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Lexar M35 JumpDrive USB 3.0 Flash Drive 64GB $10 Delivered, 128GB $18 + Shipping ($0 VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


Not the cheapest it's been but still a good deal

Previous popular posts if you'd like to read some comments/reviews

Lexar 128GB JumpDrive M35 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is also $18
and while it does show the same "Free Shipping*" tag as the 64GB, entering a few random post codes in the postage estimator shows $8-9 shipping

Free metro delivery with $79 spend.

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  • Nice. Do these get really hot during use?

    Thinking about making spare Windows 7 and 10 boot drives, but tossing up between a few slow/reliable 2.0's in favour of longevity, or some fast/hot 3.0's

    • I would get something smaller and cheaper for those.

    • +3

      It does get a little bit hot. And the performance is not great. Reading kinda near what you would expect from a USB3 thumb drive. Writing behaves very weirdly, oscillates between 0KB/s to 60MB/s. It's the very first time for me to see such behavior on a thumb drive. It's good enough to be used as a boot drive. And if you do use it as a boot drive, please try install Ventoy (https://ventoy.net/en/index.html) on it first, then for almost every OS you are likely to use, all you need to do is copying the installer ISO on to it.

      • +2

        Thanks, I've found lots of mixed reviews on USB 3.0 sticks unfortunately. Think I'll stick with a trusty 2.0 in the mean time.

    • This one does get hot, if I remember I picked one up for $8, also it took ages to arrive.
      I had to swap usb slots for it to be recognised.
      I mean it still works, if you sit and look at the bar and run tests on it, then it isn't for you.
      Just cheap storage.

    • where do you get win7 isos? Microsoft pulled down the repositories.

      • +1

        SHA1, etc. hashes are available though, google them and I'd imagine you'll find some links. As long as the hash matches you know you have an untouched MS ISO.
        For example:
        Name: Win7_Ult_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso
        Size: 3320903680 bytes (3167 MiB)
        SHA1: 37A6ED40D14428617C8FA196EC5448478DB63BB9
        Believe at the start of this month could still download via heidoc's microsoft download tool, but won't be resetting next month.

      • +1

        Internet Archive have copies.

        • perfect, thanks!

  • +1

    I bought one of these last deal. It is worth mentioning that it does not play well transferring over USB 3.0. It buffers so crazily that it's faster to transfer over USB 2.0.

    • Last deal on the 30th? I didn't get mine yet.

      • Sorry maybe not the "last" deal, I believe I got it about a month or so ago for $8.

  • Good. My 6th one of these!

  • Postage $9.95 after selecting free Australia post?

    Under control, reverts to free delivery on the payment page, Centrecom please fix your website.

  • +3

    Almost seems like a bait… Every post gets more expensive. First time was a deal, not 2nd or 3rd

  • Got one last month it started acting funny and crashed my PC, they've replaced it for me within a day or two.

    The old one ultimately ended up not recognised by the PC.

  • Got mine but haven't used it extensively yet. It fits nicely on my Orbit Keyring.

  • These are super cheap but super slow. Shockingly slow, in my experience, but of course you get what you pay for. I bought a couple last time and quickly learned they are useful only for storing large static files. If you want to write lots of data, many small files, look elsewhere. You will be writing those files at the speed of a snail crossing an Arctic glacier.

  • Itching to pull the trigger even tho I still have about a dozen unopen thumb drive

  • Bought one to try out different OS. Cheers OP

  • 128GB is now showing as free shipping too.

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