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LEGO Roses 40460 $19.99, LEGO Tulips 40461 $14.99 + Delivery @ LEGO


They often sold out everywhere, now it is in stock, good addition to your Lego Flower Bouquet

Lego Tulips $14.99 : https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/tulips-40461

Free shipping for order over $149

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    Delivery: $12.5

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      ugh the delivery kills it, costs almost as much as the item itself ;_;

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        To be fair, even paying $12.5 for ONE item is cheaper that what is available otherwise on competitors websites. But yeah, agree otherwise.

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    Is this good enough for yearly valentines for the missus?

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        No, that girl clearly likes pink gerberas, not tulips or roses.

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      Get more every year, so after 10 years she has a lovely large Lego bouquet

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      To be honest I would rather receiving Lego roses than fresh roses

    • Worked for me :)

    • Someone's getting blocky tonight!

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    Why they set the limit for Roses to 5 and not 6 I will never know. 🙄

    • Limit to 5 so there is actually some left! The limit was lot higher last time (10+) and out of stock by time I logged in.

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        But you can't make a dozen roses….

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    Those tulips look awful. Roses are decent looking though.

    Certified stores have these in stock pretty regularly btw.

    • Certified stores have these in stock pretty regularly btw.

      But sell out fast. I've been trying to get Roses since February … I'd buy from LEGO.com but want to use my Certified Store VIP points

      • Oh really?

        When I was considering the sailboat promo they had plenty of roses. And it wasn't a flash in the pan as I mulled it over for nearly a week and would check stock each day as I uhm'd and ahh'd.

        • What store was that?

          • @kerfuffle: online.

            • @DevGuy: Well they're so out of stock at the moment, you can't even get the product page link …

  • Thanks OP picked up 2

  • Does anyone know if the Lego VIP discounts are transferrable? I have enough points to redeem $22.5 and was wondering if they're sellable.

    • You can redeem the voucher and pass the voucher to a friend

    • Sometimes it's worth it to hold onto the points until a desirable VIP Reward comes up that you can only get via redemption. For example, you recently could redeem about $12 worth of points for the VIP gold coin, and they now sell on the secondary market for $70.

      • Thanks sparkles. I'll hold onto them, I guess!

  • Lego says there are 120 pieces in the rose set, so 60 pieces per rose? Can anyone confirm the number of pieces, because I can only count about 34 pieces per rose in the pictures:

    17 red pieces for the petals
    4 green bits hanging down
    1 green flower base
    2 leaves
    9 to 11 stem parts

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      There's pieces between the stem parts, that's already 10 more. If they say it's 120 pieces it's 120, you can dl the manual to check.

      • You're right, each of the petals is made of at least two pieces, and there are more hidden parts. Thanks!

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      There number is certainly correct. There are more like 20+ pieces to the stem.
      If you want to know more, on the product page underneath the add to bag button, click on the building instructions tab. Here you can download a PDF copy of the manual which at the back of it has the full part count.

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    Still cheaper than a Valentine's Day rose. Wow.

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      And they won't die either! Win-win!

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    Bought 5 for the next 5 years Valentines day.

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      or for 5 different ladies next Valentines day.

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    buy 1 lego rose
    buy 11 real roses

    bundle together

    give to significant other with note "i will love you till the last rose dies"



    • Plagiarism is strong with this one :p

      Can't remember what show it was on though

  • this will go great with the star destroyer lego. may save someone's life

  • Thanks op - any one got lego promotion code i can use?

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    I ordered, and then signed up for an account after checkout to redeem the "VIP points". The money has been charged to my card but there's no order on my new account and no confirmation via email :|

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      I received my confirmation email 30 mins after I placed my order.

    • I also received the confirmation email about 30 minutes later and it was in my spam folder.

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      You don't get any VIP points until after it's dispatched.

      My confirmation email also has not come through, but is showing in my order history OK.

      • Mmm, I have the opposite lol. Got my confirmation but doesn't show in history. Eh, will wait and see what happens.

  • thanks OP

  • Roses are red

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      Tulips are red, violets are red.

      I think my garden is on fire.

  • I really hate lego.com system to limit the purchases.

    PS: buy 5x roses and 6x tulips to get the GWP - Adidas mini shoes.

  • thank you! ordered one each for lego flower bouquet, 10280.

  • Thanks! Order a few roses and tulips, plus a few other Exclusive items. Can't wait

  • It's back in stock now. Just FYI.

    • and delivery is $5

      • Isn't that only for the LEGO Certified Stores? That's different from the LEGO store as per the OP's link. Also you can only buy Roses for $5.01 delivery; if you add anything else, shipping reverts to standard price.

        • oh you're probably right I thought this was the certified store

  • Been a while since I ordered direct - if you use a discount code from VIP points, I assume the net total still needs to be >$150 for free shipping?
    (ie using a discount code to drop it below $150 triggers shipping costs?)

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      • Awesome, thanks! Worked fine.