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Python Hands-on 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 2 Exams A$10.99 @ Udemy


Enjoy :)

Last updated 7/2021, Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What you'll learn

  • Learn & Master Programming Fundamentals, Coding Algorithms and Computer Science Concepts.
  • Go from Beginner to Expert in Python with hands-on approach.
  • Do exercises on all fundamental topics of Python with 17 Quizzes and 170 Coding Exercises.
  • Build 5 Real-World Project with Python and do 5 Assignments related to these projects.
  • Take 2 Exams on Python; Midterm and Final Exam with 20 questions each.
  • Learn Python Modules and Packages and how to use them.
  • Build Python applications with Anaconda and PyCharm and master them.
  • Build a GUI application with tkinter.
  • Learn all Python you need for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Application Development.
  • Gain solid and profound Python Programming skills needed for a Python career.

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  • Anyone completed this? worth it?

    • +1

      lots of free ones usually pop up

      • +2

        I haven't found a free course on udemy that wasn't worthless.

        • I believe they usually become free for marketing purposes. i.e. get more reviewes and increase the number of students.

        • +2

          You need a course in english.

          So hard to understand what you mean with three negatives.

        • Plenty of free courses outside of Udemy. If you can't find a free python course or source of study material you didn't search hard enough.

  • +4

    This one looks like a structured short course, but all the reviews look like peer/friend support.

    As always there's free courses for python that may be less effective per hour spent but still ultimately free, so there's a free time vs material load equation you should figure out for yourself.

    If you're committed to learning python, I would imagine you'd spend 30mins looking around on forums and asking for community recommendations in stack etc.

    Looks nice though, some comments are informative that there's a minimum expectation that you at least have a basic foundation in programming, OOP, etc or are willing to google every third sentence, which may be a good thing.

  • +1

    Get your hands off my Python!

  • I'm doing the Zero to Hero one (top rated one on Udemy) right now, it's got way more reviews than this one and seems great so far. Does anyone know if either one is significantly better than the other?

  • programming is so boring. not gonna lie

  • +1

    I am at 50%. I liked it so far. Content is clear and not-hard for beginners with IT sense. he used simple and plain English, which is good for me.

  • +1

    With the amount of free content out there, not sure whether this is necessarily a deal.

  • +2

    Personal experience with Python.

    Youtube is your friend:

    • Any in particular you’d recommend ?

      • I found CS50 courses about Python very insightful. After finishing that course try to solve simple problems in python then make some projects.

      • Depending on what you are looking for.

        If you have a project in mind, look for specifics, eq. pandas, Django, Flask, etc.
        As a person who has dozens of Udemy and Lynda courses, I've tried some of them but always went back to YT as a starting point and went of from there with most debugging from other's questions on Stack Overflow.

        I've started Python with Django a few years back with this fellah and went on from there, now exploring Selenium and Scrapy as I never needed before. Once you get the basics, you will find yourself going to the documentation for faster development. Mozilla, Django Girls

        FreeCodeCamp is very good:

        Doesn't really matter which one you choose as long as you stick with it and persist.

        • Hey mate , thanks for the advice ! I’m actually going to go with MIT’s introduction to computer science and python programming course . From there I’ll try get into some heavier python workflows

  • I don't put much faith in Udemy course ratings. To get a feel I usually check the 2-4 star reviews which usually shows the course for what it is. Also looking at the free videos in each course gives you a generally good idea.
    And just a note on paying for something vs getting it free elsewhere. Not sure how much research there is to back this up, but I have used a paid product/service more than a free one, including Udemy courses.

  • +3

    I'm seeing a paid Udemy course as a deal here at OZBargain for the first time.

    • Though to be fair, in the free Udemy courses deals there are sometimes ~$10 'heavily discounted' ones listed too. But yeah, all by itself is a bit strange.

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