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[Android] Free - Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro: High-Quality Sounds (Was $2.99) @ Google Play


No ads or IAPs.

Rated 4.0 stars (99 total) and 10,000+ installs.

The sound of nature recorded by hand (Rainfall, Moonlight, Stream, etc.)


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    That was $2.99? i just downloaded it and it is the most basic looking app i have come across in awhile. I get more from the free version of Relax Melodies which is the one i have been using for years.

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    Need it tonight. Locked down for too long and having issue sleeping now.

    • +3

      You're not alone 😔

      Try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day and the sun will come out again 😊☀️

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    This is BS. If you need to sleep faster then 3 big ones on Jameson will do the trick.

  • How do you record moonlight?

    • +4

      By hand.

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      Moonlight? I fall asleep to the sound of stroking dolphins

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    It's a bit hard to fall asleep at night when you've been sleeping all day long due to the extended lockdown. Hold on, I need to pour another red.

  • Very basic looking app.

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