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Panasonic Flatbed Inverter Microwave Oven NN-SF574SQ $259 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have been looking at LG Neochef 25L (Model: MS2596OS) and Panasonic Flatbed Inverter 27L (Model: NN-SF574SQPQ). Stainless Steel Finish and 17 Cooking Functions.

LG Neochef is Ozbargain's favourite. There is little sale at the moment!

$259 for Panasonic Flatbed Inverter 27L from Amazon is not a bad price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Should probably title the post as

    Panasonic Flatbed Inverter Microwave Oven 27L $259 Delivered @ Amazon

  • this or lg

    • Lg

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        but the song….

        • Haha…yes the song! I had a Panasonic for 15 years before it died, had the LG for 2 months and the Megatron (yes that's what I want on call it lol) had to be replaced… It's been fine since but lately it's not warming the food in some areas… So I doubt I'll buy another LG… It's just my experience so far (hasn't even been 12 months)

          Also note the below regarding flatbed :) I had a turntable Panasonic.

        • Just turn it off…

  • Flatbed vs Turntable? Which is better for even cooking?

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        Did it ever occur to you that the microwave antenna moves instead of the food? it's physics.


        I mean seriously, did you think all these companies just forgot, or decided to ignore the fact the the food needs to move relative to the microwave source?

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          Yes, clearly you have no idea how microwaves actually work

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            clearly you have no idea how microwaves actually work

            then school us ;)

            Your food dont care if the microwave transmitter moves, or the food moves
            One is cheaper to implement, which is why most microwaves utilise a turntable.

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        Had this microwave for around 2 years before finally deciding to replace it with a traditional turntable type. It was terrible at heating the food evenly.

        • Same - we have a Sharp turntable one now and it gives much more consistent results.

          I know flat beds can be good (ie commercial units they have at subway or hjs) but my consumer grade one was pretty ordinary.

        • Can parrot this. I sold this exact model 2 months after buying it as it was worse at heating anything than the $89 bang job from Big W it replaced.

        • There's no difference between a turntable and this. The flatbeds the mechanism rotates below the bed so you get the exact same effect.

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      Despite the laughable "it's physics" claims, we've had a flatbed for years, and would never go back to the primitive turntable. Technology improves.

      • Which model do you own if you don't mind me asking?

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      Flatbed vs Turntable? Which is better for even cooking?

      FWIW I mixed up some paste and heated it up in an LG and a flatbed Panasonic and compared the evenness. I posted the results here.

      • Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Either the flatbed is terrible or the paste was lumpy as shit.

        • Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Either the flatbed is terrible or the paste was lumpy as shit.

          Well, my friend whose flatbed microwave oven it is says they're not going to buy another flatbed again as they find it very uneven. They're waiting for it to die so they can get a turntable one. :)

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    I got it, for $225. Excellent device. What im unsure about is is it benchtop or for embedded installs? It looks cool at the front, but sides and top are brushed stainless steel, which gets smudges instantly. And huge legs at bottom… Anyone knows?

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      It is for benchtop use. I personally have one and I think it's a great microwave. Have used it for 4 years now and never had any issues.

    • How do you get it for $225?

      • Amazon, got lucky i guess

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    Isn't this the normalish price? Same price at appliances online.

    I have this microwave. Yes does heat a bit unevenly and takes longer than previous Panasonic inverter turntable.
    On a plus, yes it is easier to clean. Just wipe it out. Although hot tip, don't microwave a lemon. Dissolves the enamel. :/

    • I don't think I've ever felt the need to chuck a lemon in the microwave. Can you elaborate how this occured?

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        Filthy microwave. Lemon is supposed to be a great cleaner for microwaves. And it is… microwaved while diluted in water.
        I figured why bother adding to water. Better cleaning power just microwaving the lemon. Worked great. Acid cleaned the enamel right off.

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    Has been as cheap as 219 according to camel x3

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    I don't think it's worth it to be honest.

    Mine I've had issues with it rattling like crazy.
    It's going back for a second time (yes that's on the repair shop, but still)

    And the one that's at work the door switch clearly has issues and works erratically but that is out of warranty.

    In fairness a friend of mine has one and hasn't has any issues.

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    17 Cooking Functions

    lol. Press start twice for everything :D

  • did a JB deal on this 2 weeks ago got it for $261 Happy Dayz…

  • Paid $20 for my microwave and it has lasted 3 years

  • Nowadays technology doesn't last long. My Sharp microwave has been lasting for more than 18 years and still going strong. Bought the Panasonic flatbed years ago for office, it only lasts for a few years with minimal use. It doesn't heat anymore.

  • Paid $299 for this at Good Guys a month ago, I like it a lot.

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    They have 23L for $219. Is that too small?

  • Been using this Panasonic flatbed for more than a year.
    Noisy microwave, but does it job well.
    Best thing about flatbed is that cleaning is super super easy!!!!