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adidas Performance Ultraboost 21 Cloud White & Grey $103.99 (Was $259.99) + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $130 Order) @ Hype DC


The Ultraboost 21s are OOS, but the Ultraboost DNAs are not.

Ultra good price for adidas Ultraboost 21s, $103.99. Sizes 7-12 used to be in stock, seems like the smaller sizes are the only ones available now. Other adidas Ultraboost 21s like the black colourway and the DNAs that are on sale ($90.99 for the DNAs (and some of the Ultraboost 21 colourways), also different sizes in stock):

adidas Ultraboost DNA CC_1 Cloud White Screaming Orange

adidas Ultraboost DNA CC_1 Cloud White Core Black

adidas Ultraboost DNA CC_1 Cloud White

adidas Ultraboost DNA CC_1 Cloud White Scarlet Core Black

adidas Performance Ultraboost 5.0 DNA

Since I may not have listed everything, here's the product list for all the Ultraboosts.

Womens' Ultraboosts are also on sale for the same price.

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  • +3

    Ultraboost 21 in triple black also for $103 only full sizes from 9 and below though.

  • +8

    i'll wait for the Ultraboost RNA

    • +9

      Is Adidas making vaccine now?

  • +1

    NMD_R1s are also on sale, though they're only available in the smaller sizes. Here's the black one.

  • +2

    $10 shipping cost though…free if you spend $130+

    2.8% cash back with Cashrewards too

  • +1

    Since when does everyone have large feet 🤬

    • +1

      The average foot size is somewhere in between US8-11. Maybe you just have smaller feet.

      • +2

        I'm size 13, and it's always sold out.

  • As a person who doesn't know anything about runners, what's so special about Ultraboosts/NMD's etc?

    • +1

      Considered to be very comfortable, and they are. I own a pair and I use them everyday (well, used to when I got out of the house more often).

    • Theyre soft af. running feels amazing on them compared to other shoes

    • Ultraboost come with an insole so feel super comfy.

      NMD dont have come with an insole so dont feel as comfortable but usually have better designs.

  • +1

    Bought a pair of Ultraboost last year and I've never had better shoes. Do your feet a favor

  • Kayano or this?

    • I personally prefer the look of the Ultraboosts, but that's probably slightly biased since I own a pair. Haven't tried the Asic Kayanos.

    • +1

      For running I'd say kayanos, but for daily wearing comfort & arguably style Ultraboost 100% I can only speak for the DNAs & UB20s though. I've worn kayanos for years and UBs were noticibly more comfy but they aren't as hard wearing. Hope that helps a little lol

    • kayanos are a running shoe. ultraboosts are a lifestyle shoe that you can also run in.

  • Are the sizings of the UB21 same as UB20s? I'm size 10 with the UB20s.

  • -2

    So much hate for poor Puma which was for $10.50 bucks. And this thing here is king 😕

    • so cheeeeep

    • +1

      that colour tho

  • +1

    They don't do half sizes or they're out of stock?

    • I don't think they do half sizes, otherwise it would have been greyed out on the site instead of disappearing completely.

      • +1

        Seems they do on the adidas site so looks like hypedc not holding them

    • Yeah Hype and Platypus never do half sizes so I never bother with them anymore. So I only ever buy from Adidas AU themselves as they have good sales or from OS for better colourways.

  • Why are ultraboosts so popular?

    • +2

      Very comfortable shoes, look good too (subjective). I own a pair of the previous gen Ultraboost 20s and they live up to the hype, at least in my opinion.

  • I find the Ultraboost 20's a lot more comfortable than the 21's.. the 21's are okay, but the 20's hit the sweet spot for me. The missus also agrees with me (for once) - edit: I own both shoes, so it wasn't just trying on the 21's at the store..

    • That's what youtube says as well. I think the climacool version they have on sale is a variation of Ultraboost 20.

    • I still got a new pair of UB 19 in black sitting in a box too, in a half size ;). Personally think they look better but don't need anymore to be honest. Good price but that heel looks chunky on the 21. Probably good for heel strike, just don't know if the drop is a lot more on all These new ones.

  • +2

    Just bought a pair of whites. Good find. Ultraboost 21 in all white are rarely this cheap.

    • +1

      True, I'm surprised most sizes were even in stock.

    • Yeah just pulled the trigger the white will be nice to wear for summer

  • some ultraboost 4 dna says discounted and others (also ub 4 dna) not, so are they the same shoe?

    • -1

      Yeah, they are the same shoe. I don't know why Hype DC did that, but only some shoes come up as Discounted, even if others are actually discounted too.

  • I take an 11 in K-Mart shoes, have no idea what sizing would be for good shoes :)

  • I get that Ultraboost are very comfortable for running. But do you wear them as regular wear as well or just for running.
    White looks good but I think it will look dirty if used for running only.

    • yes great for walking/casual as well
      Just noticed shopback has 20% off adidas store, may be some deals there

  • -1

    How is it compare to: ZX 1K BOOST 79% Off $34.99

    Googled some reviews seems to suggest ZX 1K BOOST is good enough for non regular runners where as Ultraboost is design for hardcore runners and less comfortable as everyday shoes

    • I've worn ultra boost religiously for 3 or so years now, and I can tell you that it is most likely more comfortable than the ZK (although I haven't tried them). I think the ZK might be similar to the NMD design, which was super uncomfortable.

  • I have several pairs of ultraboost 4 and 19. I feel that the size of ultraboost is running small so I have to go up from my regular size us 9 to 10 which is very comfortable. Can someone comment if ultraboost 21 has the same size as previous generations? I tried to go up half size previously on 19 but was feeling still too tight. Thanks

  • +1

    Wearing the UB 21's now. Most comfortable shoe I've ever owned.

    • oh really

  • The Hype website states the The Ultraboost 21 are Womens.

    Is it a unisex product? I am men's size 9. Should I just order size 10 women?

    • +1

      It isn't a unisex product, there are men's Ultraboost 21s and there are women's Ultraboost 21s.

      • +1

        Thank you for the prompt response! ordering one now! Yay

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Placed the order.

    I have the DNA CC ultra bosst and have been using it for two years. They are the best comfy shoes i have purchased. I paid full price for them!

    Today paying 60% off for the performance 21 makes me feel lit!!!


  • "To our customers, our 30 day returns and exchanges policy remains as is, but we won't count the days our stores are closed.", does that mean if they don't fit, I can return the shoes when the stores open again if I ordered online?

  • +1

    I bought a pair. They are rather heavy.
    They do feel soft though.

  • pure white is a dangerous choice

    • True, but if they stay clean (not walking through mud with them), they look amazing

      • yeah, but I want black, or the dna ones, look much better

        • I'll bet they'll all go on sale some time soon. Since it's such a popular shoe, they go on sale pretty frequently across different websites.

          • @CrispyChrispy: yeah i think dna is much cooler looking, but maybe doesn't perform as well.

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