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BOGOF - Blue Light Blocking Glasses $24.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Max & Miller Amazon AU


Add 2 pairs as a quantity to the shopping cart on checkout. Then apply the coupon code in the 'Enter gift card or promotional code' section. This will bring the total price to $24.95 for the 2 pairs of blue light blocking glasses.

A good quality pair of unisex blue light blocking glasses.

35 or so left at Amazon Fulfilment centres.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • "Unisex" 😉

    • No you need sex

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        No no "you and I" sex!

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    FYI blue light blocking is bollocks. You're exposed to more blue light from 5 minutes of outside sun exposure than you would in a year of screen use. Couldn't find the article a specsavers optometrist gave me - https://www.specsavers.com.au/blue-light

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      I think most people opt for blue-blocking hardware (and software) to mitigate the effects of melatonin suppression, not eye strain. That said, I understand there's some recent research suggesting that they may not be effective in that regard either.

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      It's a different blue light from the sun. Devices emit a much shorter (more bluish) wavelength. You're right the science is mixed and from purely an optometrist opinion i.e. eye health it looks like there isn't much benefit. The improvements in sleep initiation have been pretty well researched though. This is quite a good and in my opinion unbiased assessment https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210115/do-blue-light-glass...

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        Please shows certification of your specific.

    • Well Specsaver is selling blue light filtered lens now.

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        I work with a Specsavers and am an optometry student and we always tell our customers/learnt from uni that there is no proven research about the benefits of blue light filter glasses except to help with sleep cycles. The whole theory that the blue light from computers is harmful to your eyes isn't proven yet as far as the research I've read

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      But you're making the point - that's when the sun is up. Given it regulates your hormones, blue light is fine/required then. Not so good after the sun is down and it's screwing with your circadian rhythms. (Not that I'm suggesting you buy these cheapo things.)

    • Second this - a number of studies have shown there is currently no evidence to support that there are any benefits from blue-light blocking lenses - eye strain, eye health, circadian rhythm, or otherwise. It is simply a marketing spin at this stage.

      That being said, a placebo effect is still an effect.

    • It may have other uses. More evidence required but this is interesting:


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    Put your phone in night mode. Problem solved.

    • But if I have blue light filtering lenses with night mode on my phone, it would cancel out and I will never be able to sleep again.

  • Unless you're buying high-quality, optically-tested ones, then there's zero point. Cheap ones are less than no use.

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    another marketing scam….no such thing or need….save your money

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    More Alibaba importing spam….. We're no longer OzBargain, we're now OzAdvertising, long live SpAmazon…..

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    If blue light is so bad, with the amount of time we spend looking at digital screens we would be blind by now right?

    • Please use your FREE search engine, or read the link the poster provided.

      • what makes you think i haven't read up? possums don't like light did you know?

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          what makes you think i haven't read up?

          The sheer ridiculousness of your question.

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            @mickeyjuiceman: oh really, are you some angry old granny who gets upset when other people have a different point of view?

        • What makes you think possums don't like light? The same thought patterns which led you to your screen blindness comment? I suggest you search 'nocturnal' and read what it means. Meanwhile I'll ask my resident possum if he needs to don his sunnies before sticking his head out of the box when I give him tucker occasionally.

          • @DisabledUser67242: oh dear, didn't take much to wind you two up . well I don't know about possums liking light not the possums around my house, when i shine the light to show them to my son they literally get blinded and stop moving.

            • @sammyla: So that was "literally" your sense of humour shining through? Sorry. Where's that sarcasm emoji when you need one?

              As a possum carer and aficionado I am happy to tell you that they won't be literally blinded by a typical torch light, nor do they particularly mind daylight. Personally I try to shine an indirect light on them when showing them to kids/visitors. Simple enough to do, give it a burl next time.

  • These glasses are great. I own a pair that I purchased last year and it makes a difference when I have to work at night before sleeping. They’re also well built for the price. Comes with a nice case too.

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