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[Back Order] Quest Chocolate Brownie Protein Bars 12x 60g $9.48 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Quest Chocolate Brownie Flavoured Protein Bar 12 Pack X 60g $9.48 ($8.53 S&S)

Note: Now on back order. Sub & Save price no longer offered.

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  • +4

    Reviews are fairly negative on Amazon, anyone tried them?

    Still personally think BSC bars are the best by a long way.

    • +1

      I've tried the Cookie Dough and the Birthday Cake ones and I quite like them but I have to admit they still have that protein bar taste. But they have less sugar than BSC

    • +1

      The BSC ones unlike most the Quest ones don't have artificials such as sucralose. Agreed, they also taste a whole lot better too. Quest bars are very hard to bite and become too chewy. The BSC taste like your having a normal twix bar.

      • If eating at home, microwave for 5-10 secs to soften. Remove the foil wrapping first =).

      • Also, BsC is full of soy protein. Quest are milk and whey proteins.

    • Yeah this one is below average. Doesn't taste too bad after microwaving. It's just a bit bland and textureless. Bought a box though because of the price :)

  • matching woolies price

  • +3

    Nice find, great price!

    Yep, Woolies have only this same flavour heavily discounted at 79c also: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/473741/que...

    • nothing around my area, wish they would deliver at that price

  • Will try the microwave method

    • what does this method accomplish? I never heard of it but I assuming you add ice-cream or something and melt it all together?

      • +1

        Why would you assume that?

        • +6

          Because that's what I assumed….

          • @eltito: It's just a weird thing to assume. The microwave method is to put it in the microwave for like 8 seconds to heat up the bar. Don't need to add ice cream or butter.

      • thanks i might give this a try..

  • not sweet enough for my liking.

    • +2

      The bars you call "sweeter" and matching the macros of this bar will likely have really bad sweeteners that you shouldn't be eating, or will get processed by your body as sugar anyway.

      • i'm a runner.
        need carbs

        • +1

          So this probably isn't the food for you then.

  • OOS

    • +1

      Can back order

      • How?

        • It is now definitely out of stock. When I wrote the above comment it said delivery in 2-4 weeks, with the option to backorder.

  • I don't know what happened to Quest, but used to absolutely love them, now they give me epic stomach cramps after eating them.

    • Same but I wasn't aware of any change in ingredients so not sure whether there was.

    • +4

      You're getting old.

    • nah it's been blocking me up for years.

  • I have tried most of the quest bars, and this one is probably my least favourite. But it is very cheap for what it is!

  • +1

    Worst flavour. Microwaving makes it just bearable to consume

  • Will these get me shredded?

    • +1

      may be if you microwave them and eat them with icecream

      • ok thanks, will try. Bought 7 packs!

  • Best deal

  • I have tried the donut and its disgusting, has some who holds the same opinion on the donut flavour tell me what they think about this one?

  • I personally don't like quest bars, but everyone's different

    • -3

      but everyone's different

      Identical twins aren't…

  • These taste nice when microwaved and added to ice cream.

  • Whats the benefit of these protein bars ?

    • +1

      You need like 2g of protein for every KG and be slightly over normal calories to build muscle beyond beginner stage.
      Basically these bars for people who have been going to a gym for atleast 1 year to boost daily protein. But Atkins and some other brands are aimed at dieting also.

  • I have tried all of the flavors, the only one I re-order and regularly eat are the Double Choc Chunk ones.

    This Choc Brownie is the worst - it is very, very dry and bland.

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