Samsung Education Store - ERROR: 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR

Hi guys, hoping to get some help with this issue.
I have access to the Samsung education store and am looking to make a purchase.
Every time I click on the cart - I get a page saying 'ERROR: 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR' which then takes me back to the home page. Theres a few items in the cart that I cannot view due to this error.
It's been going on for weeks and occurs on all my different devices.

Just wondering if anyone has fixed a similar issue as I cant think of what to try

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    Thank you for contacting Samsung OzB Customer Service. We’ll be with you shortly.

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    This is the Samsung Helpline. We are happy to Google the solution for you.

    How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error
    Reload the web page. …
    Clear your browser's cache. …
    Delete your browser's cookies. …
    Troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout error instead. …
    Contacting the website directly is another option. …
    Come back later.

  • Adblocking browser plugin/extension?

    Try private/incognito/nofrickin'plugins mode

    • Thanks I'll give that a go

  • Was expecting some witty replies.
    Couldn't get any useful help from Samsung customer service. Figured ozbargainers who use the website might be more helpful

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    tried a different browser?

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    Maybe turn your VPN off if you have one on.

  • Can you view the items on your phone browser? Do said items still exist in the store - can you checkout with them in your cart? Can you find them by searching or going to the appropriate category? This might just meant the link to the item has changed or something has timed out if you’ve left your cart for a few days. Or if the item has been discontinued it might have been removed from the education store completely.

    Another thing - I know people on here do it(not saying you have though), have you made multiple accounts with different emails for discounts? Or done anything else might be causing Samsung to flag your IP as suspicious?

    Post the items here and lets see if others can access? If all else fails, can you ring the samsung online store? Or depending on where you are, JB might price match for you?

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    Their website is horrible

  • Press F12 and go to the console section. Do you see any errors? Most likely won't help you but interesting to see.

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