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Dad & Dave's 24x Belgian IPA + 24x Pilsner 375ml Cans - 2 Cartons for $100 Delivered (Was $144) @ Dad N Dave's Brewing


Another week, another deal from Dad & Dave's!

Recieve 1 carton each of Dad & Dave’s Belgian IPA and Pilsner for just $100 DELIVERED



  • 24x375ml Belgian IPA
  • 24x375ml Pilsner

Belgian IPA

Dad & Dave’s English-style IPA, brewed with Saison yeast to give the beer a pepper-like clove aroma. Smooth, malty & mild this is the IPA for IPA lovers and non-lovers alike.

Dad & Dave’s Pilsner

Dad & Dave’s take on the classic Czech pilsner. This pilsner has a fantastic crisp malt body, and an herbaceous lingering yet light bitterness, making it the perfect session beer for those warm afternoons.

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  • anybody got any reviews?

    • +4

      The pilsner is pretty ordinary. I like it. For reference: I prefer Pilsner Urquell.

  • I just drank the Belgian yesterday. It's more bitter than I expected, but I like it. Going to try the pils today

    • More bitter compared to which other IPA?

  • Any upcoming deals on stout? Thanks

  • +1

    Just wanted to say, that Oak & Whiskey Porter from the ozbargain tasting pack you did was fantastic. Halfway through my second can I jumped on your website to order a case of it only to discover it was sold out. I know it was only limited release, but you should definitely brew more of that :)

  • Still going through the batch of Pilz that arrived this week, can we get 2 x IPAs for the same?

    • I'd buy 2 IPA's if possible. Not a pilsner fan.

  • In your last 2 for $100 deal you said we can get 2 of the same kind if we asked for it in the order notes.

    But few people including myself received 1 of each :(

    • +1

      We left notes in the order for the last two for $100 deal asking for two of the same kind like the rep said we could in their posts. But, just like you, received one of each.

      Then we contacted them about it and they said 'no you couldn't have two of the same kind the deal was one of each'. I don't normally make the time to post a review, but that to me is poor customer service.

      • Rep was very actively replying to comments in his last deal but no activity in this one at all.

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me. Tagged the rep in the last post but didn't get a response.

  • Awesome deal JD!

  • I loved the last deal. Ordering again

  • It's very very bad. Unfortunately.
    Hardly finished 1 can of each case. Don't know what to do with the rest…

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