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[NSW] Free Coffee for Healthcare Workers @ Berala Kebab House


I finally got around to reading my local newspaper online, thought there might be some things in there and there is.

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Berala Kebab House
Berala Kebab House

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    Well done Berala Kebab House. If I’m ever in Berala, I shall seek out your venue for food.

    On another similar topic: do we have a master list of these “goodwill” businesses so we can seek them out to spend money there?

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      of these “goodwill” businesses

      this isn't good will…

      good will would be helping people that need help an not bragging about it on social media…

      this is just marketing

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        Cynical co-opting of current circumstances to virtue-signal under the guise of being "community minded", who woulda thunk….

      • Healthcare frontline workers are under paid and under appreciated.

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          I don't think so…

  • Good on them! It’s not about healthcare workers not being able to afford a coffee, it’s about saying thanks for busting their arses off at a particularly dangerous, uncomfortable, unpleasant time. It’s a Thankyou, not a “you need help”.

    It’s incredibly demoralising within the healthcare system at the moment. Being in a plastic bag for 12+ hour shifts, looking after people.

    There is always someone worse off than oneself. I feel terrible for all the hundreds of thousands of people who cannot work because of this bloody virus, but If that’s the metric we use, nobody gets anywhere. I’m all for this, as kindness knows no bounds.

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