Has Anyone Bought from Kogan Recently?

I bought a fairly big item from Kogan and it went out of stock immediately after I bought it. They sent me the manifest details the very next day but now it is stuck pending pick up. I called the courier company and was told that Kogan hasn't marked the item for pick up yet.

It has been nearly two weeks. They are not responding to email. Should I just do a chargeback and cut my losses? I suspect that they are actually out of stock and just holding onto my money until they get more stock now but I would rather buy from someone else at this point.

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    Should I just do a chargeback and cut my losses?

    Best decision you will ever make.

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      And no losses actually, only benefits.

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    Don't buy from Kogan. Ever.

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    I went to the Kogan website and I got a notification that "Markk from Brisbane just bought "Kogan 70" 4K UHD HDR LED Smart TV (Series 8, UN8910)"

  • Nah

  • I purchased a 70-inch Kogan TV from them on the weekend, hopefully getting delivered to Brisbane tomorrow.

    • Fingers crossed you get it on time!

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    You are paying a company to abuse you with the chance to get an item cheap. In my opinion.

    • I did save $50 buying from Kogan but if I knew that they could just hold my money indefinitely, I would've shopped somewhere else.

  • i bought 2 x mega boom 3. used trial Kogan first.


    paid with Klarna. last installment is free. $159 Each. delivered yesterday.

  • I recently bought a fridge and freezer, was delivered within a week.

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      I honestly have no clue what dictates this at all. My item was ready to be dispatched in 1-2 business days and expected delivery was last week. Still not received with no response from their email team.

      I'm happy for you though! Hope your new fridge and freezer are working out.

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    the only time i ever did business with kogan was when they offered $500 credit for $500 spend on their credit card

    took the money and ran, never looked back

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    I have used Kogan for couple of times. Most of the stuff are chinese. Their own brand is also chinese made. Some stuff are good , some are ok and some are bad. The only way to get in touch with the customer care is email. No phone , No chat nothing. I have positive experience with Kogan everytime. Even when my Oil Fin Heater was not working, they refunded the credit.

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      I hope I get the same customer service in the end, this is really hard to be patient when they don't respond to my emails.

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    Did you buy from Kogan, or from someone on the Kogan marketplace?

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      Order says bought from Kogan.com so it is from Kogan, not the marketplace.

  • I've bought 2 items, no issues. Both times abused the free delivery trial. Both times was something on a great special that i noted the price was jacked up a day or so after purchasing.

  • I used to buy Apple USB cables from them. One stopped working months later. I contacted them through email and they sent me a new one within a couple of days.
    I also bought other small items but haven't had any issues with them thus far.

  • I have a holiday house in the Coffs Harbour area. Last Xmas I bought a TV entertainment unit from Kogan. The specs for the item stated that the item came in 2 boxes - 1 smaller one for the doors and shelves and a bigger one for the large bulky top, side and rear panels. The smaller box arrived 5 days after I placed my order. On the assumption that both boxes would be delivered at the same time, given that it is impossible to assemble the unit with half the components missing, I phoned Kogan to see where the 2nd box was. Kogan referred me to its courier, Toll. Toll Informed me that Kogan had issued two separate dispatch orders for the two boxes and that according to its records the 2nd box hadn't yet been dispatched from Kogan's warehouse. As the 2nd box hadn't arrived 10 days after receiving the 1st box, when I had to return to Sydney, I phoned Toll and requested that they hold the item in their warehouse and have it delivered when I next went up to Coffs. They agreed to this. However, approximately a fortnight later I received an email informing me that there had been an attempted delivery at Coffs and because there was no one there to sign for the item (this was a Kogan delivery condition), the item had been returned to Toll's Newcastle warehouse. As my son was going up to Coffs a couple of weeks later, I thought that it might be better and easier if the 2nd box was delivered to my Sydney address and have my son take it up with him. I therefore phoned Toll and they agreed to this arrangement. However, a few days later I received another email informing me that the 2nd box had been delivered. Again I phoned Toll and asked where the item was and they informed me that it had been delivered to, and left my Coffs address, despite the fact that someone was required to sign for the item on delivery. I therefore phoned my next door neighbour to see if there was a box at the front of my home and he confirmed that the large box had just been left on the front balcony in full view of everyone that went past my house. Fortunately for me, he took the box into his garage and kept it there until my son arrived in Coffs. Clearly if I didn't have a good neighbour and the item had just sat out the front of my house, there's more than a good chance that the box would have been stolen or damaged from being exposed to rain. And, of course, do you think Kogan or Toll would have come to the party if this had happened?

  • ^ nice wall of text ^

    I recently used Kogan, and it was fine for the first few times
    I then went to buy some small items to take advantage of the shipping,
    as it turned out, the shipping they charged me was more than the 9 small items!

    It was near the end of the 2-week Kogan First promo they had recently,
    so I just stopped that & erased as much of me on that website as I could