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Buy 3 Get 1 Free on Selected Tyres @ Yokohama


Seems like they're having this sale a lot more in recent times. They never used to have it this frequent.

Buy 3, Get 1 more FREE on select YOKOHAMA Tyres

Buy 3 tyres & get the 4th tyre for Free on selected YOKOHAMA tyre products from 01/08/2021 to 31/08/2021. Products included in the “Buy 3 GET 1 FREE” promotion are outlined in the full Terms & Conditions eligible product list. Offer is only available while stock lasts.

Full Terms and Conditions                                                                                              
By taking part in this offer, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.This offer commences 8:00am (AEST) Sunday 1 August 2021 and will conclude at 5:00pm (AEST) Tuesday 31 August 2021 inclusive (“Promotion Period”).To be eligible, the customer must purchase four (4) Yokohama tyres from within the “Eligible Products List” in one single transaction within the Promotion Period.

Eligible Products List

ADVAN Fleva V701
ADVAN Sport V103
ADVAN Sport V103RF
ADVAN Sport V105
ADVAN Sport V105RF
ADVAN Sport V107

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  • Great tires.

    I had Geolanders on my Subaru XV which lasted for 80,000 kms. I replaced with Yokohamas given how good the first ones were

  • it's tyres season!

    any of these match/beat the PS4 or RE003 or Serenity Plus in quality and value?

    • +2

      AD08R if you like grip.

      • Only when they’re warm and don’t mind a mid 100 wear rating.

        I was running AD07’s on my R33 GT-R some years ago, winter time (low teens temperature) and I had to swerve to miss an oncoming idiot in my street then the rear stepped out 👀

    • +3

      You have a couple of different types of tyres in that selection - PS4 is the gold standard in terms of road performance tyre with decent durability too, RE003 is almost as good but arguably lacks a bit of durability. Serenity Plus is the ultimate in touring tyres (def not performance but it makes up for it in durability/longevity).

      Yokohama in this deal has the Fleva V701 in terms of the touring tyre option. This one's a bit less in terms of long-lasting part but it's a little quieter (even though Serenity Plus is amazing in that regard). I would buy this for sure if it was available in 215/45R17… (edit: it seems to be available actually so I'm looking into it)

      In terms of the performance options, it's a bit harder to compare. I've had the Advan Neova AD08R previous generation (AD07) and it was amazing in the dry. It's a very popular track day tyre so that kinda tells you who the target demographic is. In the dry, I'd say it's more impressive than the PS4. But it was softer and lasted significantly less and it also had less grip in the wet compared to the PS4. I've read that the wet grip has improved but haven't tested myself.

      The V105 is the closer PS4 competitor and it's very good. I've never been able to get a good deal on it to test it out. I wouldn't pay more than for these than PS4 but I'd be tempted it I needed new rubber now with this buy 3 get 1 free deal.

      • +1

        Thanks for the great write-up!

        Yeah I'm considering a few different price points, budget = RE003, mid = PS4, luxury = Serenity Plus. Sometimes they intermingle a bit with promotions.

        I've got a bloody noisy car so I'm really tempted to try out the Serenity Plus while it's having the 4 for 3 deal, so if the Fleva V701 is even quieter, sign me right up. Probably worth paying the extra $300 or so (over RE003/PS4) for ~3 years of quieter driving, imo.

        • +1

          fwiw changed all 4 last year to Serenity+ and it's been v.good in wet and noticeably quieter at all speeds than previous standard mazda/bridgestone OEMs.

        • +1

          No chance I would pay more for Serenity Plus than PS4s… Sure you're going to get more km out of Serenity Plus but in terms of grip they're not even close.

          If you can get cheaper Serenity Plus or V701 and you really value quiet tires above grip (keep in mind some cars have shithouse noise insulation and even the best tyres will be noisy) that's fine… but never pay more for those sort of tyres than PS4s.

          • @slick7: Haha rip tried to get the Serenity+, waited a while to get them into QLD, then another week, only to be turned away because it'd make my car illegal, then tried to sell me bloody 220 width tyres on 9.5" rims, because that would be less illegal? WTF

            Anyway since Serenity+ is Bridgestone first party exclusives… PS4 here Icome.

  • -3

    The terms state
    "Customer purchases 3 Yokohama tyres at recommended retail price and receives the fourth tyre at no cost (Free). The fourth (Free) tyre must be of equal or lesser value."

    You need to purchase at RRP. No deal as no one pays RRP for tyres. It works out about the same as finding a deal from a tyre shop at discounted prices for 4.

    • You'll also soon realise that these tyres also don't go on sale. For the tyres I want at least.

      Please find me 265/35/R18 AD08Rs that are cheaper than the B3G1 free deal.

      Do you also comment the same thing when Bridgestone do their B3G1 free sales for Potenza tyres?

  • I've got a Subaru outback waiting to replace the stock duelers which have run thin over 30,000kms.

    Would the ADVAN Sport V105, or
    ADVAN Sport V107 in 225/60/r18 be worth it under this deal (4 for the price of 3) or should i go with a previous forum suggestion with continental premium contact 6 for roughly the same price (4 at ~rrp)?

    • +2

      I'd go V107. Note that it's a road performance tyre so don't expect good off-road performance. Would be pretty awesome on the road though.

  • +1

    i just did a little comparison, even with the promotion tempe tyre is still cheaper.

    • Yeah I've seen plenty of buy 3 get 1 free promos on tyres where they're actually quite expensive for 4 compared to Tempe. Problem is I wouldn't venture that far in a lockdown (I'm in Sydney quite far away from Tempe)

      • +1

        There are quite a few Tempe Tyres around, it's not only located in Tempe.

        They did have my tyre size previously and they were the same cost as if it was a B3G1 Free sale, but they removed it for whatever reason. So now I've had to resort to the B3G1 Free deal.

  • Nice - saved $476. :)

  • Had a big nail into the front trye and looking at the treads it is time to change all 4 on my 2015 Audi Q5. Had a look and currently there is 255/45ZR20 105W XL on it but don't think that is standard.

    I have checked a few websites but all suggest different sizes.