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Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Long Term Hair Removal $299 Shipped @ Shaver Shop


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50% Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Long Term Hair Removal

Costco selling at 449 as part of catalogue

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    Serious question, is this safe to use on my balls and gouch?

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      heard the laser is like getting flicked with a rubber band… so if you are into that

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        I think he might be

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          in that case I'm sold.

          Thanks ladies

    • Yeh it's safe, gooch hurts like you wouldn't believe, balls doesn't hurt at all for some reason

      • Perhaps you've used it a bit too long

  • shift 4 helps

  • $10 off with your first order if you sign up to their newsletter

  • Anyone had good results with this?

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      No, for me it actually made me even more hairy. I just had a few hairs here and there on my shoulders, now I have hairy shoulders. Every body part I treated with the laser has more hair than before. I would stay away from this rubbish and leave laser hair removal to the professionals.

      • I had a similar prob with shoulders except I went to a professional.. The issue is the laser isn't hot enough when that happens. You now have to get laser (not ipl). Check group on but don't just go anywhere take a look at the reviews.

        I've got this system at home and it works well on stomach/lower belly hair. I feel like it also thinned out neck hairs but was powerless against Neanderthal cheek stragglers.

    • I was never super hairy but it's definitely worked for me, way cheaper in the long run than professional but it'll just take longer

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      i've been using it on my facial hair for a while and it definitely stops the hair from growing, but it takes a lot of doing. Might be a good idea to start with a professional laser clinic and then use this for maintenance or spots that you don't mind working on for a while.

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    Here is a cheaper option to consider ($119 down from $400). Could be crap, but just putting it out there:

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    can i use this on my face so i won't have to shave again?

    • didn't work for me

    • I tried this previously and the results weren't very good. Have since gone to a professional and after my 2nd session, it's been growing a lot slower.

      It might be good if you have a lot of hair to remove and can keep touching it up.

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      Face isn't normally recommended because while the growth tends to be reduced it ends up patchy

  • what's the obsession with no hair

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      If you are a man who hasn't pooped with hairless chute before you are missing out

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        ok, you are going to laser your but hole, have fun.

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      i hate facial hair and i hate shaving, may as well laser it off and not worry about shaving anymore. Though it's not really that effective, it's still cuts down on how often i have to shave.

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        Even though I can grow a decent beard I wish stuff like this worked better.

        I freaking hate shaving with a passion.

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          Even if the laser doesn't make your face hairless, it definitely makes shaving easier and required less often.

  • $10 welcome coupon available to all if you signup a new email to their newsletter towards bottom of screen under "Join us".

    So now just $289.

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    I believe IPL is for non-hormonal hair eg such as legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.
    Not recommend for hormonal hair eg chin, under chin, sides of face, neck

    • I didn't know that, but it makes a lot of sense.

  • Does anyone know the difference between this model and Lumea Prestige?

  • $10 welcome coupon didn't work for me but Cashrewards has a 3.5% cashback on shaver shop

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    This doesn't scan barcodes, it annihilates them.

  • Did anyone had any luck? I've tried 3 different cards, PayPal but the order doesn't go through: "Oops! Something went wrong and your payment has not been processed. Please try again or contact [email protected]".

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