should i get l4d2? if yes shud i wait or buy now? (steam)



    IMO Killing floor is better (same game type, 4-player co-op zombie survivor).

    Both these games are occasionally cheap, i got l4d and l4d2 for like $5.

    but you may be waiting forever.


    I love l4d2… might try killing floor now


    Bit old thread, but if you are still there…..PAYDAY Heist, has a free 2 play weekend (i think), and is half price.

    Cops instead of zombies, but very similar game play (go here, wait, press 'f' on something, wait, go there…kill lots)


    Whoa that's pretty rare! A gamer who hasn't played L4D yet!
    Yeah you definitely should buy it, although not at its current price.

    It regularly comes down to $5 a copy or $15 for a 4 pack.
    Important thing is to get a US 'friend' to gift it to you otherwise your account is permanently stuck with the shitty censored version.
    Google to see how big the difference is.

    I find killing floor and payday don't have the same level of coop as L4D1&2, possibly because of levels.