Which iPhone to buy?

So my iPhone 7 Plus only makes and receives calls 40% of the time. The other 60%, the cellular function decides to crap itself. I’m assuming this is not easily fixed so I’m looking for a new phone (unless this is easily fixed then please enlighten me).

I know iPhone 13 will be coming out in October which will push the price of the current iPhones down.

I can’t wait until October to take advantage of the negligible discount.

So which iPhone is the best value to buy at the moment? I’m not interested in the XR as it’s too ‘entry level’ for me.

Edit: budget around $1000


  • what's your price range?

    • Around $1000. Lower the better.

  • what do you want from a phone? features you want?

  • You just miss the Telstra day deal

    • Dang! What sort of deals did they have? My budget is around $1000.

  • Do a complete backup, wipe and restore to latest iOS via iTunes.

    • Tried. Did nothing. I think it’s a hardware issue.

  • The other 60%, the cellular function decides to crap itself.

    Or Book a genius bar appointment to find out to see if they can fix it up.

  • I got the 12 Pro Max and it doesn't feel too big at all. The older Max iPhones I felt were too big, but since the redesign I think the Max is the perfect size now. It's very expensive, but I mean I use it all day every day and I don't spend my money on anything else but tech and gadgets. I don't take $5,000 holidays or buy $2,000 upgrades for a car or anything. I'll never have kids so I don't exactly need to save up for their future.

  • 12 pro max. Great phone. Have a look on gumtree, got my 256gb brand new 6 months ago for $1500. Check the serial no, cash on inspection only. Don't pay retail price this late into the cycle.

  • Refurb iPhone XS off eBay

  • the cellular function decides to crap itself

    have you tried wifi calling? some providers don't support this though

    • Never tried it. I'm with Amaysim.

  • I have the same issue, sometimes people call me and go straight to voice mail.

    • Yup. Very annoying!

    • Yup same here, now happens 100% of the time with greyed out audio button when in calls or any sort of app used for voice communications. Apparently known issue https://www.ifixit.com/News/32783/how-to-fix-a-grayed-out-sp...

      Horrible timing with the 13 coming out soon but going to try and make use of the current Apple Shopback deal and fingers crossed get an ok trade in price and a bit off rrp.

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