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Lenovo Smart Paper 10.3" E-Ink Paper Tablet $347 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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The Lenovo Smart Paper is still available at Amazon, price matching Officeworks who still seem to have stock online. (Good Guys & JB listings are gone).

A lot of the reviews online are based on the full retail price. I and a few other members have picked it from the previous deals and it's quite good value besides a few software quirks.
Reading manga is much better than on my Kindle PW with the larger screen, and the writing experience is smooth.

Comes with the pen (wacom style) & folio case.

Some Recommended Apps
  • F-Droid
  • KOreader via F-Droid - Much better reader than stock, slight learning curve to set it all up.
  • Aurora - Google Play Store
  • Amazon app store
  • Kindle App
  • EinkBro
  • Shredder Chess
  • Olauncher - Minimal launcher
  • Mihon - Manga, search Keiyoushi
  • Onenote via Aurora - Much better note management than stock
  • Reddit
  • Focus Reader
  • O'Reilly Books
  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • 2048

There's a lot of other suggestions & feedback in the previous deals:

Also available from Lenovo direct
$349 free shipping

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    Can these run OneNote and work ok with the pen?

    • +3

      Yes, you will need to sideload the OneNote .apk and turn on inking mode

      • -2

        How much can you trust that though when using for work with work login?

    • +4

      Yep, just tested that out this morning

  • OOS…

  • +5

    I got one of these a couple of weeks ago, RRP is absurd but it's a great little device for $350.


    Can you replace the standard launcher? I've tried another launcher but couldn't get it to stick.


    I find the UI kinda awful, much prefer the inbuilt notes app. Everything is stored under storage/Public/My Device and you can sync it with your PC using Syncthing instead of paying whatever ridiculous price they charge for cloud sync

    • +1

      Yeah, haven't been able to replace the system swipe up gesture so have to open the launcher every time

      I already run Syncthing so will load it up on this too.

    • @roseyhead have you figured out a back button? like if you're in syncthing settings, you have to close/open to get out of the settings.


      Oh, just a left swipe…

      • Yeah, I don't think it's explained anywhere but it just uses Android gesture navigation

    • @roseyhead Could you please share with me your folder mapping. I can sync the notebooks from the device to the computer but I am not sure how to get the Lenovo Smart Paper App on the desktop to map to the synced folder and open the notes synced from the device.

      • We are using syncthing

        • @impoze, @roseyhead Sorry if I was not clear. I want to know how to sync using Syncthing so that I can see the synced notes in the desktop Lenovo Smart Paper App just like if I had used their own paid sync subscription.

          • @Ronney: just make sure you set up the sync to use the storage/Public/My Device folder.

            • @impoze: @impoze Thanks. Does it sync only the exported notes or would it also sync the notebooks as well?

  • +1

    It's been this price for weeks right? Lenovo price it at $349. What's the deal?

    • Same deal, but now available on Amazon.

      Previous GG and JB deals are OOS

  • +4

    Was checking for the product page and found the Lenovo shop has the sale as well.


    • +2

      Thanks. I asked them to price match last week. They flat out refused and said their floor price was 620… have $150 reward points to use up ..

      Their price match guarantee is flakey…

  • It was $347 for at least two weeks. I placed an order this morning literally before this post. Now it is oos within less than 30 minutes. The power of ozbargain

    • There were only four in stock when the deal was posted

      • Still showing in stock for me

        • It seems oos now when you place the order.

  • +6

    would love to see the actual cost to make something like this…..the profit margin gotta be 700%+

    • +4

      Rnd costs money. Big profit comes from big sales and this is no iPhone

    • +3

      This would be close to cost. A 10" inch e-ink panel would cost $150+ alone ignoring quality/spec.

    • Too little devices on e-ink to make a profit.

  • Good summary here - wonder if the person posting is an Ozbargainer?: https://www.reddit.com/r/eink/comments/1c1edno/comment/kz5fv…

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Just bought. Been sitting on the fence for a while but your suggested sideloads pushed me over.

  • Has anyone tried running the Obsidian.md app on the smart paper? If it can sync and view notes without issue, would be a solid use-case for me.

    • +2

      I'll give it a go, I have my vault synced using SyncThing.


      Installs fine via Aurora, it would work fine depending on what you want to do, and plugins.

      Wouldn't want to do too much typing unless pairing a keyboard

      • you're a legend, thanks OP

  • +1

    10.3" seems impractical if you're the type of person who wants to read on the train, or anywhere you're likely to have less than an entire couch or table to yourself.

