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Bose Sleepbuds II $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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Cheapest from Amazon.com.au for a while according to camelcamelcamel.


About this item
Tiny, comfortable earbuds Designed specifically for sleep, truly wireless Sleepbuds work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing and noise-masking sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night
User-tested sleep technology—In a Bose-sponsored sleep study, Bose sleep technology was clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster
Simple app Sleepbuds play only original content from the Bose Sleep app; Access the Sound Library’s more than 50 specially curated sounds, download your favorites to the earbuds, control the volume, and access features like a personal alarm
Relaxation content Calm a racing mind or transport yourself to relaxing surroundings with content that includes tonal environments and sounds from nature and beyond
Noise masking technology Bose engineered sleep sounds are optimized to work together with the noise blocking design of the earbuds to cover up unwanted nighttime disturbances
Secure, comfortable fit—Proprietary eartips are made from soft silicone for a comfortable fit all night—even if you toss and turn or sleep on your side. 3 sizes are included
All-night battery—Up to 10 hours per charge—enough for a full night of restful sleep

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  • I want this but I listen to boring podcasts/asmr are there any alternatives out there? I'm leaning on this since it looks like it's comfortable for a side sleeper but not being able to play my own media is putting me off.

    • +1

      Sleep masks with inbuilt ble headphones

      • Ooh interesting.. it seems that they also have buds on pre-order. Thanks!

  • Would be great if I could listen to episodes of futurama. Which is what I use currently. Listening to a cartoon style TV show where I can picture what's happening in my head because I've seen it so many times is the only thing that works for me.

  • I read these as Nosebleed Buds.

  • This site prefers the Amazfit Zenbuds. Have them on order for $205 through ebay local stock….


    • Woah zenbuds were about $90 through Kickstarter and stopped using them. Wouldn't pay $200 but that's obviously subjective.

      • +1

        What was the reason for stopping use and your value assessment?

        Also they were Usd149 on indigogo I think you mean.

        • No, they were $69 USD. I got a pair for that price. I also have the Bose Sleepbuds 2. The Sleepbuds block out much more ambient noise by sealing your ear canal more effectively. Bose app isn't great thought and limited sounds. Battery life is nowhere near as good as the Zenbuds. One major annoyance (which shouldn't be that annoying) is that the Sleepbuds don't automatically start "playing" when you take them out of the case. You have to start the app, wait for them to connect and then select the sound. The Zenbuds you simply take out of the case and they play the sound immediately.

          • @akyeeeahdude: Thanks for the review.

            As far as price, indiegogo has it at $149. Maybe they tweaked it later…


            • @muzzakus: You're missing the point mate. Indiegogo had it for $69 USD before you could actually buy these. I paid for them in July 2020 if I remember correctly and received them from memory early this year. They were at that price for quite awhile last year as the company was capital raising on the Indiegogo platform. That's why some people got them for much cheaper than the production retail price.

              Also, the Zenbuds are slightly more comfortable than the Sleepbuds 2. Side sleeper here too

              • @akyeeeahdude: I’m not saying you are misremembering, or are incorrect. But tier 1 perk on indigogo is listed as $149. Maybe they upped it later, but that’s what’s listed there as part of the campaign.

                Who cares really.

  • +2

    Bought v1 for my girlfriend….we didn't experience any charging issues, but we returned them due to the short, clumsy audio loops on ALL of the available sounds!

    On every track, you can distinctly hear the point where the audio loops (every track is only about 15 seconds long, looped continuously)

    This meant she was anticipating the next loop point, meaning she couldn't relax and sleep because she found herself consciously counting down to the next loop.

    This is really lazy on Bose's part, with just a little more care they could have EASILY made the loops seamless.

    Maybe Bose have created new audio and fixed this, but it was my understanding the App and sounds are the same, it's just the hardware they've redesigned.

    • I recommend you two some ambient music.
      Global Communications - 76:14
      Loscil - coast range arc
      Sleep research facility - Deep Frieze
      I play these on a google nest video next to my bed when I sleep.

      • Thanks, but these sleepbuds cannot play anything else except the short (clumsy) audio loops loaded into the buds.

        • Wow, that sounds like a waste of money to me haha.

    • +2

      There are definitely new sounds with the V2.
      I owned 2 pairs of v1 (each replaced about 3 times and then fully refunded when they withdraw the product.)

      While some V2 sounds have a very distinct poor loop, where you can hear when the loop restarts because of a sound glitch, a lot of them have a stupid sound which shouldn't exist and cause the same problem (identifying it and then your brain stays awake to keep listening for it).

      There was an update to the V2 app which added more sounds, and some of them are acceptable.

      Unfortunately my favourite sound from v1 (warm static I think) has been absolutely butchered, and is unusable.on the V2. There is a lot of incompetence at Bose, but I'm still a happy user.

      • Thanks….guess I'll be giving these a miss then :(

        It seems odd that they went back and tinkered with the charging issues, but completely ignored a critical thing that was an easy fix?….like just slightly adjusting the loop point by a second or so would probably remedy it!

        You'd think at some stage in QA testing, someone at Bose would have noticed this????

        Jesus Bose….just download yourselves a copy of Audacity

  • I really wanna get one of these, but I am always hearing problematic reviews. And the price is too high to take the risk.

    • That’s why they offer a “90-night, risk-free trial”

      • Site Q&A said the 90 day trial is NA for Australia.

        • The trial is mentioned numerous times on the product page on their Australian site.

          • @ak47wong: hmm, then i have to pay $80 more for that. Amazon site clearly mentions they will not offer this.

            • @DisabledUser136740: Ah sorry, I should have realised you were referring to Amazon as per the deal. I should have said "Bose offer a 90-night, risk-free trial".

              • @ak47wong: No worries all good :)
                Even still $300 is outa budget for me. I probably have to stick to chemist earplugs LOL!

  • This reminded me I had the sleep buds v1 which are very comfortable. Have recently had the battery issue, just jumped on the website to log the fault and website says they'll send me the V2 as replacement.

  • Anyone if JBHIFI will price match?

  • I bought these for my wife and she didn't like that it as it plays sounds to block out noise and doesn't have any ANC.

    Her preference is something that does ANC only. The Airpod Pro's were great, but the battery doesn't last 7 hours and when it gets low on battery, the super loud low battery sound it makes wakes her up.

  • Had gen 1 but returned due to battery issues

    I have tinnitus and these helped

    Alternative solution that has worked for me was getting a sound machine from Marpac dohm for 100$ really good machine.

    I also had some google home speakers that I tried to get to play white noise / Raine noises / thunderstorm noises at night. To my surprise it also worked similar to the Marpac.

    Tl;Dr - google home devices can double as sound machines and are a good alternative

  • +1

    Thanks for the post and discussions. As a shift worker, I currently use a sleep mask, ear buds and have google home playing rain sounds. But my partner in the same room hates the ambient sounds.

    Have bought off Bose for a trial and will return and buy from Amazon in the next 12 days if it works out. Too many variable comments from fellow side sleepers raise enough doubt for me to not jump in without right of return.

    Thanks again!

  • +1

    I was able to get 20% off two pairs of Sleepbuds II after chatting to Bose via their Whatsapp function. This effectively brought the price down to $303.96 for one which was worth it for me given the 90 Day trial that Bose offers. Hope this helps.

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