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DJI Mini SE Flymore Combo $619 and Non-Combo $459 Delivered @ Amazon AU


DJI Mini SE Flymore Combo $619 and Non-Combo $459 at Amazon AU

First in best dressed I suppose. Wanted to buy this myself but don't have any money at the moment. Happy flying.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Same price at Harvey Norman and Good Guys, on pre-order. This is the SE, not the DJI Mini 2.

    • This one's not on pre-order

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        It is on-pre-order at Harvey Norman.

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    Isn't this the normal price?

  • OZretail price

    • See the discussion underneath by so many people. OzRetail posts help generate suggestions and ideas. I think it's worth it for me.

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    Had planned on trying to sell my Mavic Mini at some stage and upgrading to the Mini 2 - this kinda kills the resale price on the original Minis :(

    The SE is essentially the original mini in the Mini 2 form factor using the Mini 2 batteries - so same camera and connectivity as the Mini, better wind resistance in line with the Mini 2 and an easier upgrade path to the Mini 2 with reusable batteries. And cheaper than the Mini was

    • meaning not OcuSync 2.0..?

      well that kind of kill the deal, people are raving about the OcuSync 2.0 , right? like it is farrrrrrrrrr way better?

      • i think the point of the SE were for markets in which the regular mini2 is inaccessible (i may be wrong)

      • correct, still "Enhanced WiFi"

        This replaces the Mini as a cheaper, better version of it.

  • RRP, no bargain here.

  • Does it worth the extra for mini 2?

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      If you can afford it, wait for Mini 2 sale.

      Mini 2 on sale is typically about the 850 mark. So extra $230 for 4k, OcuSync 2, which IMHO is worth the extra. But not everyone sees it the same.

  • Isnt the DJI mini SE just the original mini(atleast features)?

    • Yes, cheaper as well. With batteries/body that match the Mini 2. DJI's protection program is cheaper for the SE than the original mini, so a better deal.

      • is the Mini 2 and mini 2 SE smaller than the original?

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    Not worth it get mini 2

  • Need help which is better this Mini SE or mini 2 4k combo

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      Unsurprisingly the better, more expensive drone is indeed better.

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    anyone got mini and then mini 2 ?
    do you agree OcuSync 2.0. is way way way better and a must to get ? thanks

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      I got an mavic air which uses wifi and a mavic 2 zoom which uses OcuSync 2.0 also a mavic mini. The difference is day and night.
      Personally I would avoid buying an wifi drone in future.

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      If you can afford to, definitely go for a DJI drone with OcuSync. Much less affected by environmental interference on drone operation and video, and a lot longer range.

  • I saw this last night on Amazon but didn't think of it as a deal tbh. It's just the RRP.

  • I have been wondering what's the difference between mini (first gen) and mini SE

  • might as well add few bucks and get mini 2

    • 'a few bucks'?? Might want to post that deal - generally Mini 2 is $300 more - almost half again. Plenty of people will have a much better bang for buck experience from the SE.

      • been around 650-700 for the Mini 2

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    Fathers Day is around the corner… possibly a sale coming up?