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Microsoft Office 365 Family - Free 1 Month Trial (For New Users) @ Microsoft


Try Microsoft 365 for free
Get a free trial and you’ll have access to the latest AI-powered apps, 1 TB of cloud storage per person and premium mobile features to stay on top of things wherever you are, on any device.

After your 1-month free trial, Microsoft 365 Family is AU$129.00 per year. Credit card required. Cancel at any time to stop future charges.

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    Didn't this trial always exist?

  • Not sure how useful a 1 month trial is - feel like you’re better off just using google docs or sheets if wanting to avoid the fee. Alternatively, split the cost 6 ways and pay like $1.5 a month.

  • +1

    One month trial is not a bargain.

  • better off getting a student version for free if you have access to a student email.


    • then the education institution has complete control and visibility of everything