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Evostripe Men's Pants $21 (Was $90) + Delivery @ Puma


Just saw this deal, decided to buy a pair for a total of $29 delivered ($8 delivery).
Don't buy size L, it says it's in stock but just got an email saying it's not and got refunded.
Only Black is $30, others $45

Original Coupon Deal

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  • OOS (Large)

  • Can't add L or XL or XXL to the cart
    Was going to do that to get the free shipping kind of like the Amazon hack.

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      What's the hack? Spend over $100 and then return anything you don't want/need?

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        Maybe get all sizes and return the wrong ones

  • Large and xlarge out of stock

  • Can't add medium to cart

  • Grey has most sizes available for $3.50 more.

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      If you choose the lighter colours, you may want to go a size larger.

      I'm a size 30-32, and got a medium. You can see my breakfast, when I wear them.

      • You eat eggs for breakfast?

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        Noted ;)

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        Some may consider that a feature

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        I believe that is a feature.

  • Managed to get a S in the black, thanks OP. Grey was $15 more for that size.

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    Do these have shart protection?

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    Thanks, bought a pair in small, hope they fit my COVID-lockdown waist!

  • Thanks OP, ended up buying a grey (and something else)

  • Sizing seems weird for puma. Are they a size smaller than most brands?

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    Cmon who would pay 90$ for those?!

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      Don't underestimate the power of marketing. Some just don't care.
      My friend got one for $80. I told him it doesn't worth it, but he said "I like it and that's enough".

      • Wow, that’s crazy. I spent 30$ for my last track pants from French Connection but wouldn’t spend more than that.

  • Out of stock for black, also code is no longer working.

  • Cashrewards additional 7% for puma.

  • Just purchased black and code worked. Hope I dont get OOS email!
    Thanks OP! Was just thinking about new track pants today!

  • Thanks OP, bought a White M for a total of $32.50 incl delivery… not bad.

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    This post is getting more attention than my post. OP, can you please add something like "30% off Already Marked Down Prices" in your description and/or title, so everyone knows that "EXTRA30" applies to everything @ Puma Outlet? Then I can delete my post.

    • Good to know

  • +1

    I'd be all over getting some of their other clothes but I don't want to walk around as a human advertisement. Some decent deals nonetheless.

  • Not sure if this is even a deal as prices on a lot of items (maybe including this one) were even lower this morning.

  • i would rather go to a DFO and get these stuff.

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    The site is crawling. Finally got a medium hoodie and pants.

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    Their websites getting destroyed!

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      yea. ive tried checking out for the past 30mins…

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    the site is ozbargained.

  • People…. If u not gonna buy then please leave the store so the line of people waiting can enter lol
    The site is overcrowded.

    • Had three windows open haha I'm out now

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    Okay website you win, I give up :(

    Folks, the last boss level is hard.

  • Was $90 lol. Managed to buy grey for $39.50 including delivery. Not a bargain though.

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    Buying some other thing and been stuck checking out for around 30 min. They should have planned their sale a little better. This is the first time I have shopped with them and it leaves a bad impression

  • Why doesn’t is say out of stock on the website. It’s still available but doesn’t add to the cart.

  • Thanks op was able to grab white in L for $32.50 delivered pretty happy with that

  • The deal is still active (and this product is still available in certain sizes).

    Personally, I got 1x Sneakers, 1x Runners and 1x Sweatpants for $101.50 delivered.

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    I haven't received any email regards to my order today. I should have successfully checked out the items. Anyone also have this issue today?

    • I didn't get a confirmation either, buy went through on afterpay …
      This is such a mess

  • Great deal with the extra 30% off.

    Didn’t get these pants but got 2 a few others from the site last night with free delivery.