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Crucial M4 SSD 128GB $151.17 AUD @ Amazon.com Inc Shipping


This is the cheapest the 128 has ever been and the equal cheapest the 256 has been. I know some people are sick of seeing these, but this really is a bargain.

Updated to show shipped AUD pricing rather than USD without shipping.

Update: 256GB has increased in price but the 128GB has dropped again by 99c to $149US flat. I've removed the 256 from the description and adjusted the price of the 128 in AUD to reflect the shift.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Should be GB not MB.

    Good deal and thanks for posting.

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      Indeed, I got the first one right, muffed the second. Fixed.

      • You were too excited to tell ozbargain! Good on ya

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      How the M4 is made, DEFINITELY worth a look.

  • Was just in the process of putting this in the forums as people are complaining about it popping up in the Deals section all the time. Beat me by that [-] much….Wish I had listened to myself and waited a little longer as I'm still waiting for the CD-caddy to arrive so I can install it.

    • +8

      I was in two minds about posting because of the few that complain but I've always appreciated the previous posts. Had it just been an equally low price I wouldn't have bothered but 149.99 is an all time low so I figured it was worth a mention.

  • looks to be an additional $6.45 for standard shipping, which brings the total in AUD to $152

  • This is the break price for me :)

  • Anyone know what the performance of two of these 128GB in a raid 0 would be like compared to a single 256GB Sandforce drive?

    • -3

      Pfffft, just get 2 of the 256GB ones and raid them.

      • +7

        Pfft just get 4 of the 512Gb ones while you're at it

        • -2

          Pft, such bigshot's… why not wait and get 8 of the upcoming 1024GB ones

    • It would probably be pretty similar. It would be a huge amount more reliable as well.

      • +1

        IIRC, Raid 0 is striping, which would be theoretically twice as fast, but if you lose one drive the other will not retain any data either, therefore doubling the risk.
        You are thinking of RAID 1, in which the disks are mirrored, creating a backup if one drive is to fail.

        To answer your question, yes two drives in RAID 0 would be faster, but IMO not worth the effort of setup and the additional risk involved.

        • +1

          No I think he meant 2 Crucial SSDs, even in RAID0, are more reliable than 1 Sandforce.

        • Yeah sorry, I probably didn't make it clear enough. You are right stumo, I was implying that the Crucials, even in RAID 0, would be more reliable than a Sandforce drive.

  • +14

    I'll let all you guys squabble amongst yourselves, in the mean time I'm going to buy one of these and I thank the OP for posting the deal because I otherwise would not have bought one.

    • +1

      Grrr, I bought one too. I'm not sure whether that's a :-) or :-(. Thanks anyway, OP.

      • I haven't completed checkout yet… still tossing up between 128 or 256, but by lunch time I will have placed an order one way or the other.

        • Don't leave it too long, prices at Amazon can change multiple times a day. You'll kick yourself if you miss out, but then again it'll probably be $5 cheaper next week anyway.

          Checking statice, they seem to have dropped in au, many under $200 for the 128 which wasn't the case a couple weeks back when I last checked.

  • +3

    The price is constantly fluctuating, and this is the cheapest it's ever been.
    That's a deal to me. This is a great price!

  • +1

    What is so wrong with seeing these posts if the price is different? Give some sound reasoning or just can it and don't bother clicking on it. FFS!

    I'm in the market for 256GB - others are too and appreciate seeing the price drop.

  • +1

    OzBargain is where people get to vote on what constitutes a bargain. The Crucial M4 posts show that the majority think that it is definitely a bargain. It's idiotic that on each of these posts, there are people whining about how many Crucial M4 deals there are. Obviously people are finding the deals useful therefore the positive votes and obviously you're wrong about it not being a bargain from the overwhelmingly negative votes on your comments. Take the hint.

    Let it go, guys. Stop MOD CENSORED-ing complaining on the Crucial deals. Just ignore them if you think they're that much of an anti-bargain. P.S. I censored myself. It's less insulting than compared to when a mod does it (in a free society). :D

    • +2

      The number of complaints also show there are plenty of people who are sick of seeing these Crucial M4 posts when they're hardly any different from each other. If it was a different store each time, it might not be so bad. But we really don't need to update everyone with Amazon's latest price every week.

      • +4

        My point is that it's futile to complain about how many Crucial deals there are considering that each deal has a dropped price and is obviously useful to some people. If it's not a deal for you, ignore it. It's just as idiotic as me going to all the free iOS app deals every day and complaining that I don't have an iPhone. That deal wasn't for me. But it's obviously useful to others as is this deal. Yes, it's the same product but it's at a reduced price. I don't see the problem.

        I know what you're going to say. They are all different apps but to me they are all iOS apps that I cannot benefit from because I don't own any iOS devices. So all those posts are exactly the same to me but I don't complain about it because many people do have iOS devices that benefit from those deals being posted.

        • +3

          Enough with all the issues whether or not this should be posted.

          If you really have an issues REPORT the deals (No point now, but in future this is the way to deal with this)

          Also if you are THAT concerned start a thread in the forums, that way everyone can have their say, and you'll probably get somewhere on this. Buried in this thread is pointless

          Any further discussion here will be treated as offtopic

          BTW the IOS analogy is stretching a bit. This drive works with all OS

        • +4

          The problem is that at what point does this site turn from OzBargain into StaticIce or ShopBot? As I said before, hardware goes down in price all the time. If we started posting every price drop for all hardware the front page would be flooded with it and nothing else.

