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Bellini Digital Air Fryer BTAF19 $59 (Was $79) and More + Free Delivery for Orders $49+ @ Target


Picked up the Highly rated Bellini Air Fryer for $59 delivered

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    • yes but air fried pasta c'mon!! :D

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      Reddit discussion of the ABC article here for more points of view:


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      As someone who owns and loves their air fryer, there's no denying it's more or less just a mini oven.

      That being said, it takes virtually no time to preheat, and it's a lot easier to clean.

      Some foods also cook much quicker and better in there. Air fryer roast chicken always has a tender and juicy breast, something I could never get in the standard oven.

      Honestly couldn't live without one now, I was also pretty skeptical at first, but now it's become an almost daily-use in my house 😁

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      That lady is really clueless for a so-called consumer choice expert. Might as well say "Why buy a Corolla when a Range Rover will do the same job, and more?"

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      For a family of 3 the small air fryer is much easier to maintain. Easier to heat up, cool down and clean. I would think twice to heat up my 90cm oven for backing some snacks, but with the air fryer I don’t have to.

      • Exactly, so much this!

      • We have a 90cm Emile oven on tank gas and it heats up soooo slowly. It’s really a crap oven compared to our Bosch electric at our old house. Anyway to solve that issue, for small stuff we’re looking at buying a toaster oven; my family had them for my whole life and mum used it heaps when I was young so it runs in the blood. But to cook everything from lasagne to toast. I don’t have a desire for an air fryer, they seem like a construed gimmick to me but I understand why lots of people like them. I just think a toaster oven does the same thing but more and is bigger for fitting in family sized meals.

  • 0.8L capacity?

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      Perfect for that Aldi's pie.

  • Would anyone have any info or links on energy efficiency of air fryer vs oven? I've always wondered whether the convenience comes at the cost of more power wasted.

    • I could be wrong but I think if you have only a few things to bake, air fryer is probably more efficient. My oven takes way longer to heat up and cool down and uses higher power so I am assuming that for very small quantities air fryer is efficient. But again this view is based on my limited knowledge of power & efficiency.

      • From basic principles I think you’re on the mark. Bigger means more surface area on the outside meaning more heat loss. The air fryers also look well insulated so you can touch them all round. That makes them more efficient.

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    because a lot of people
    are sheep and get excited about everything bee that comes along then most items are replaced by new items …Earth is Doomed ! 😾

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