.

  • I upvoted the deal here, but it looks like a sleazy click-bait campaign by Puma (relative to most-suitable standard men sizes 9-12). The featured pair (for $11.20) deal doesn't tell it's OOS until you press "Add to Cart" button. Tried several consecutive next-best deals, all OOS'd for normal sizes.
    To lucky ones who managed to take advantage of this stellar savings deal, good on you.

  • Lol the prices are quite cheap regardless, I went through and placed an order and forgot to use the EXTRA30 code…

  • A pair of boots showed as $25 in the cart, at checkout they're $135.

    • +1

      Yep, they jacked prices back up on many things.

  • Anyone able to get the EXTRA30 code to work? trying to put an order through but it keeps saying code invalid

    • Same. It's still advertising it in the banner too.

      I had a bag in cart that was $32. In the hour trying to checkout with code, it's back to $75.

      Pretty annoyed.

      • +1

        even the 'NSWFREESHIP' doesnt work for me. maybe i'll just place an order now as the item im interested in is cheap enough. but annoyed that they are still advertising it even though the code doesnt work

  • +1

    A lot of outlet item's pricing has reverted back now.

  • +2

    The item i was gonna buy jumped from $45 to $155 as i was checking out, either pricing error or something is happening

    • +1

      Pricing error on half the website? I don't think so

    • +1

      Same here. Not impressed.

  • total amount of my cart was 1315
    pressed f5
    went up to 1860 hahaha

  • Congrats on those who bought, it's now $100 ^^

  • This pricing is so suss! Does anyone have screenshots of the pricing changing? Should report them if you do 😒

  • +1

    The day time I don't refresh ozbargain every 10 mins… damn

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    Contacted Puma, see response below.

    *Thank you for your email.

    We faced a technical issue with our website which effected pricing meaning that it displayed incorrectly online. Once alerted our team worked to fix this as quickly as possible.
    Prices on the website are now correct and the code ‘EXTRA30’ is again working to take an extra 30% off the lowest marked price on all Outlet style.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards*

  • I got the first set for $20 and second set for $25.

    was originally cheaper with the Extra30 discount code, but then that's stopped working and it rejected it. Prices were still low so I bought it. both shipped for $56 (with express).

    anyone got a cancellation yet ?

    • Nope all good from my end, fingers crossed they honour it.

  • The boot of Noni Madueke

  • Has anyone heard anything that was able to make an order?

    • Yes you can order and use the coupon "EXTRA30" for 30% off the price of the cart

    • No status update yet, will let you know if it gets shipped.

      • Thank you jshopper, I will do the same.

        I haven't got an account but have the invoice and order confirmation.

  • +1

    My order got dispatched!!

    • Mine too, but I splurged and got the Future Z 1.1 boots instead for $35 plus shipping so YMMV.

  • +1

    Mine has shipped today! Thank you OP.

  • +1

    Both my orders have shipped too :)

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