  • Do they come with brackets or you need to buy them separately?

    • +1

      doesn't come with brackets

    • +1

      Need to buy them separately. I think Amazon has the brackets as well.

      • Are brackets universal? Can I say, use a OCZ bracket on the Crucial M4?

        • I would think so. 2.5" SSDs are of similar dimensions so a bracket for the OCZ one should fit the Crucial one. I know that sounds ambiguous but I can't say "definitely" unless I've tried it myself. Some reviewers are saying it does fit if you're talking about this bracket. Here's the comment

        • Yep. I have the 128g crucial and I have an OCZ bracket. They are all the same I believe.

    • If you can, just get some double sided tape and stick 'er down.

      • I used 3M medium sized velcro strips (for hanging picture frames to walls) with mine :)

  • I paid 295.99 delivered last week for the 256GB so this is infact more expensive.

  • +1

    Ahh really good stuff…I literally bought this one yesterday for 324 AUD incl delivery…dammit lol

  • Thanks. Finally broke down and bought one. Also grabbed a Silverstone bracket as it was only ~ $10 shipped.

    • Got the same bracket myself. Seemed to have the best reviews and it worked perfectly.

  • Thanks op. will keep watching these price drops with interest. I might even b ready to buy one :) and yeah I would recommend some good double sided tape to stick it on if u dont have brackets. That's what I have done b4 and it worked just fine.

    • I'm sure these are one of those 'new technology' things and the price will drop over time, by the end of the year $150 might seem too much for the 128Gb. I wonder why only the crucial brand can be shipped to Oz?
      If you don't need one urgently, just stick one into your wishlist and if there's a price change they'll indicate it.

  • cant put this off any longer. or can i

  • I bought a 64gb M4 from Umart last week for $120, would have bought this but I needed it ASAP, and I also think I'd prefer a local warranty.

    • +1

      I doubt the local warranty will be much faster if there's any issue with the drive. As it's feather light, sending to the US will be quite cheap.

      • +2

        cost almost $20 registered to the US

        • But with the Australian warranty from the local stores, in most cases after 1 year you have to send it back to the US yourself anyway. Same goes for the old school HD's too (western digital for example make you send a faulty drive back to the US).

  • +1

    just bought one :)

  • whats the postage like with amazon.

    • Pretty good considering how far they have to send it - $6.45. I couldn't send one of these across town for that let alone half way round the world.

      Should take less than 10 days to arrive unless you're in the middle of nowhere.

    • didn't the title say "incl shipping"?

      • The price in the title includes the shipping cost of $6.45

        So for example the 128GB drive is $149.99 plus $6.45 shipping = $152.13 as stated in the title


  • Has anybody had a problem shipping to Australia?
    "We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order. "

    • +1

      Yeah I got that with my PO Box. You'll have to use a street address.

      • Cheers, worked got a 256GB on the way

        • I chickened out and went for the 128, knew I would regret that.

        • you can still log into Amazon and cancel the order - then place a new order for the other drive. they are quite flexible up until the point it ships [even then I think you can refuse delivery - but you end up paying shipping?]

  • +1

    Given some people will have already received theirs from previous posts, what's the shipping time like?

    • +1

      Mine took just over a week to arrive, so fairly quick. They offer tracking on the Amazon website, but if you manually check the tracking you can get more precise movements. It will likely be left in your mailbox, no signature required.

      I also wanted to point out for the people who are purchasing brackets, make sure you actually require it before purchasing. Some cases allow you to install a SSD without any extra bracket (eg. My Fractal R3 HDD mounts contain holes to screw in an SSD)

    • Would agree with above - think mine took 6-7 days, was surprised how quick it arrived.

      • Amazon's transport and tracking system is pretty amazing. From the moment I placed the order, it took them less than 2 weeks to have the box delivered across the world to me (Sydney).

        It took 7 working days for a retailer to post a tiny memory card to me. And that wasn't interstate - just across Sydney!

    • ordered 18th feb, arrived today (28th).

      Very impressive (except for the fact that auspost left it on my front porch, unattended in full view from the street. Lucky I got it at all)

  • Ahhh, I'm waiting for the 64GB version to drop to 80 USD again…. then, then I will pounce.

  • Unfortunately 256GB SSD Has gone back up to $323.99 + P&H 128GB Still at $149.99 + P&H

    My experience from buying the SSD from Amazon, is the same as timhn, around 2 weeks to be delivered safe and sound!

    • Yep, 256GB has gone up but oddly the 128GB has dropped 99c to $149USD, a new all time low.

      • +4

        Quick someone post a new deal!

      • The M4 price drops hints that there might be an M5 coming out soon. Still, it's a good and reliable SSD and for those who aren't too fussed about not having the fastest one out there.

  • M5 will be out soon, be careful.

    • If by "be careful" you mean don't buy the m5 until it has been field proven as a reliable ssd like the m4 has, then I agree with you.

      The biggest problem with ssds is reliability, not the last few MB/s to put it at the top of he latest benchmarks.

      • Good call. Given these are stretching the limits if SATA3 (6 Gbs) I can't see them getting any faster without going to SATA4 or PCIe. Not sure what more a "M5" can offer in terms of speed. And reliability, well, these M4s are pretty good as they are.

  • I couldn't resist any more. 512Gb Crucial SSD ordered from Amazon. Price is decent enough, and a $1.08 exchange rate is icing on the cake.

  • got it for $148.82, exchange rate of my CC was better than what Amazon was offering