    • Yeah, this is more for the note taking or larger comic/manga as they have smaller text.

      Use a 7" kindle/kobo or eReader app on your phone if you want portability

    • +1

      I disagree. I have the kindle scribe and landscape mode with 2 columns is perfect for reading!

  • +12

    Don't do it. I bought this from Good Guys last week at $349. Its terrible. Glitchy, slow and has these weird subscription requirements to connect it adequately to the outside world. I sold it for $320 a week later after trying my best to make it work. I feel sorry for the guy who bought it tbh

    • As in all the deals it's been talked about. Use other apps.

      There are other ways to sync files without paying lenovo for their cloud service.

      And it is an e-Ink device so there are limits to the screen refresh anyway

      • Yep read those comments. Anything where you're immediately on the fix for a new product though should ring alarm bells. I tried a few of these before giving up. It's heavily discounted for a reason but even at that price for me it wasn't worth it. For those who love a fixer upper though, go for your life!

    • A friend was in a similar boat, and especially awful if you are in the Google Play Books ecosystem (which isn't available on the device). Like another comment below, if you aren't prepared or fluent in sideloading apps and customising, you are likely better off avoiding it.

    • I am still looking for a good smart paper to buy, any recommendations?

      • +3

        Boox note 3/3c, remarkable 2, supernote

        • Following on from Zhaomh's comment:

          I have a Boox note 2. I find it's slower to use than a native Kobo device (or Kindle presumably) due to needed to navigate multiple menus, but makes up for it with the versatility. If note taking is important to you, I found with a matte screen protector, there is a slightly scratchy texture and friction when using the stylus which resembles paper a bit.

          I've played with a friend's Remarkable 1, which has a great writing experience, much better than my Boox. Unfortunately the Remarkable series is more for writing/note taking and ebook support doesn't seem to be robust and I primarily use my e-ink device for ebook reading rather than writing.

          Reviews suggest Supernote is very good, with a better writing experience than the Boox, however it doesn't support the Kobo store when I last researched it and most of my books are on Kobo. I would really like ot try the Supernote if it ever supports Kobo.

  • Was looking at the Remarkable before it went all subscription.

    Those with OneNote on it, were you able to login to a Microsoft365 account and sync?

    • +1

      yeah, installed OneNote via Aurora and logged in this morning.

      Syncs fine.

    • I can sell you the Remarkable with lifetime subscription included.

  • +3

    I've had this device for about 3 weeks now and really like it, but it took quite a bit of effort to get it from a below average device to a great one.
    If don't really want to tinker with side loading, custom settings and setting up apps like KOReader, etc, I would avoid - you'll just be frustrated and disappointed.
    If you're happy to tinker, I'd say go for it. I was pretty underwhelming at first, but after perservering and a lot of trial and error with apps and custom settings, I think it's brilliant (especially for the price.)

    • What are you mainly using it for?

      My use case it lots of meeting minutes, scribbling out ideas/notes/schematics and daily to-do.

      Are there any good sort of daily-to-do/planner types with it?

      • +2

        My primary use is daily at work to record notes, minutes, ideas, etc, and than share a PDF as a record to my Google Drive. I don't use a to-do or planner - I generally write a to-do list in notes with the check-mark template.

        My other use case is as an eReader using KOreader. At first I disliked reading using the stock app, and I preferred the size and display of my 7" Kindle Paperwhite, but after installing and customising KOreader, I've become used to the size and really like it now. I also find the battery life much better compared to the Kindle.

        I don't use any other functions, no emails, no Lenovo account, no web-browsing. I did install sodoku and a chess app, which I've used occasionally.

    • What's the battery life like? I always wanted to get a e-ink device. I currently have a sammy Tab S6 which serves me very well, impressive battery life for a amoled and only 420grams. While this Lenovo is cheaper and only slightly lighter (408grams) I don't see the reason to get one. Other than the price, and better readability, is there anything that it does better?

    • could you tell me what you did to make the experience better? what were the things you changed?

      • I only use this device for taking notes and reading books. I didn't log in using a Lenovo account (as it's not really needed) - so I haven't experienced any sync issues like others have.

        So my set up was:
        -logged into Google Drive
        -send notes to Google Drive
        -install and customise KOReader (which now looks and feels the same or in some cases better than a Kindle)
        -side load books via my Mac and the Android File Transfer

        I haven't done anything else. I've been using it for about 2 months now and still really enjoy it, primarily for writing notes at work. I periodically share those notes as PDFs to Google Drive and then download them at work when I need them.

