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ESR Kickstand Case for iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Mini, Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21+, S20, Note 20 Ultra, Pixel 4 from $8.74 Posted @ ESR Gear


Hey Ozbargainers, ESR is offering 60% off on one of the most popular case styles – Metal Kickstand, a case features a sturdy metal kickstand that can be used to prop up your phone both horizontally and vertically, for select phones.

It’s freely adjustable up to 60 degrees, giving you the right angle for all your viewing needs.

Further, you can wirelessly charge your phone without taking off the case. It’s available in clear and black.

Please apply promo code ESRTAR12 at checkout to get the prices of the case for select phone models. Shipping is free, enjoy!

Google Pixel 4 - $8.74 (was $21.84)

iPhone 11 Pro - $9.3 (was $23.24)

iPhone 12 Mini - $11.2 (was $27.99)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - $11.2 (was $27.99)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus - $11.2 (was $27.99)

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - $10.63 ($26.59)

Samsung Galaxy S20 (non 5G) - $11.2 (was $27.99)

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  • Can you include Galaxy S10 Metal Kickstand Case and provide code for this as well?

    • Thanks for the interest! I'm doing my best to get a discount for you ; )

      • Flossy says your company is just a Knick knack company in his S21 Ultra review. What does this mean: https://youtu.be/N76KfDAZlm0

        • Where in the video ?

        • My wife has the ESR stand case for the s20 ultra and it’s fantastic. Much better and sturdier than most other cases out there.

    • +1

      60% off code esrtar12 for S10 kickstand

      • +1

        Hi rep, is there any way for the S10+ Kickstand too? 😊😊😊 We've got an S10 and S10+ and would love to get both!

      • Hi rep, did you manage to apply it for the S10+ please? :)

        • If I select the S10+ case it says it is $13.99 plus $6 shipping.

          Then when go to pay the price jumps to $19.59 plus $9.80 shipping :/

      • Sorry mind posting the link?

        Also, will the normal s10 cases fit the s10 5G model?

    • +1

      Any chance you could include the s21 also?

  • hi @ESR Gear,

    I am in need of a sturdy bump corners, deep cover (i.e. have a lip / edge for putting on a screen protector and not raise above the phone protector edges).

    for an iPhone 11.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, hope you find one you are interested in. Thanks!

      • Hi @ESR Gear,

        If only - wishful thinking…

        fusion of iPhone 11 Fusion Shield 360 Case
        iPhone 11 Metal Kickstand Case

        with raised edges to protect the phone edges, and
        with the kickstand,

        ULTIMATE best combo.

        just saying… (perhaps you can get these made from your supplier)…

  • Any chance of getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max Metal Kickstand Case included please?

  • Dont forget 8.40% Cashrewards.

  • -1

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra(esrgear.com) - $11.19 (was $27.99)

    Works out to be $11.20 after applying the promo, not trying to be cheap, but a cent is a cent!

    • +1

      Well as a member of OzB, you're expected to raise these questions :)

    • Edited

  • I have the 12 Mini case translucent ESR case and the kickstand is incredibly useful. Prefer it to Pop Socket as I can prop up my phone in both landscape AND portrait - most only allow you to do one. It also charges wirelessly, though needs more fiddling as the magneticism isn't as strong because of the case. I wish ESR would allow a cut out or thinner back material to improve wireless placement as you only really need thick protection near the corners.

    • +1

      Great suggestion! Forwarded to the product team. Thank you!

      • With wireless charging, every millimetre counts! A bumper like Rhinoshield's would be great too as the back is completely uncovered, but even just thinning out the material around the charging coils so it's just scratch resistant and nothing more eg almost a screen-protector thickness…I'd love that.

  • Anything for S21+?

  • +2

    I’ve got one of these on my iPhone XR. Fantastic case. Can recommend it. Case and stand working fine after 2 years. Reckon I’ve dropped my phone 50+ times and it still doesn’t show any damage!

  • Can you please include 11 pro max case in deal?

  • +2

    Any cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3?

    • Interested as well as I don’t want to pay $50+ for a Spigen

  • Hi all, we just launched a new promo with 25% off for all items (exclude sales items), please use code esrgood8

    • +1

      It will be wonderful to have a kickstand for S21 ultra s pen case.

      • Agree. With this case my spen investment will be a waste. I would love to buy spen kickstand case.

        • Anyways i bought one and hope it comes soon. Cheers

  • Could we include Pixel 4XL into this deal? 🙏

  • Any kickstand cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G?

    Can’t find it ESR website.

  • Nothing for s21?

  • Any chance of adding the iPhone 11?

  • +1

    For those asking, I’m guessing they won’t be applying the larger discount to other cases as the Rep posted a 25% off code above which applies to everything else not listed, excluding sale items.

    It’s a shame as I would have liked one for my 11 Pro Max but not for $20.

  • Thanks. Exactly what I've been looking for, for my S20 (clear with kick stand). Grabbed 2

  • Any chance of getting the ESRTAR12 code applied to S20 Plus?

    The case looks interesting but I'm not going to pay $24 bucks for it (shipped).

  • Be aware that these are being shipped from China. I had mistakenly assumed this was local stock.

    My Auspost tracking indicates the shipping label was generated on Saturday but that it hasn't been sent yet.

    May be in for a long wait…

    These may be dropped shipped from AliExpress - can see them with free shipping for around $7 USD on there:



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