Lenovo Smart Paper $349 Delivered @ Lenovo

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Found this deal while I was looking for an e-Reader.

Seems like there are a few issues with the firmware. However, it does most of the things I was looking for with a good text search.

Please do your research and hope this deal was helpful.

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    The previous deal is well worth a read - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/842150

    This is an Android device without Google services.

    It covers recommended apps and includes a comment from a user who managed to get Google Play services running.

    My comment from a deal or two ago -

    Picked one up from one of the previous deals.

    • I've side-loaded the Kindle App without issue
    • I've also tried a comic reader app which is working fine
    • Writing seems OK - not sure if I will adopt this over pen/paper yet

    I also watched the Please DON'T Buy the Lenovo Smart Paper Before Watching This!. IMO, the main thing this device has going for it is price. If you look at the other devices mentioned at their cost and think about whether you can accept the compromise.

    The channel also has a few other videos comparing iPads and similar devices which are also worth watching if considering this or a similar device.

    For many users, a different device may be better. For me, where it shines is a few books/docs that don't reflow well, B&W comics.

    Compared to my other devices -

    • iPad is a much more versatile device - For example drawing, web-browsing, colour comics, etc.
    • A kindle is better for most reading
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      as of yesterday, some recent development

      Its done.
      I received the device at 10.30am today. Unboxed it at 12pm. Played with it stock for an hour, then went to town on its OS.
      I was in meetings through most of the afternoon so I was going slow.
      As of 9pm tonight, I now have a rooted Lenovo Smart Paper (potentially the first in the world?).
      I've got Magisk installed, working magisk payload, real magisk root, magisk modules.
      Enabled ADB, can connect from the PC, ADB shell, and su all work as expected.
      I even managed to install GApps Core bundle, that has Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, GMScore.
      I added my Google acount through google play services, so Play Store (real Play Store, not Aurora) is now working, and I installed GMail too, that's working.
      Is there anything else anyone wants me to try to run on it? For now I just want to load up some books and use it as an ereader, the poor beast has had a rough day.


      • Interesting, thanks. Looking forward to your writeup. I got as far as installing a custom settings app to try to unlock developer options but got stuck there so you've obviously done better than me :)
        My main goal for root is installing a new launcher (i.e. replacing the swipe up gesture) and I'm also interested in using a nav bar instead of relying on gestures. Have you been able to do either of those?

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          whoops, had to repost the quote, it's from @flubba86

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          I'm the user quoted above.

          Out of curiosity, which custom settings app did you try? That was my first idea for approaching the issue too, but I couldn't get any custom settings apps to even launch.

          Anyway, after its rooted, I have unlocked the settings page where you can change from gesture to navbar method, but when I try it, the navbar doesn't appear, and the setting immediately reverts back to gesture. It could be the launcher blocking it and reverting that setting. I haven't tried doing that with a different launcher installed.

          • @flubba86: I think I used https://apkpure.com/hidden-settings-for-android/com.jami.too… but it's kinda awful - there's one huge list with no categorization or anything, there's unskippable full-screen video ads which are somehow getting past my network-wide adblock setup and a whole list of other complaints but it at least exposed the generic Android About setting where I could tap build version seven times for fun and there were a few useful tweaks in the Accessibility menu including a navbar option (which sadly does the same thing as yours).

            Good luck trying different launchers, I think the swipe-up gesture is handled differently on this than regular Android. If I install a custom launcher that'll open when I restart the tablet but a swipe up always takes me to the Lenovo launcher, as if it's a swipe-up-for-Lenovo gesture rather than swipe-up-for-Home. A custom launcher is really all I want from this thing that i haven't been able to manage without root.

            • @roseyhead: same, it looks good with minimal launchers but having it go back to lenovo launcher is annoying.

          • @flubba86: Solid effort!! Not sure if you would know but I managed to get Intune Company Portal sideloaded with intent of syncing work onenote, outlook etc. And while I could authenticate the device I couldnt get the device to meet the managed policy requiring bitlocker encryption and password lock screen. On your rooted device are these settings available? Cheers!

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      The main reason for my purchase is the discounted price. I understand many tablets do certain things better but it is just my workflow, which is basic note taking and eReading.

