expired Westfield: Spend $120 or More and Receive a FREE $20 Gift Card - ONE DAY ONLY


Just took advantage of this offer, got my new Nexus S for $279 - winning.

This is a ONE DAY only offer. Notable stores that honour this offer are DSE and JB Hi-Fi.

e.g. $199 Soniq 32" TV for $179
$188 ipod Touch 8GB (room for bargaining) - $168
$159 3TB WD External HDD- $139
You can also try to give them old receipts as the employees don't know better.

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    A little confused… 1 day only, but deal expires in 2 days & not shown on linked site??
    May be on at the Westfield you visited??? Which one?

    Was on 19 Feb http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/62648

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      Westfield Liverpool, it is definitely on. If I put 25th, it would be expired.


        Strange Westfield Liverpool site fails to list it. Wonder if it is on elsewhere?
        (Ah the mysteries of the expiry date explained.)


    Hello - please post the actual online web text from Westfield verifying this offer.

    As far as I am aware the Westfield - spend $120 and get a $20 gift card offer expired last week and they are no longer handing out the gift cards.

    Where did you get your info from?

    Thanks :-)


    Please provide source - ie a direct link to this information - otherwise I think this offer should be ignored — there's nothing from Westfield verifying this so-called offer. And if it's not in writing from Westfield it ain't happening.

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      If the offer wasn't legitimate, why would I bother listing it on OzBargain.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that Jennifer Hawkins is appearing at the shopping centre today so a win win situation really.


    Sux, there is no JBHIFI in the Gold Coast Westfield.

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