Will You Be Completing This Year's Census?

Will you be completing the upcoming 2021 Census?

I'm keen to see the community's sentiment and trust in the Government/ABS. It says on the website that you could get fined if you don't complete it.

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  • 1134
    Yes, I trust the Government/ABS
  • 433
    Yes, I don't want to get fined
  • 33
    Not this year
  • 23
    Never have


  • Completed last week too. I thought I will save it and submit on 10th, but I was able to submit it same day. It was successful. Cant edit or see it now.

  • Needs to be a new poll option - Yes, but I don't really give a toss

  • +3


  • +4

    I used to do it, but since the ABS decided to use Statistical linkage keys, definitely not.

    • +1

      There was plenty of media attention on this 5 years ago, but completely absent this round. I guess everyone has given up so much privacy to government mandated contact tracing that nobody is going to get very excited about this.

  • did mine last night, it was pain-free

  • If doing the census is compulsory how do they know if you're being honest in answering the questions?

    • Depends how dishonest you are…

    • they don't even know who you are "the resident" hahahaha, so they don't know unless you tell them.

  • Completed

    • I did and got a Penalty warning…

      • I keep getting letters and they are all being returned to sender…

        They even came to our apartment twice and dropped some stuff in the mailbox directly.

        I am still not 'TO THE RESIDENT'

        • What about the $222/day fine?>

          • @frostman: To whom? The resident?

            • @Marcx33: So you've never filled a census and never got a fine?

              • @frostman: This is the first time ever I actually got sent a census form.

  • Must I answer all the Q's? For example Q about my salary: my salary is kinda pathetic should I embellish it to make myself feel better? I'd rather not answering the Q at all.

    • I noticed some pages were compulsory and others weren't
      This makes me assume that some questions are optional and others aren't

    • if the govt sees that people are making no money, maybe they will drop down some income limits for extra centrelink benefits?

      This type of info would be needed to justify a decision like that.

  • So if you don't complete it you can be fined $222 a day .
    If lying you can be fined over $2000 .
    Looks like the govt really want the data .

    • +2

      Don’t worry. The chances of being fined are negligible- that is simply a scare tactic.

      • Correct. Let's all not do it..

      • How/Why?

  • -2

    every $1 spent on the census returns $8 to the economy

    • They need to hire some consultants for Google and Amazon to gain more power than that with the data .

    • every 1$ spent on census is a waste of money

  • -3

    How do I fill out the census without disclosing how much I earn to my partner? Can we do one each but for the same household?

    • +4

      Yep, apply for a second number on the census site.
      Though what kind of relationships do you have where hiding your income from your partner is a thing?

      • -4

        Thanks, will do.

        Though what kind of relationships do you have where hiding your income from your partner is a thing?

        The kind where we don't pool our income hence what I earn is none of their business.

        • +7

          Sounds like a very healthy relationship.

            • +3

              @DisabledUser193539: No one said anything about sharing your income. It's just isn't going to be a healthy relationship if you avoid talking about finances at all. You are essentially room mates that bone each other.

            • +2

              @DisabledUser193539: It's one thing not pooling income and another thing saying it's none of your partner's business to know how much you earn LOL
              If you don't see the issue with that statement alone, you have only proven my point.

  • Feel asleep and its a `^ing joke I have to fill it in tonight .
    Oh well !

    • +1

      You can fill it in late

      • You have about another 2 days…

  • +4

    Remember when you didn't have to use your names on a Census?

    • +3

      Yes what's with this, it's a census, names shouldn't matter. They said it's to avoid people duplicating / including some family members twice, but honestly how many people would make that mistake and if so, statistically it would not be significant.

      • -1

        They want your name so they can link it to other data they hold about you. That’s the real reason.

  • +1

    I found questions 7 and 12 a bit hard.

    When do we get back our results?

    • you are "the resident" so it will be sent to "the resident"

      • I think I got that question wrong.

        • don't worry, you won't be fined because they can't find you.

          • @9hundred: True, my covid bunker is well camouflaged…

  • Snuck mine in just before day's end.
    I mean sure I had to rush through a things to get it done like claim I was a clergyman needing 24hr nursing care after being wounded in Vietnam. Oh and that I'm actually 7 people …

    • You have another couple of days to complete it…

  • Can you edit it once it's completed. In the sober light of day, may have written a few things now i regret :P

  • I was refused to do it online so had to buy diesel from the front page?

  • +4

    Many responses here show just how effective the ABS's misinformation campaign about the census has been.

    Since the last census, for the first time, the ABS used names to personally identify data collected from every citizen. They take this data and link it to other data they hold about you, from other census and other government databases. They then use a linkage key to match that data but your data is vulnerable to re-identification - even if your name is not released to researchers, there are only so many people who share your particular set of characteristics, and it would not take a genius to re-identify you using census data. This is not privacy paranoia -anyone with access to census data can do it. It's a real risk and it's a change that the ABS has no social license for.

    The ABS might like to call the census a 'statistical snapshot', but that is no longer true. It's a longitudinal study, a movie of your life, where they build a lifetime's data for you. For those who are happy with that, fine. For those who are happy to provide that data to Facebook, that is up to them. I would have no problem with the census being compulsory if it were anonymous. But this is a massive overreach.

    • -2

      Everything you have said is possible, but why do you think it is actually happening?

      Despite the popular view that you 'can't trust the government' (possibly a US cultural import?), if the ABS were linking your data with other sources, you would need to give your explicit consent.

      • +2

        “if the ABS were linking your data with other sources, you would need to give your explicit consent”

        No, it’s already happening and we have barely been told about it, let alone asked for our consent. Have a look here: https://privacy.org.au/Campaigns/Census2016/

  • completed the census on time and even got the receipt as proof but just got an overdue notice… wth?! pretty poor analytics..

    • Just return to sender..

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