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[Prime] Godox SL-60W LED Continuous Light $141.75 (RRP $208.00) Delivered @ Emgreat-AU via Amazon AU


First time post - please go easy.

Figured I would contribute to this awesome community by giving for once.

Seems like a good little light for amateurs starting out. 40% of the deal had been claimed at the time of posting including myself. Expires in under 10 hours from time of posting, but I think it may sell out before then.

Cursory search on google shows that real RRP is around ~$200.00, so not a bad deal.

Apologies if I've left out anything - picked one up myself.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Recommend any soft-boxes to buy with this?

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    This is a good light that is perfectly good for pros as well.

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    This is great value for money, just be aware of the more than noticeable fan noise, if you're doing anything where sound is critical you may want something else.

    The mounting hardware is also mostly plastic and thus can snap quite easily with a heavy softbox (mine cracked over time). Just make sure to use lighter modifiers.

    If you know the limitations and use it accordingly it's great bang for buck.

  • Price for me shows $208.00 and i'm logged in as a Prime member

  • https://youtube.com/c/dslrvideoshooter

    Recommends these I think

  • Expired? Damn :/ wanted one

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    Thanks for sharing OP

    If you can wait i would recommend the AD200 Pro over this unit. On special you can expect to grab it around high 300's, low 400's

    Its much more powerful, portable, silent, tone of features and bang for buck you will vet a better deal. Yes the initial outlay will be more but watts per $ spent is much better and thats not considering other features.

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      You're comparing a flash unit with a continuous output unit, apples and oranges. Different tools for different jobs.

      • Yes thats true, but you could have a similar to same outcome if its for still / photography.

        Much different story for video and 100% agree with you 👍

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    I have this for a year now and my only light but I’m not a pro. Very happy with this light. Photos I took using this light. Highly recommended

    • Yummy, yummy….looks delicious!

    • agreed…great photos.

      more interested to know what tripod you used to get those birds-eye shot of the food.

      • Oh they’re handheld. It’s way too high for my tripod and don’t have space for a c stand yet. Thanks

    • Great photos! A lot better than many so called professionals I've seen ;)

      • +1

        Thank you. You’re too kind.

        • Do you have an ig handle? Not sure if that question is in line with the ozb guidelines xd. Don't feel obliged to of course.

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