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[NSW, QLD, ACT] $12 Pizza or Pasta on Mondays & Tuesdays @ RASHAYS


All Pizza and Pasta at RASHAYS for $12 on Monday and Tuesday @ RASHAYS.

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    $10 delivery kills it.

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      Poor quality food doesn’t help either.

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        And that means what? Related to food how?
        🤦 Please kill me right now.

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          OHS, food is bad anyway.

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    I applaud their tenacity for trying to post "deals," but they're on a losing streak with the OzB crowd at the moment. Quality is lousy, servings are inadequate.

    I can't even test what the delivery cost is, as they seemingly can't deliver in the ACT. (Tried a bunch of addresses in various suburbs, none are available for delivery!)

    • +1

      Not to mention how the owner behaves…

  • I had two different pizzas which tastes identical.

  • I only get coffee from them as its $2 small or large, any day, all day. How will it taste it all depends who's making it for you, it's a lotto same as at mccaffe, will it be made by the cook or the cleaner, questions is now.

  • I've ordered pizza from them and it was fantastic.

    Well worth it for $12

  • Coffee, chips and pasta are nice. Decent quality for what you pay for

  • +1

    Crappy owner. Crappy attitude from their call centre staff and crappy quality when it comes to their pastas. Wouldn’t support Rashay’s again either after the owner’s recent spat.

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    Won't comment on the owner's rant against police and subsequent arrest. But the food is good with decent portions. Had the creamy prawn pasta tonight and was quite impressed. I've also enjoyed few of their pizzas when they're on promotion as well. But I guess I'm only commenting on my local store (dee why) and can't say if there is a discrepancy between stores.