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[Pre Order] Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1,999.20, 512GB $2,119.20 with Bonus Buds Pro and Care+ @ Samsung Education Store


need to register with your education email.
also available in education store through unidays or otherwise

pre-order bonuses included
free care + with code

trade in bonus can also be added to get more discount.

also Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128|256gb $1,199.20|$1,279.20 with Bonus Buds Live

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  • These are also eligible for the preorder bonus, yes?

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      you mean free earpods or charger or productivity kit? Yes

  • Duplicate Post. There's already a post about Samsung EPP for this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643949

    • damn it ;)

    • fixed it. its education store now!

  • Can we get trade in bonus discount with education store?

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    • U only get 100 bonus

  • How did people go who used the trade in option in the past but didn't actually send the phone? How much were you charged or what was the penalty? Thanks

    • they will just add the trade in discount to the final amount
      thats all.

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        I don't think you understood my message…

    • Might have to go back and dig through previous deals to see what happened but would be good if someone could post it here.

    • They penalty will be the agreed amount at time of checkout, not inclusive of extra trade in bonuses.

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      Your phones has a trade in value of $100
      You get a bonus of $400

      You dont send the phone back in for trade in. You will get charged $100 (possibility a bit more) on your credit card.

      • Thank you for explaining, i appreciate it 👍

      • Wait, how do you get this 400$ trade in bonus?

        • Not on the education site, only on the regular full priced site.

    • BuyoTheCat is correct. I checked the return policy from Samsung and the trade in bonus won't be charged.

    • I didn't up sending my phone in as it broke (S10+) and my credit car number was also changed by my bank and therefore differed to what I initially provided them via the trade-in app.

      I notified them via email that I need to provide them with new cc details so they could charge me the trade-in fee and they responded advising they've referred the matter onto their finance team and will be in touch…..I haven't heard anything since and this was several months ago.

      It's obviously not worth their time and effort to chase up.

  • Hmm flip or fold…. Would be nice to have a big screen though would also be nice to return to a smaller device… Decisions decisions…

    Currently have S21 ultra

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      I wouldn't be moving anywhere if you have a S21 Ultra. If camera is important to you it will be miles ahead of both the fold and flip.

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        But his current phone doesn't fold…

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          it can, given enough pressure ;)

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          Or flip

      • True. I was thinking about side grading to Oppo X2 pro for the moment then wait for deals on the fold.

        But I waited to long and missed the deal so need to choose something before the ultra 21 goes even further down in resale value

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          Umm the s21 is the one Android phone that would hold its value the best.

          Get an iPhone if you want to avoid depreciation. But it makes 0 financial sense for you to change phones right now.

          Get a surface duo if you want something foldy, they're on fire sale atm.

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      The cameras in the Fold 3 are the EXACT same cameras found from the old S20 in 2020. Skip this Fold 3.

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    Who can get a education e mail?

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      Educational people

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      Educated people.

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      Underpaid over educated ppl whos job last for 1-3yrs if you are lucky enough to get a grant. But you do get discounted Adobe software and Samsung phones, and at conferences you get a lot of free pens.

  • You can take another $50 off with news letter subscription voucher code.

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      Doesn't stack if you used bonuscare

  • In other words this will be the price for everyone by Christmas.

  • Does anyone know if Samsung care + is transferrable when I sell my phone?

    • Yes it is, as its linked with the device.

    • It isn't:

      8.4 Automatic – Your Subscription to the Program and the Agreement will terminate immediately if Samsung discovers that you have transferred, sold, displayed for sale, or let on hire your Registered Device. Your Subscription cannot be transferred to another person, and any person who acquires your Registered Device will not have any benefit under these Terms.

      But if you're friends with the buyer you could probably give them the subscription number and your email address. Not sure what they'll say if the delivery has to be addressed to someone else though.

  • 2000$ for a phone?
    That is more than a month's rent.

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      Not in Sydney

    • It is the single thing you use the most every day for a few years. True?

  • Just got a new s21 insurance claim. Might trade it in for the fold. Hopefully should be able to get it for $404 with $50 voucher and ask samsung for another $100 plus $425 trade plus $300 bonus

    • I tried asking for bonus credit. Said no. Let me know how it goes.

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    Can get an extra $100 bonus discount when trading in your phone.
    So $2499 Samsung Fold 3 256GB
    - 20% off ($499.8)
    - $100 trade in bonus
    = $1899.20 - Trade in Value of old Phone

    Compared to normal Samsung store
    So $2499 Samsung Fold 3 256GB
    - $500 trade in bonus
    = $1999 - Trade in Value of old Phone

    Could add the $50 marketing newsletter voucher code to bring it down more but I haven't tried.
    Can someone confirm?

    Both will still claim for the following:
    - Free Samsung Care+ w/ code BONUSCARE (might need registration?)
    - Pre Order gift pack

    Free Samsung Care+ activates after adding in Samsung Care+ and then applying the code.
    The Samsung Care+ still shows $199 but lowers the price of the phone instead.

    • where did you see the 100 trade in bonus?

      • It shows in tiny fonts before selecting to preorder the Fold 3.

        But Samsung DOES NOT GET A PASS this year for recycling 2020 cameras for a 2021 premium foldable.

        • +1

          I'm seeing bonus $500 trade in lol

          "Bonus $500 when you trade-in an eligible device5
          Receive a bonus $500 when you trade-in your eligible old device up to Galaxy Z Fold3 5G5"

          Oh nvm just saw this is the Education store, I was looking at the normal Samsung online store

    • It seems bonuscare offer cannot be applied in the education store.

  • Does anyone know what care + does? Say you had the fold 2 with care + and you did it once the fold 3 released would you get a fold 3?

    • +1

      Nope. I confirmed. You only get the same phone. Unless they withdraw the model

  • Bonus care code not working in Education Store.
    "The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions."

  • BONUSCARE code is not working on the education website?

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      Worked for me on the edu portal.
      Add the Samsung Care first in the cart, then use the code.

      It should discount it off the phone cost itself

      • I already added Samsung care first in the cart, but BONUSCARE code show "Invalid code"

        • +1

          I did it for the Z Flip3 128gb model and it's working.

        • add after you add the phone. then click the option to add it under the phone in the cart

        • Has to be capital letters, I get the error when I use lower case letters.

  • Says in terms that u cannot get the bonus buds by redemption. Can anyone confirm?


    Go to (c)

  • +1

    Was so close to ordering. Had it in my cart. Love the fold and the flip. Was gonna get both. But the more I dug the less I loved.
    I’m too into the apple system. I have the watch and Apple TV and AirPods. I even have 6 months Apple Music left. I would have to do a Durant and switch teams after losing from a 3-1.

    • You’ll love it. I use apple and samsung both, samsung has a lot more features and customisation. Android has apple music app too.

    • AirPods works with Android phones too? May have to sell your watch and TV on Gumtree…

  • Is this code already expired?
    Could you check it please?

    • Looks ilke the code definitely doesn't work any more. It worked on Thursday.
      UNPACKED still works though.

      • What does UNPACKED do?

        • The same as BONUSCARE.

  • Add the thing first then it discounts. So strange.

  • Anyone got hold of the fold 3 as yet?

    • A number of people on Whirlpool have received theirs.

  • -1

    I bought this phone and want to return it the battery is terrible anyone ideas how as I bought it from samsung

    • You gotta use the phone more than 17 minutes before complaining. You said the same thing on the other thread. It can take up to a week or two for it to settle. New install is better than smart switch.

      Battery life is better than Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra I had.

  • thx op.
    got 512bg fold3 for $2019.20($1999.20) with care. $20 for my craked note10+ that i wont return =)