      I haven't received the product just yet but I won't be able to tell fully how I feel about it. But I'd rather pay $349 for a tablet that does everything I want, rather than paying more than double it for something I might never use to its potential.

      I understand it is always good to have more features at your disposal but I can't say anything just yet. Plus, I just couldn't justify spending more than $700 on something similar.

      I will update the thread once I receive the product.

      But thanks for your advice and taking the time to respond.

      Have a great day!

      • I've been happily using the device for over two weeks.

        Maybe my original comment loses some context without the other comments - that video was posted by a few other users.

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    Does it allow for PDFs to be zoomed? Once off the reviews i saw said it didn't.

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      install another reader app like KOreader

      The stock one is not very good

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      @BeefBiryani It is possible after the Oct '23 update. Watch this video for details.

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    Ordered through Lenovo on Monday. Arrived yesterday (Canberra). Been using today for a bit. I know there is a lot of hate on this thing in the online-sphere, and compared to some of the higher end products out there I get it. But honestly, for everyday basic use (reading e-books/PDFs for work/study purposes, taking notes throughout the day, etc) it's pretty amazing to me, especially at the clearance price point.

    I tossed around getting one of the other options, but they all come out to at least twice as much (once you factor in stylus and case).

    I'm sure for heavy/professional users (someone who will literally base their entire existence around a single e-ink device), the flaws may be enough to spend double for something more polished, but I cannot imagine for a normal everyday user who just needs something to take notes on and consume some basic content with, that this wouldn't be more than enough.

    Yeah lack of Play Store is annoying, and I had to locate and download, for example, the Kindle apk to access my kindle books, but that is a pretty easy (5 minute) workaround.

    Too much whinging on this device IMO.

    • How is the zoom on pdf? I saw one review that said zoom does not work on pdf. Is that true?
      This is the only thing stopping me from purchasing one as I do need to be able to read research papers on it for uni.

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        Install KOreader or Moon+ reader

      • Re: the stock PDF reader, you can mark up and zoom in/out on PDFs, but as is discussed in the online reviews, the mark-ups do not zoom in/out as well.

        As already commented, this can be fixed by sideloading an alternative PDF reader.

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      A lot of the complaints are at the original RRP

    • Did you need to root it in order to use the kindle apk? Or do you just plug it into pc and drag and drop the apk over then open it on the device?

      • do you just plug it into pc and drag and drop the apk over then open it on the device

        Did this for the Kindle APK.

      • Dont need root to install apps

  • Possible to sideload the daily telegraph app or SMH app just by dragging and dropping the apk? Does anyone have this working on the device?

    • Shouldn't be a problem

  • Does this come with the folio case like Officeworks?

    • Yes, in the box

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    I have a rooted Lenovo Smart Paper with Magisk, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store. Only two days old, with box and accessories. Would anyone want to buy it? Would it be worth more than a stock one to anyone? My thought is I could sell it to someone who needs a jailbroken one, and I'll just get a new one.

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      Voting up your comment as you're doing a service figuring out how to fix the device for everyone that has bought it

    • we look forward to your instructions.

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      I have a new post in this thread regarding write up of instructions: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/842150

      • Cheers. Looks a little too advanced for me tbh. But, let's see how frustrated I am with the device as-is first :D

  • My pen nib is already starting to bend and its only been 3 days. Anyone know of a good replacement? Ideally something identical to the pen out of the box

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      Never mind, I saw in another post that wacom nibs is compatible (of which I have 8 spare)

      • could you please confirm if your nibs work and which kind of nibs are compatible?

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          @ wolfazrael123 I bought these just to reach the minimum spend but they seem to be good.

          • @Ronney: Please let us know if it works

            • @carrie810: @carrie810 Yes. I have already received them and tested them and can confirm that they work.

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          I ended up buying these ones, snipped them down to size with scissors since the stem was extending out of the pen a bit
          They feel a lot more like a gel pen and glides across the screen. Honestly prefer these, and great if you prefer cursive writing

          • @bobbilybob: @bobbilybob I am surprised why it is longer than the original when it's length is specified as 20mm which is the exact same length as the original.

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