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[VIC] Strawberry 250g Punnet $0.99 @ ALDI / Coles


Was at Aldi yesterday and bought a couple of punnets. Not sure only VIC or nationwide.

Quality wise the strawberries are on par with what you get from Colesworth.

Some ozbargainers reporting same price at Coles

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      Better then a needle

    • Cool

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      Prices have crashed early in the season, with lockdowns in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT dramatically affecting sales to restaurants, cafes and consumers who tend to bypass berries in online purchases.

      Surely this isn't the whole story. Have Australia's grocery shopping habits really shifted that dramatically?

      • You could have read the whole story. The short version: fresh berries are an impulse buy made in person in store, not part of a regular shopping list; people are reluctant to order berries for home delivery because they'll get crushed.

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      Before they were saying they were expensive because of lockdown…

      • yeah they're screwing with us aussies, just like lobsters that were being sent overseas

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      Don't they get to this price every year? Or is it just not in season?

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  • Same price at Coles Oakleigh (VIC)

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    Maybe they should do a subscription service. $7.99 p/m for berries on demand.

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      They would go broke with the amount my child eats…

  • Same price at Coles in my area (SE Melbourne) too

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    Definitely not nationwide, as at least for QLD and Northern NSW they're $1.99.

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    Aldi in NSW have them at $1.49/punnet

  • can you price beat this at coles?

  • $1 at Coles Melbourne CBD

  • I honestly don't like eating Australian strawberries anymore once I had some Japanese and Korean ones when I travelled overseas last time.

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      How are they better?

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        science, maths, cars and pay less for Australian lpg than strayan berries do

  • I paid $1/punnet at Woolies in Belgrave Vic yesterday

    • They've been $1/punnet at my local woolies for at least a couple days too.


  • Meh sorry but the same prices at ColesWorths

    ColesWorths have better fresh fruit management so you are less likely to throw out junk berries than if you buy from the Aldi Suds

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      Or is that Aldi Nord?

      • Au is South.

  • In SA 2x the price

    • You need to shop around.

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        No i simply dont buy Stawberries.

        Unfortunately all companies raised Frozen mango prices, incl ALDI, was $5.99 at aldi about month back, now $6.49, COLES AND WOOLIES Homebranded Frozen Mango tastes sh*t, their organic mango are tasty but like twice the price of ALDI

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          THAT'S GREAT but why do you KEEP SHOUTING

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            @leonardr: They're South Australian and don't understand the Internet means they don't need to talk louder just because we're further away

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    Is it me or strawberries no longer have any taste…. Most of the time they are sour and no longer taste like the sweet strawberries you used to get. But I guess thats what happens when you produce for quantity not quality.

    • Ya most of times they are not sweet.

    • if you want to eat best strawberries you need to go to a farm and handpick and eat, kids love it too. in VIC there is nice farms in Wandin East and amazing strawberries..

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    So china not buying berries now?

  • I wish the other berries would get cheaper as well. Raspberries and Blueberries cost so much.

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      They are labour intensive to pick.

      Never appreciated that fact until I worked on a farm and decided that it was too hard for me.

      Props to all the migrants and backpackers out there picking your fruit.

  • Prices went up? $1.50 since last week at Aldi