        Of course, I wish there was a lot more customisable options available - my wishes are customisable wallpapers, ,more settings to control pen pressure sensitivity, and customisable side-bar (so I can 'pin' apps). (and I wish the pen had a rubber on it like some styluses).

        I think the reason I'm so happy with this device because I don't expect a lot nor need a lot from it, and it does what I need effectively.

        • Its a standard wacom pen so you could find an alternative stylus

          • +1

            @impoze: Yep, I'm using this one which has an eraser (https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CCRYQXDL), which also magnetically clip son the side of the Lenovo like the Remarkable. Works well, but not as tidy as the smaller metal one that comes with the Lenovo

            • @S3ISOR: @S3ISOR I ordered the pen that you have linked above and it arrived today. I tested it just now and it worked for a few strokes and then I tried the eraser and after that the pen does not work properly. It will work on and off but even then I need to apply a lot of pressure. Replaced the nib with another one in the pack and also tried another nib that I had with me but the result is the same. Amazon offered me a refund but I am not sure if I should reorder the same pen or look for a different pen.

              • +1

                @Ronney: I've been using the one I purchased for about a week now without any issues. It could be placebo, but I felt like it was writing slightly better than the stock pen - I don't need to apply any pressure for it to write normally. The eraser is a fantastic addition and I use it all the time. I ordered a second one to put away as a spare which is arriving today. I might test it and see how it performs.

                On a side note - the one pen tip (nib) that came with the included Lenovo stylus has mostly worn out on mine. You can't order official spares from Lenovo's AU website, so I tried several different aftermarket nibs. Annoyingly, none of the replacement nibs I tried have the same feeling/shape as the original, and some didn't fit at all (too short, long or wrong diameter). So over a period of a week I've sent numerous emails and called various Lenovo AU parts/sales/customer service numbers trying to purchase spare pen tips (nibs), but they just keep saying it's unavailable for purchase and ending the conversation. This is originally why I tried this other Awinner pen as an alternative.

                I also have been doing training at work which involved filling out workbooks - I decided to try and use the Lenovo instead of paper by filling out the PDFs on the device. This experience wasn't great for a few reasons, but the biggest one is that when you rest your palm on the device when writing in reader mode, half the time it detects it as a page turn or highlighting a word, which makes the whole experience very poor.

                Out of sheer frustration with Lenovo's support of this product, I've purchased a Remarkable 2 to try instead. I'm going to test it out (the RM2 has a 100 day return period), and compare to the Lenovo and then decide from there which one I keep long term. I'm going to use this Awinner stylus with the RM2 and a cheap 3rd party case from Amazon.

                It sounds like I'm bashing the Lenovo - I am very happy that the Lenovo deal prompted me to try e-ink note taking at all. I love the concept and it's become a staple of my working day now and I can't really see myself going back to pen and paper again. I've just decided that it might make more sense to use the RM2 if I'm serious about this long term, because the RM2 has more support and spare parts/accessories (official and 3rd party) are more readily available.

                • @S3ISOR: @S3ISOR Thanks for the reply. Are you able to use the eraser to area select and delete?

                  You are correct about the nibs. I too had to modify most of them to get a good fit.

                  Did you try editing pdfs using WPS Office?

                  I am eager to know your experience with the Remarkable. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

                  • +1

                    @Ronney: Hi @Ronney, just to follow up - the eraser on this stylus only rubs out. I couldn't figure out how to change to area select. I also opened the second one I received and the eraser tip spring was incredibly stiff and required a lot of force to use, so I've send it back as faulty. It seems these stylus's are a bit of a lottery. A lot of people online suggest buying the Kindle Scribe Premium Pen ($99), or a Lamy (~$65-$100). I'm going to use the cheap one from Amazon until it breaks, and then re-evaluate from there (unless I can buy the Scribe pen for around $50 one day).

                    I did try WPS Office for PDFs and found it better in some ways and worse in others. I considered loading the Adobe app, but I don't think this would resolve the issues I was having with my palm being detected as a press on the screen. I'm not sure if the 'inking' setting is interfering here either.

                    My RM2 was delivered today via DHL (they ship from Hong Kong, and I was surprised it was delivered on a Sunday). I've now set it up and I'm using the stylus and an aftermarket case, so the total package was about $570 instead of $350. I'll use it this week and see what I think compared to the Lenovo.

