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[Afterpay] KitchenAid 4.8l Artisan Stand Mixer KSM150 $649 (RRP $899) Delivered @ KitchenAid


Looks like the site has 15-30% off on most items

Edit: bad maths

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    How do these compare to Smeg? Also appreciate even with 20% off this seems more expensive than I’ve seen this brand before?

    • KitchenAid have made stand mixers longer than Smeg have and have far more attachments, too.

    • You might have seen the mini version of the blenders which looked too small, so we went for the larger version - they are absolutely fantastic! I've just gotten the kitchenaid grater/slider accessory to add to it, and it just makes life so much easier.

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    I think the KSM160 at Peters of Kensington eBay for $630.65 delivered with the AfterPay coupon is a much better buy at the moment given the extra bowl and pour guard it comes with:

    • I recommend getting a KSM160, essentially the same mixer with extras, the extras are really useful. If you don't want to use AfterPay it's $693.49 (Free shipping) on Beme and if you apply shop back (4%) it brings it down to $665.75.

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        got it from TGG $619 (KSM160) with their current promotion but limited colour choices.
        i forgot to use 5% giftcard discount so if you remember to use it, bring it down to approx $580

    • How come I cant get $630.95? is there any other coupons other than AFPYDY15?

      • Sorry, Why can't I get $619 from TGG and how do yu get 5% giftcards? Please help..

        • 3% off on TGG GCs is available at Macquarie Online Banking

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    Looking at some past deals, I'm holding off for something closer to $550-570 for the KSM160.

    • I still can't work out if Kenwood or KitchenAid better long term.

      Particularly in relation to pasta and bread making and accessory cost (pasta shaper / cutter)

      • I’ve had both and got rid of the Kenwood and replaced it with Kitchenaid and will never go back. But that is just my personal preference.

      • Tough choice for dough.

        The KitchenAid has a limit of about 1.1kg, whereas Kenwoods are typically around 2kg.

        If you stick to that limit, the KitchenAid will last you much longer than the Kenwood - they are far better quality.

        If you really aren't happy with the limitation, then Kenwood will do the trick, but expect to replace it much sooner.

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    I just got the KSM160 for $619 today until tomorrow Fri 20/08/2021 for $619 with their 15% code "AUG1015" BUT selected colour.
    i tried to price match with kitchenaid in the purpose of getting more colour choices but kitchenaid refused to price-match with their business partner.


    • got from … ?

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        Sorry for the missing information :)

        • Hope you didn't forget to buy using 5% off discounted gift cards, that brings it down to ~ $580 for KSM160

          • @skdreams: too late, i forgot :(
            lesson learnt

            picked it up today, so heavy though.
            not yet used it but i will soon do something with it.

    • Doesnt accept AUG1015 for me why?? I am trying to get the empire red

      • applies only to 20/08/2021.
        it was expired when you attempted.

  • HN have lower starting prices than this so the KSM160 is $636.65 with EXTRA15. Maybe I should just post it.

    • This didn't work for me either :(

  • I picked up the below for $449 from GG. In NSW you may need to call stores direct to check stock as website lists none.

    • That's a different model to the one in the OP though. Less power for one which is why it's cheaper.

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    300 Watt motor is laughable. Do yourself a favor and buy a Kenwood

  • For KSM160 - TGG has 10% off at the moment, and with click&collect - another $100 giftcard?

  • Further discount through using AMEX - "Save the offer to your eligible Card and get 15% credit, each time you spend at participating brands including KitchenAid"

    • Not if you use Afterpay to pay

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