Bombarded with Spam Calls

Recently had a dispute with a small business regarding a purchase.

About a week and a half later I started getting bombarded with calls. Was averaging about 30 a day. Ignored them at first until it became clear they weren’t stopping.

Turns out my mobile number had been signed up to virtually every charity, service provider, call back form etc in Australia.

Most popular names I was signed up under seemed to be Jay, Gee and Jai 😀.

All callers were legit businesses / call centres and all were apologetic and removed my number after I explained what was happening.

Still get a few ones, but nothing like before.

The timing is probably pure coincidence, but thought I'd post in case anyone ever has something similar and wants to compare notes.


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    Sign their number up then

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      return fire!!!!

    • There was a biological reason for the secret smiles at the punishment of another. Scientists have found that revenge really is sweet, that it activates the same part of the brain — the reward centre — that fires up when someone reaches for a hunk of premium chocolate or a glass of fine red wine.

      Both sides get the rewards.

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    Now i'm intrigued what was the dispute concerning?

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    The owner is actually really stupid to start something like this. For a private individual, they can change their number and not provide those details again. When revenge comes calling, it's so much more effort to change the contact details for a business. And even if they do, the whole thing can be repeated again with their new contact details… again and again! Business depends on being contactable by the public so they can't exactly hide their number.

    Since it's about to turn into an all-out-war, might as well tell us who it is and the rest of the story…. haha 😆

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    Tell us their number so we can call them.

  • How do you know it's the business? Hard to proof

    • Totally agree. There’s no proof and it could be pure coincidence.

      I can’t think of anyone else I’ve annoyed recently , but maybe someone else was biding their time 😄

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    I've put 0400 000 000 down on iselect a few times. Sorry if that's your number

    • That's the same number I use to fill in webforms! Especially for websites that make you fill out all the details before they calculate shipping costs!

      Feel sorry for whoever has that number!

      • or 0412 345 678

        • hey! that's my number

  • So who else is getting bombarded with SMS texts of Voicemail message to visit "xxxxxxxxx"
    A common virus related to Android phones
    Driving me mad as I receive 4-5 every day (and night)

    • Does it happen when you put the sim in an iPhone?

      What does this have to do with Android?

      • Does it happen when you put the sim in an iPhone?

        Yes you will still receive the text, but wont be part of the botnet unless you're jailbroken and there is a virus adapted for iPhone.

        What does this have to do with Android?

        Some people enable "install from unknown sources" enabled or have their phone rooted which allows unsigned apps and scripts to be installed. These sometime contain malware.

        As long as you don't root or jailbreak your device, you'll be fine.

        • Yes you will still receive the text, but wont be part of the botnet unless…

          Do you mean install the malware?

          You realise you can (with no exploits) provide applications to iOS devices signed with a 7 day - 1 year expiry, no need to jailbreak?

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            @deme: So since the initial target was for android the links sent should only be APK.

            You realise you can (with no exploits) provide applications to iOS devices signed with a 7 day - 1 year expiry, no need to jailbreak?

            Don't you need an apple ID with a verified DUNS to do that?
            Only other way is via Profile installation that accepts the certificate.

    • yep welcome to flu-bot

    • yep and google tells me 'flubot'

  • Crimestoppers, this time I'm not joking it's a serious offence to use a carriage service to menace, harass or cause.

    Report it as it becomes intel, imagine if the cops see a bunch of reports where this happens and old mate you pissed off is the commonality?

  • Actually just got a call from another charity. Signed up under the name Joe this time.

    Didn’t realise it was past 7pm or I would have asked why they are calling this late.

    Appreciate the interest in this , but I can’t name the business as it could be an honest coincidence.

    I really just want this thread as an archive in case someone else has the same issue in the future.

    If there was a connection then at that point I’d be reporting the issue to police.

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    How did they sign you up? Asking for a friend

  • Spam calls from legit Australian businesses are very easy to stop.

    Just sign up your number to the Do Not Call Register:

    Legit Australian business will always try to stay on the right side of the law, and won't call you if your number is on the register.

  • Been signed up for a long time.
    Never had an issue until know. My understanding is they can’t randomly call, but if my number is being put down , handed out etc , then they can call.

    I’ll double check the register to make sure my number is still there.

    Edit: my number is still on there. Charities can still call you even if you’re listed , 80% of my calls were from charities.

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