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[PS4] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY - $15.59 @ PlayStation Store


Game of the Year Edition includes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all 16 DLCs, and 2 Expansion Packs: Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine

Will eventually include a PS5 upgrade sometime in the future.

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    Roach keeps galloping over 6 years.

  • Is the upgrade to PS5 free?

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      Last i read; everyone who already owns the witcher 3 will get the next gen upgrade.

      • I thought they would definitely try to resell it as a PS5 version. But that's awesome if it will be a free upgrade. Not sure I could play through the whole thing all over again. I had over 200 hours on it by the time I was done.

    • yup. apparently so

    • Yep.

  • Exceptional game.

  • bought this on ps4, just sitting there! Looking forward to playing it soon, once I get a PS5.

    • It's pretty good on PS4 but load times on PS4 and PS5, with SSD aren't ideal.

      It's very good TBH.

      • Does the game still hold up?

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          Without question, this is my first playthrough - I started on PS4 Pro about a year ago but I game sporadically (Married)

          It's very very good and it's a slow burn. Starts ok, then good, then great, then amazing and still gets better.
          Give it 8 hours minimum it'll click and you'll love it.

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    Ahhhh, Gwent - Wild Hunt. Great game

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    Still so hard to believe what happened to CDPR.. loved both Witcher 2 and 3.. and Cyberpunk 🙃