Anyone Tried a Juice Cleanse?

Has anyone tried a juice cleanse? What was your experience?


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    I did. It was sh!t

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        That makes more sense. Cheers

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    What’s the end goal? To not eat anything solid and literally only flush liquids out of your behind?

    Sounds absolutely awful.

  • One time I went for a 6 hour day spa which included a morning session, a spa lunch and an afternoon session. I couldn't remember what the detox juice was, but I was holding it in for the afternoon session and after it's finished, I rushed back to my hotel room toilet to let everything out.

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    drink 3L of glyoprep and you will be peeing out your ass

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      Yep. Wellness industry strikes again.

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    Nope. Not a fan of juices.

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    Tried one years ago when they were all the hype. Think I ordered a 5 day one from these guys I love juices and I'm not picky with food at all but I was so sick of them by day 3 I almost threw up and ended up sharing the remaining bottles with family and friends. Looking at the menu now makes me feel a bit queasy too. The almond mylk was my favourite though.

    Depends on why you want to do it and what you want to get out of it though. And how your finances are.

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      I liked the idea in their sales-pitch of letting the digestive system rest. Do they do one for the circulatory system as well? My heart hasn't had a proper rest for over 67 years, aside from when an anaesthetist once help me play dead for a while…

    • I love juice too but jesus $320 for 5 days is $64/day! I could eat 3 decent meals for that amount.

      Do you recall how many litres they gave you?

  • Do juices have everything you require?

    be aware long term juices has some negative effects. There was a post on reddit about those dietary shakes that have everything you need, and the body still need to chew/ingest solids.

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      body still need to chew/ingest solids

      Don't think that's true.

      Do juices have everything you require?

      Depends what juices. Nothing in nature I would think, and certainly not the detoxy bunk people are flogging. But I'm sure NASA could make complete meals in a juice formulation if they were needed.

      • Good luck!

      • TANG!

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        "Don't think that's true."

        "Detox" happens normally, when bilorubin and other wastes are excreted into the intestines and carried out in the stool - after the bolus has been further digested by the organisms in your lower bowel that provide a large percentage of your vitamins. Fibre forms the main part of the bolus, the matrix this ecosystem functions within.

        Leaving the fibre out of your diet is a little like leaving the starch out of your bread.

        • Actually, humans can survive their entire lives drinking only human breast milk! No extra fibre needed.

  • Are you trying to drop weight or clear your insides ?

    • For the latter, I just go to the toilet.

  • It's great. Just avoid sweet fruits.

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    It called sugar loading, i think unless you actually use proper vegetables only like kale, celery, wheat grass etc.

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    It's expensive, and will make you sticky. I think water is better to clean your body with

  • What's the purpose? If you want to drop weight quickly you need to put your body into ketosis

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    You don't need the "cleanse" your insides or "detox" your system. All these terms are made up by companies to scam people into buying their products.
    You DO NOT have toxins inside your intestines that's need to be flushed out. There's is absolutely no scientific evidence at all to show these absolutely ridiculous statements.
    I always laugh my ass off when I see these cleanser, detoxing fads come and go. They literally do nothing other then give you diarrhoea.
    If you want to have a healthy gut and feel good, eat healthy foods and exercise. It's that simple.

    • And some of them help you "sweat out" the toxins as well !

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    Cleanse what? You presumably have a functioning liver to remove "toxins" from your body. Anything else that claims to remove "toxins" is BS.

    If you don't have a functioning liver then you've got bigger problems.

  • I watched that "doco" a few years ago where the guy does the juice cleanse, then travels the world doing it. So I tried it back then. I used it as a meal replacement rather than a complete full day meal. Was OK but a pain in the ass making it each day. Probably only good short term - the body prefers to extract nutrients out of food rather than have juice. And it has to be fresh otherwise it oxidises and all the nutrients are gone.

  • just do a 48 hr fast and drink water

  • I have two female friends that do lemon juice cleanses for a week every 4-6 months.

    I can't see the point when 2 weeks later they are doing a half bottle of wine every night.

    I've got a gastro virus at the moment if I could bottle it and market it I'd make a fortune.

    • Yes same as young girls go to the gym for 1hr then go to maccas and eat 1000cal burger or a huge chocolate sundae every other day

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    What exactly does the juice clean??

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      your wallet

  • I did it for a few weeks. Was trying to isolate some food sensitivities, didn't solve anything but was a fun experience. Just Brough tons of veggies in bulk and just lived off it, about 4L a day was the goal. Just don't ever put a clove of garlic through a juicing machine, it's unbearable!

  • I went on 100% juice for about one (1) year. I went through three (3) blenders… until I landed upon the Auto IQ.

