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Sonos Roam $237.15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Fairly new product 15% off RRP.
Was looking for one myself.
Not the cheapest since its release.
Hope it helps someone.

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  • Also 4% cashback.

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    while the Sonos fans will be blinded and love this little speaker I was really disappointed with it (especially when reviews were good). Sure it has all the sonos compatibility and is well made but in terms of sound it's not omnidirectional like most of it's competitors and sounds quite tinny and lacks mid range, even when adjusting the equalizer. My advice is try before you buy or like me spend you money on one of the competitors and save yourself some money

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      I understand that this is a personal preference, but I'm curious to know what you would recommend.

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        Yeah, besides apple, is there any other brand/product that uses wifi instead of bluetooth?

      • well I was 'upgrading' from a JBL Link Portable, which I purchased having tested based on its great reviews and while it does have good sound, over time they suffer from charging and connection issues so have been discontinued. I haven't replaced the Roam yet but have narrowed it down to either a Bose Revolve (which now have smart assistant) or the non portable Harman Karman Citation. I should add that I want a smart speaker but have also now got an echo dot connected to my amp & stereo system which is great.

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      I love Sonos, and have 2x Roam's and I'm disappointed with them.
      They are pretty good but 100% agree that they sound a bit tinny.
      Also yes you can pair them to be stereo left + right however that only works over wifi and not Bluetooth like other ones do.
      + when you pair them as stereo and one power off the stereo connection breaks and doesn't come back. So you charge them back up and need to go back into the Sonos app to re-connect them as a pair.
      Oh and when running in a pair AirPlay doesn't work and stutters a lot so the only way you can get music to come out of them reliably is via the sonos app.

      Overall, I'm glad I didn't pay money for them and just got them with Qantas points.
      If I had paid money for them I would have been dissapointed.

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      I have a few of the Sonos speakers and I also have Dynaudio surround setup. I agree definitely lacks midrange but I don't think they're tinny at all, quite the opposite, I reckon they're very boomy. I find myself having to increasing the treble and lowering the bass.

      • I tried dynaudio on and off, I had to set the bass up high & reduce the treble so I guess it's down to location & sound preference

  • Cool stuff. Ordered 1.

  • Win I’ve been waiting for this to be on sale.

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