Feedback on Using The Amazon Echo 4th Gen as A Bluetooth & Zigbee Hub


Anyone uses Amazon echo 4th gen as a Bluetooth hub/gateway? I read that it can be used as both zigbee hub and Bluetooth hub. Anyone has first hand experience?

Pretty sure echo dot 4th gen doesn't have that hub capability? Thanks.


  • Yep, according to the table, the 4th gen Echo and the new Echo Studio now have a "Built-in Zigbee smart home hub" but not the Echo Dot.

    Nice addition, although my early model Show has been happily using the Hue skill to control all my devices via the Hue hub, so not much need for an upgrade yet.

    • Thanks, I'm wondering if it can act as a BT gateway as well. Thanks.

      • Ah, sorry. That's a relatively new addition, so I haven't used it first-hand yet. I'll need to wait till my ozbargain stockpile of spare regular Hue globes run out :)

        The regular 4th Gen Echo apparently can control up to 10 bluetooth devices, not sure about the Dot though.

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