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[VIC] 2 for 1 Burgers during Lockdown @ Third Wave (Albert Park)


Grab 2 for 1 Burgers from Third Wave Cafe during lockdown. Deal will expire when lockdown finishes. You can order take away from the restaurant or from here https://bit.ly/AllOrderUp
choose Third Wave and Lockdown Specials category

Available for delivery up to 10km from Albert Park before 5pm and up to 20km from 5pm onwards.

Open from 11am Weekdays and 10am Weekends till 9:30pm (lockdown Hours)

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Third Wave Cafe
Third Wave Cafe

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    2 for 1 Burgers during Lockdown @ Third Wave

    How much at Sixth Wave ?

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    At Sixth wave burgers are double the price :)

  • Funny enough went to "Third Wave" the day before the third lockdown in Melbourne. Jokes were made, little did we know there would be another 3 times :P

    The food however was fantastic, the parking fine I got from screwing up reading the parking fine (swapped from 2 hour to permit, fine was issued 1 minute after the swap time) was not :P

    • They hang around at changeover time.

      I’ve seen them go up little Lonsdale at like 10 minutes to free parking time because someone has figured 10min makes no difference.

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        yeah I worked for a council back in the day. Walked back to check the sign… still brain farted and didn't read it correctly.

        Ah well no excuse, expensive lesson!

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      I bought tonnes of stuff from their BBQ joint, Que You, during the long lockdown last year in the form of vacuum packed ribs and meats. Awesome food, their fable fake meat stuff is hands down the best fake meat I've ever had.

      Shame I'm too far away for burgers, would love to try them out.

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        Thank you. Hope to see you after the lockdown

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      Sorry about the parking fine… thanks for coming

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        Thanks, even with the fine the food was totally worth it!

        Looking forward to coming back :)

        • see you soon, hopefully very soon as this would mean the lockdown is over!

  • Hi Gregor,

    Is QueYou working atm?

    I've tried on my iPhone and Mac and none of the meals are being displayed/listed, so nothing is able to be selected.


    • we sold out of most of the meals on queyou so the only items you can order are the BBQ Meat Packs and some of the more expensive meals.

      • Any ETA on the smaller meals, in particular Jerk Chicken and Lasagne's??

        Our family lives on those.

        • unfortunately, we will not be bringing those back… apologies. We could not sell enough of the cheaper meals to keep making them in large enough quantities to make it viable. As you saw, we use high quality ingredients and make everything inhouse. The profit margins were tiny and decreased with smalleer batches.

          • @gregor20: Thanks for replying Gregor.

            The variety in the $4.90 and $6.90 options meant everyone in the house was happy.

            Not everyone is a fan of BBQ meats (unlike me) and buying a large pack takes a few sit downs to consume.

            I notice:
            - no meals under $4.90
            - no meals under $6.90
            - only Chicken Rice under $9.90
            - no meals under $11.90
            - only 2 meals under $14.90

            If prices were hiked (reasonably) I'm sure there would be many customers who would frequent sub $12 meals if the variety came back.

  • just ordered using link and picked up.
    thank you

    • great to hear, thank you.

  • Is there a code for it or specific burgers it applies to? Just trying to put in a pick up order for 2 lamb still showing up as normal price

    • Scratch that, just seen you have a separate deals section in menu :) see you soon.

      • no worries!

  • Available at port melbourne rouse st address?

  • 181 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

  • Had the smoked lamb burger with my son and it is well worth it at full price too, I've been missing out on a worthy local gem. I will be back on Wednesday for my birthday lockdown lunch!

    • good to hear, thank you.

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