    Fruit & vegetables are expensive. I was tossing everything in - and I mean everything.

    So now, don't be fooled. These blenders do not break the food stuffs down to cellular level, only your gut does that.

    You basically will not feel any better. If anything, you are so bloated. AND, you will not lose weight, bc you are intaking so much nutrients far far more than your average meal.

    Do your research.

    • I went on 100% juice for about one (1) year. I went through three (3) blenders… until I landed upon the Auto IQ.

      What about juice you get in cartons and boxes?

      • Most juices are way too sweet and would probably screw you up. If it's juices using low sugar components then it's probly an expensive way to do it, you need 3-4 L a day ideally, maybe less if you want extreme weight loss but I don't know much about that.

        • What about the fresh juices that in the refrigerator isles? Like nudie, juice brothers and some of harvey fresh's cartons and boxes? Natural sugar from the fruits and vegetables they're made from and nothing added(Or maybe some like vitamins and water but these should be fine right?).

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            @Zachary: Natural sugar or not, that's a sugar overdose and not recommended.

            • @lew380: Oh? And how much sugar are you suppose to take? I've been living off juice for a few years, so basically whenever anything calls for water, I ask for juice instead….

              • @Zachary: Well 3-4L of fruit juices a day will lead to about half a kilo of sugar, if your comfortable with that, go for it. I think you would be in hospital within a month, your welcome to prove me wrong.

                • @lew380: I rarely drink 3 or 4 litres of juice a day unless I'm extremely thirsty for some reason; although I remember downing a whole 2.4L carton of Ribena and half a 3L carton of Orange C juice in one whole day(I wasn't even doing anything remotely physical like a marathon run that would warrant the thirst yet felt the urge to drink…)! Mostly hover around 0 to about a 300mL, a litre max. I used to down at least 3 cans a day of any of these soft drinks in combination: coke, sprite, fanta, solo, sunkist, Schweppes Lemonade, Mountain Dew, ginger beer and ale but stopped as I found out that I get too energized to sleep even if drank a few hrs before bed. Swapped to juice and I sleep better and juice taste better too to boot! Of course there are some juices (that taste extremely sweet) that can keep me awake as much as the cans of soft drinks did to me but I try to avoid them or only drink them if I need the boost of energy for the day without passing out.

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                    @Zachary: We are a long way off juicing. Keep safe mate, I don't think all that sugar is great for you long term, although I too drink a cup of orange juice a day, sometimes two so it's easy to get sucked into skulling these liquid sugar traps.

  • pretty much everyone so far is spot on

    if you drink nothing but fruit or veg only water will come out. if you blend it and keep the fibre and drink it that will help and if you want to poop somewhat normal the most you can do is subsitute 1 meal per day

    Every combo is gross. You think that because its liquid that you can chug it and it wont be so bad, but its still gross.

    Its actually easier to just eat 1 meal full veg/fruit then to drink a gross concoction

    The most I do now is a few days of veg hotpot with a small bowl of rice and Taiwanese bbq dipping sauce with a raw egg as a binder/filler and a dash of soy

  • Juice tastes better and is more healthy if you just drink it.

  • Waste of time.. get good produce while in lockdown and eat healthy

  • Most bought juice is full of bad sugars and preservatives

  • @ShortyX

    I've done juice, water, + modified liquid fasts, over the years. Which one is best depends on the individual.

    Juice fasts rely on you using basically green veg as it's lowest in sugar content and high in vitamins. How you do will depend on if you like green veg in the first place and all fasts depend on your determination to stick with it once you decide to fast.

    Best thing to do for any fast is to begin by cutting out as much dairy as possible and all meat for one week ahead of the fast. This helps prevent that sudden cut-off of food and lets your system get used to the lighter load slowly. All fasts should include a minimum of 2 liters of water, taken in small doses, throughout the day.

    When I juice, I use green apples, kale, cucumbers, & celery + a bit of fresh ginger. I remove any initial foam from the juicing and then stir afterwards. I'm fine with it but it isn't sweet juice you're drinking— just so you know. You commit and you drink it.

    A water-only fast is fairly easy as there's not much to remember- lol. Drink only water for 7- 10 days (or more, if you're feeling fine and are over-weight). Last year, I drank a modified diet of water + one cup of beef bone broth in the afternoon for 30 days. I honestly could have kept going, but we were entering the holidays and I really wanted ham & turkey- lol.

    Electrolyte-balance is important as some people can get out of sorts on liquid diets. Certain coconut water contains potassium (though has sugar, so use sparingly).

    Here's one site which lists sources and recommended amounts needed.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to get some blood work done ahead of the fast so you have a baseline to refer to.

    Best to you!

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