Bulk Fastener Supplier for Automotive Manufacturing

Hi all,

Long shot here, but wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a bolt supplier that can service our truck body manufacturing company.

Currently spend around 3k per month but looking to cut down lead times and our local bolt shop isn't doing us any favours.

Preferably Brisbane with free shipping and on 30 day account.



  • I use these guys a bit - http://www.boltsnutsscrewsonline.com/

    They are on the gc. Hard to say whether they will be better it worse than what you have.

  • Wurth have always been good to us down in Melbourne.
    No idea how they compare price wise with your current supplier, they’re not the cheapest, but the rep we had was really good and would get stuff organised very quickly.

    • True with wurth. Particularly in the smash industry. Can be quite expensive, but good shit.

  • I know that we use a supplier that supplies us with Bremick Fastners. If you are buying up in bulk and using a lot, it might be worth giving them a call. They are a manufacturer and located in Qld. and I dare say would deal direct if you are talking about the kind of quantities you are talking about.

    We have another supplier we work with at work and because I am WFH at the moment, I cannot think of who it is, maybe Brighton-Best or Hobson are worth a look up as well?

    • Yep, I've just emailed bremick. Most of the supply we get is bremick anyway, so would be good to deal direct. See what they say. Some of these outfits only supply to distributors/retailers. Hobson look like that is the case.

      • Easy fix. Become a reseller and sell internally. We do that. I know for stainless we deal direct with a manufacturer. They were the same "we only sell to distributors", so we applied to be a distributor/retailer and we sell about 95% of our stock internally.

        If you are doing big enough quotas and buying enough stock, they will usually let you deal direct. If you are buying 3 boxes of bolts a month, maybe not, but if you are buying 500 boxes a month, they may let you bypass the local retailer.

        • Yea sweet. I've emailed brighton best also. Hopefully be able to get one of them on board. Good advice though, thanks.

  • Nut and bolt factory at the Gabba has been pretty good for the random stuff we’ve been after

    • Have emailed them too, cheers.

    • Good supplier? I've emailed.

      • Yep, huge range and willing to source if they don't stock it

  • I’m not sure if you’d be big enough, but back in the day I used to use staetite for large scale production

    • Ah nice. I'll reach out, thanks.

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