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Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine (Black Truffle) $361 + Delivery / C&C @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Yes, not the best price I've seen for this model ($319ish a year ago?) but still pretty good considering it's retailing around $509+
Lots of good features like pre-infusion, automatic milk steaming (temp & texture), auto purge, back flush, 3 sec heat up time, etc.
At this price, it's a good unit to start out with and explore home coffee.
I've bought myself a 54mm single wall (non pressurised) double basket to use instead of the included pressurised double wall baskets.

Pair it up with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro ($216 @ TGGC) and you've got a decent set up (I've gone with Baratza Sette 270).
The Bambino Plus is a capable unit, allowing you flexibility of choice for grinders.

Happy lockdown!

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            @ragrum: I am still waiting for machine to arrive, but regretting so much opening TGG com account via Suncorp. they send million emails and letters..

      • Just wondering, were there any charges/fee or obligation once signed up with Sunsuper? I could not find anything regarding to this.

        • I think other than an email address, non of the info you provide needs to be correct. dont provide your TFN just incase

          • @mrTT: Thanks. Now stuck waiting for Good Guys Commercial activation email and to allow up to 4-5 business days.

        • I'm wondering the same. Should we cancel the Sunsuper after getting the machine? Will they disable our commercial account?

  • Breville announced probable price rises soon too:


  • I stumbled on this Grindenstein coffee knock box when looking online this evening cause nothing better to do in lockdown. Gets good reviews and can't go wrong for just under $20. Seller is Peters of Kensington and looks like limited stock. 12% off and free shipping for eBay plus members.


  • Aw man, wish I had membership!

  • Can anyone recommend a well priced grinder to pair with this little guy?

    • Breville Smart Grinder Pro is good

  • This or the EM7100 for $566.95 using afterpay discount via ebay?

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    For those looking, the Filter 2 Cup Single Wall is back in stock

  • Thanks OP - just ordered this and the Smart Grinder Pro! Any tips for a beginner? Or some videos to learn the basics?

    • I have the same grinder and I use Ethiopian Harrar single origion beans. my settings are size=13, time = 13.4 sec…32sec extraction makes really good long black

      • Thanks mate! Any tips for flat whites or lattes?

  • Finally ordered this with the smart grinder. This would be my first espresso machine. i hope i can make decent cappuccino at home. Thanks OP.

    Checked the price of beans and wow they are expensive. Anyone has a review on the Aldi beans? are they passable? also see a sale for Vittoria Mountain beans in Aldi. Does anyone think they are Good? thanks peeps

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      Just ordered mine with the grinder too about 10 mins ago.
      I reckon the Coles Urban Coffee Culture beans are good for the price $12 for a kilo bag. I’ve used them with my Aeropress.
      Coles currently also has the Lavazza Espresso Barista beans half price $17.50 for 1kg. Haven’t tried them before though.

      • Thanks Slave1. i’ll spend my $50 wisely and get different beans and try

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      Don't forget to get this free offer: https://promotions.breville.com.au/fathers-day-bonus-july-20...

      They send 4 x 250g packs of beans.

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      Honestly the lazzio dark beans are not only passable, for me they gave me more consistent results than any of the boutique expensive beans I tried from various roasters.

      (Hell one of the roasters even sent me a rock which ground my grinder to a halt in an instant).

      Try the Aldi beans.

      • Sure. Thanks @ajm07. Ill start there. great value at $11.99 per kilo

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        tried the lazzio dark roast surprisingly good after couple of settings on the grinder. thanks again

        • Yay.

          I was happily spending $30-50/kg online trying all sorts of things. Good fun - but my results were mixed at best. A neighbour brought over the lazzio for a sunday morning brew, and I was so impressed.

  • Thanks OP, after a bit of a trial getting a Commercial account. I finally placed my order…….. This is a great deal… We have a twin boiler for home and this Bambino for our caravan…

  • Offer is over 😭

    • Price is back! Ordered!! 🥳

      • Just ordered mine too! :)

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          Finally pulled the trigger. After waiting for sub $500 barista express deals ordered one. I already have the smart grinder already. All I have to do is to get unpressurised basket.

          Can anyone recommend a double shot unpressurised basket, and maybe other accessories; tamper, dosing ring etc that fits the machine.

          • @mrTT: Can you please check if the price is still $360? Thanks in advance:)

      • Can you please check if currently price is still back? Was about to join gdayrewards to pull the trigger but if price is back to normal I wouldn't spend the $50.

        Thanks in advance :)

        • Yes still 361. Stock is limited though so may take awhile to get it delivered

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    The single wall 2 cup filter has been in and out of stock over the couple of weeks, currently available again.

    • What is this 1 cup/2 cup filter? Noob here

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        The portafilters provided with the unit are dual-wall types. If you're grinding then immediately brewing, you're better off using single-wall type portafilters for a nicer extraction.

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          Thanks mate. And 1 cup2/cup means single shot or double shot??
          Moving from nespresso pods, would u recommend me getting this one or breville barista express??

          • @aafarup: Yep, 1 cup single/2 cup double.

            Personally I prefer having a separate grinder and machine. I've seen others comment about the Bambino Plus vs Barista Express. The BE has limited grind options compared to say a Smart Grinder Pro or Baratza Sette. There's also mention of a down the track scenario if either the grinder or brewing part fails in a BE, then you'd be replacing the whole machine.

            • @PinzVidz: Thanks for the explanation. Bit confused about buying it now or wait for black friday ::

  • Just ordered one. Pretty new to making my own coffee, why do I need this 2 cup filter thing?
    Thanks :)

    • See above.

  • settings i use with this:
    -double wall double cup basket
    -14 seconds of grind at percolater setting with breville smart grinder
    -use only gravity to tamp

    • Wouldn't percolator grind size too coarse?

      I am new to this and got the Bambino Plus with SGP as well. I got the single wall 2 cup basket too. With the beans Breville sent, 6 days after roasting date, grind size 14 still seems to be too fine. It is extracting less than 1:2 liquid, but taste is on the sour side (although with milk is acceptable). I am a little lost as to why it is sour when it is over extracting.

      I am beginning to think is either the clump or the machine is not pushing 9 bar pressure. Still tinkering around.

      • dual wall. espresso setting is way too fine - i get no extraction. percolater (around 35) is perfect. i use aldi beans cos im a cheapskate and it tastes better than my old sunbeam dual boiler

      • you can judge the extraction well by looking at the crema. should be pretty milky

  • I got my bambino today, finally. First impressions for someone coming from very basic automatic machine (Sunbeam Em5000+good tamper, singlewall basket+ smart grinder pro)

    Nice little coffee machine. Looks very nice. Feels nicely built. The ports filter is much better with heavier feeling. Baskets are also good quality. Operating is easy, and also programming buttons for custom settings. Big water tank, when you run out of water it doesn’t run and try to such air form the tank.

    Downside: very light. You kid a have to hug it when locking/unlocking ports filter. It’s doesn’t come with a scoop for poor if coffee. You would think they ‘assume’ you have a grinder and fill the basket directly from the grinder. But then it comes with pressurised filters which makes you think they ‘assumed’ you are using pre-ground coffee. Anyway I orders a single wall basket, coming soon. The tamper is very light and feels cheap. I had a nice heave filter with my other coffee machine (52mm) and I’m missing it already, probably have to buy one.

    First coffee impressions good but somehow I expected a wow factor. Maybe in time.

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