                    Initial impressions of the RM2 are:
                    - I definitely prefer the look of the RM2 over the Lenovo
                    - the desktop app makes organising and transferring folders/files very simple and easy, and auto-syncing the notes to a desktop app is nice (I've also transferred my Lenovo notes as PDFs to the RM2 for future reference)
                    - there is also a chrome-extension to auto-send articles to the RM2 - I've used this a few times and it's excellent
                    - I much prefer the pen type settings (i.e. the way the writing looks - the weight, etc)
                    - the RM2 device feels slower than the Lenovo
                    - reading books is definitely not great on the RM2 (not that I was realistically reading much on the Lenovo). You can load KOReader, but it appears like a pretty convoluted process and it's not worth it for me.
                    - it looks like customisation requires a lot more work than the Lenovo (but because it's popular, there are a ton of tools and videos showing how to do it). Given the specs of the RM2, I imagine most apps would perform terribly anyway.
                    - with the case I purchased, the overall device feels heavier, but it actually weighs less (might just be that the device's centre of balance is different, I'm not sure, and this doesn't really have any practical problems, just an observation)
                    - the screen has no frontlight, but it feels closer to the 'surface' of the glass then the Lenovo. The lack of a frontlight isn't really a dealbreaker (it's still a nice to have), because I really only use this type of device in the office or at home where the ambient light always makes then screen very visible.
                    - the front glass feels more 'textured' - I can audibly hear the pen somewhat like a pencil or pen 'scratching' on a piece of paper

                    Time will tell which device I prefer.

                    • @S3ISOR: Thank you so much @S3ISOR for your update.

                      Though the $35 price tag was tempting I finally decided not to order that pen again. I have now ordered a Lamy which should arrive in a couple of weeks.

                      I didn’t realise the RM2 is slower than the Smart Paper. I still believe that with a couple of more software updates, the Smart Paper could become a much better device than RM2.

                      I use the Smart Paper for reading and often use the front light. I have also subscribed to WPS cloud and evaluating it for my use case. I hope you are aware that Lenovo offers free cloud sync for 3 months.

                      I would still like to know your journey with the RM2 and your decision after 180 days.
                      I will post an update on the Lamy once I try it out.

        • +2

          For the first couple of weeks I had the weird logout issue. But now for the last few weeks I have never been logged out and I have never had any lost notes. Looks like Lenovo has fixed the issue.

          I tried Lenovo Sync and observed the following.
          The notes sync well and I can see my notes in the desktop or mobile app.
          The library does not sync as expected. If I annotate a pdf, instead of editing the pdf file itself, Lenovo has chosen to add annotation files separately. In the Smart Paper these files are merged with the pdf to show the annotations. This might be the reason why the annotations do not zoom with the rest of the pdf. When you sync using Lenovo Cloud sync, these annotation files do get synced but on the desktop and mobile app the document viewer is just a html browser and obviously the html browser will only render the contents of the pdf and not the annotation files.
          However if you use the WPS office to annotate, the annotations are saved as part of the pdf file and the pdf can be viewed with the annotations anywhere and the zoom works fine too.

        • +1

          thank you for writing this up. this correlates well with my usage and expectations. I didn't log in using Lenovo ID, don't feel like I need it.

          has been working great for taking and reviewing notes. that is it primary function and it does it well. I will look into alternative stylus.

          installed KOReader but so far can't imagine I will be using it for reading a lot - I already have old Kindle Voyage which has superior screen and portability, and I only read books (no manga or PDF's here which Lenovo would probably be better with larger screen)

          • +1

            @shabaka: I have a Kindle Paperwhite which (as you said), is overall a much better eReader, but when at work I occasionally reach at lunch and have found KOReader to be pretty good (and I don't need to bring multiple devices to work).

            Given how much I use this, I have occasionally looked at the Remarkable 2 as an 'upgrade'. But ultimately, the R2 doesn't have a front light (which I've used more than I thought I would), it costs a lot more, and does have some limitations for side-loading. Though it does exceed in cloud sync, some functions, and overall look and feel.

            • @S3ISOR: at this point the only thing that bugs me is in the standard app for note taking, it sometimes turns to the next page when I don't need it to.

              like during writing you would normally slide your wrist further to the right to continue writing across the whole width of the page, and it thinks that I am doing the "turn page" gesture, and I find it really annoying and unnecessary. I wish it had a button to turn pages or a way to disable it altogether, or perhaps be a bit smarter about it and ignore hand gestures for 1 second after writing stops.

              wondering if R2 does better in this regard.

