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Lenovo Smart Color Bulb $19.95, White Bulb $14.95, Smart Clock 2 for $139, Essential 2 for $99, Smart Plug 2 for $40 @ JB Hi-Fi


Some Lenovo Smart home devices on sale at JB Hifi.

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      Seems everyone is discounting the Lenovo smart home gear. I wonder if Lenovo are 'pulling the plug' on the smart home business? #shockingpun

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    Seems like Harvey Norman have some of these products a bit cheaper. I would price match these JB or OW.

    Some Examples:
    Lenovo Smart B22 White Bulb - JB ($14.95) HN ($14)
    Lenovo Smart B22 Colour Bulb - JB ($19.95) HN ($14)
    Lenovo Smart E27 White Bulb - JB ($14.95) HN ($14)
    Lenovo Smart 5m LED Lightstrip - JB ($59) HN ($48)

    EDIT: Looks like Bing Lee have some white bulbs for even cheaper E22 White E27 White ($13)

  • I just wanted to share I purchased Lennovo smart e27 light bulb had to return it because after firm ware update which you kinda have to do, it fails to work. Maybe it's just me but dunno.

  • Bought the Color bulb version and had nothing but trouble with it, setup is painful and not reliable. I'm no novice when it comes to smart bulbs and have multiple brands throughout the house operating via alexa but this one was the worst to setup and use and now resides in the waste bin.

  • Does anyone know if Lenovo works with the hue bridge and sensor? The Lenovo sensor gets rubbish reviews but the hue one works great. I was hoping to pair the Lenovo strip lights with the Hue sensor in our new wardrobe

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      Not directly, this is wifi and hue is zigbee. You can use hue sensor to trigger alexa routine, alternately home assistant. I'd add a few dollars and buy tp link bulbs though

      • Thanks @deneb