  • +2

    I grabbed one of these from JB a few weeks ago when it was on clearance there. There’s some clear performance limitations to it if you’d like to push it slightly further than a reading/writing device but overall its quite good. Assuming you’re comfortable with sideloading:
    * Readwise Reader’s eink pagination mode makes it really good for reading newsletters and RSS feeds
    * GBoard is a much better keyboard than the system board (once you get the theme right) and the handwriting to text conversion works really well
    * The Kindle app performs quite well (and very similarly to my Kindle Oasis)
    Lenovo’s AOSP implementation is quite locked down, and (i suspect from the device’s unpopularity) there aren’t any obvious avenues for rooting it. Similarly, I was unable to add Google Play Services to the device without it boot looping.
    Overall, pretty happy with this purchase but definitely not for everyone.

    • Surprised it doesn't have Google Play frameworks, but if it's only a reader and we only need a few apps on it, surely apkpure or any other 3rd party app store could get it done.

      • +1

        Get Aurora store from F-droid for some play store apps, easier to update

    • +1

      have you figured out how to do a 'back' button? in some apps you get stuck in the settings or a menu.

      edit: oh, it's a left swipe…

  • +2

    If any one read or learning Chinese, this one could use WeRead too, which is like Kindle Unlimited, but mostly Chinese book:

    And of course, it can convert handwriting to Chinese instantly too.

    I'm really thinking of buying it, even though I bought a XiaoMi reader recently just for WeRead supporting.

  • +1

    anyone know how this is for PDFS?

    Really interested in something i can use for reading academic articles.

    • It's fine with KOreader

      Theres some quirks if you were planning to annotate over it

      • na to be honest my handwriting is too awful to care about the pen - i just want an oversized ereader

        • Yeah works great for reading files

          KOreader is the way to go

  • OOS?

  • -3

    No colour like kobo

    • no, but colour has it's own drawbacks at the moment, and also won't be this price for a 10" device

      The now expired deal was a good buy - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/841137

    • also not 7” max like the colour kobos

      • +1

        You'd be looking at the Boox Note Air3 C which is around $900

        • i’m not looking at anything, just pointing out it’s different class altogether

  • -1

    isn't the amazon one better and cheaper?

    • Yeah, just says temporarily out of stock

    • +1

      If you mean the kindle scribe it’s over twice the price one you add the case and doesn’t run android apps.

  • What is its actual weight? Can't be 1.25kg as is listed at Amazon, that must include the box….

    • +1

      With case & pen: 618g
      Screen only: 410g

      • we have a kindle paperwhite (gen 8, i guess). we dont use it much. i find it is awfully slow to search somethin in the kindle library. how is this lenovo?

        • +1

          Much quicker

          My Kindle PW11 is quite snappy

  • +1

    This is way cheaper than Onyx Boox 10" products.

    • +2

      Not as easy , need to sideload and the OS is more locked down. If only we could get a Boox 10" at this price

      • Is it based on Android OS? Does it come with Google Play installed?

        • +1

          Yes runs Android OS. No Google Play, need Aurora Store + microg

  • -1

    Temporarily out of stock.
    Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item.

    • Can use officeworks or lenovo links too

      • Lenovo you'll get $5 rewards credit too for next purchase

  • +8

    I have just bit the bullet on this. I've been eying off a Remarkable2 or Supernote or Kindle Scribe for the last 18 months but they've always been out of reach. I had a $50 officeworks gift card sitting here unused, so I used the linked Officeworks $347 deal, thats still working in QLD, with the gift card it brought it into the region of good value for me.

    I'm pretty experienced with modifying android software (eg, jailbreaking bootloaders, etc), and I'm keen to see if I can get some form of third-party GApps working on this, it seems to be the number one thing everyone is asking for, but nobody is working on it. The system uses the very common RK3566 CPU, bootloader is bog-standard uboot, and OS is literally AOSP, so it can't be too hard.

    • it would be amazing if we can get this rooted!

    • yes please!

      • +3

        @impoze @bonechiller
        Its done.
        I received the device at 10.30am today. Unboxed it at 12pm. Played with it stock for an hour, then went to town on its OS.
        I was in meetings through most of the afternoon so I was going slow.
        As of 9pm tonight, I now have a rooted Lenovo Smart Paper (potentially the first in the world?).
        I've got Magisk installed, working magisk payload, real magisk root, magisk modules.
        Enabled ADB, can connect from the PC, ADB shell, and su all work as expected.
        I even managed to install GApps Core bundle, that has Google Services Framework, Google Play Services, GMScore.
        I added my Google acount through google play services, so Play Store (real Play Store, not Aurora) is now working, and I installed GMail too, that's working.

        Is there anything else anyone wants me to try to run on it? For now I just want to load up some books and use it as an ereader, the poor beast has had a rough day.

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