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[Backorder] Vintec V190SG2EBK 170 Bottle Wine Cabinet $1894 (Was $4599) + Delivery ($0 C&C /in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$4000+ at TGG, Appliancesonline, HN etc.

Vintec 100 Beer-Bottle Beverage Centre and 250 Beer-Bottle Beverage Centre also discounted at JB HiFi.

Product Description


Versatile wine cabinet that can be set as a single zone for cellaring both reds and whites or as multi-temp for serving different styles/varietals at perfect drinking temperatures.

Vintec versatile Multi-Temp technology is designed for serving different varietals at their perfect individual drinking temperatures. It provides a gradient of temperature throughout the cabinet, which is ideal for keeping all wine styles at their optimal drinking temperature.

Stable Temperature
Our wine cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your wine in perfect cellaring conditions. This is thanks to double glazed glass, insulated side panels and interactions between a compressor and thermostat.

Winter Heating Function
In some areas, the temperature in winter could drop drastically. Our wine cabinets are equipped with a heating function to deliver a constant temperature through the cellar all year round.

UV Protected Dark Storage Area
UV rays negatively impact the quality of your wine. Our cabinets eliminate this threat by incorporating UV treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors and dimmed internal LED lights.

No Vibration
To protect the storage life and quality of your wine, our cabinets have been designed to create a vibration proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.

Humidity above 50%
Our wine cabinets incorporate a Thermal Recycling Pump that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained. The Thermal Recycling Pump works by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet.

Key Features

Double glazed door, with anti-UV glass

Adjustable wooden shelves

Winter function heating system

Thermal recycling pump

Security lock

Audio and visual alarm

Digital temperature display

LED internal lighting

Capacity/Bottles: 130 Easy, 198 Max

4.6/5 ☆ (9 Reviews)

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  • +2

    one of those things that i reckon if you were 'really really rich' and had a Large Beach/Holiday house you would have one of these in your celler and keep bottles of wine you collect from all over….well i imagine anyway?

    • +50

      nah I got this for my half price up&go

  • +2

    But my $4 Grigio from liquorland already comes chilled??

  • Can't actually order it

    • I cant order it either. Seems to be only one location in Perth for click and collect

  • +10

    I’m still happy with this for $288 delivered from bunnings

    • they honoured it?

      • Yep I was one of only 15 1 was told

    • +3

      Yet you still have cans sitting outside the fridge

      • Nelson County - probably ashamed.

        • They were free and 8% I got a case

    • Can you set that to a controlled temperature? If not, you can't really compare a standard bar fridge to a wine fridge.

      • Can be controlled

    • That looks like an outdoor fridge too!

      • Not sur I have it in the lounge near the couch

  • who drinks 170 bottles of wine.

    • the rich

    • +6

      People who order from way too many Ozbargain wine posts

      I have a 166 bottle wine fridge that is full, and another ~150 bottles in the under stairs storage. I keep the better stuff in the fridge.

    • +3

      Mrs just counted her wine bottles (not mine lol) and had 277…. Pretty normal haha.

    • +3

      You don't drink it all at once lol

    • Plenty of people buy and use the fridge to gracefully age red wine.

    • There are a few wineries that have clearance sales of wine. The fridge allows you to buy up and then use over the next few years.

  • +6

    Good price, but good luck if you need repairs. They charge an absolute arm and a leg

  • +2

    VinoVault's are this price all year round. Vintec use to be good when they made their fridges in Denmark or France. Now they are all made in China, but still carry the same expensive price tag.

  • Damn, just bought a Liebherr (the cheap Malaysian made model) two months ago. This is a very good price, wish I had waited a bit longer.

    • +4

      Honestly liebherr's brand name is great.
      Just a pity their quality control isnt.

      I still really want a liebherr fridge
      Just because who doesnt want a fridge made by a company that makes 250 tonne excavators

      • +2

        To go with your Samsung phone - made by a company which builds super- tankers.

  • Years past these would sh1t themselves and spray coolant everywhere. I would know my one did this after 3 years and they wouldnt honour any warranty. Just look at the number on marketplace with compressors that have died.

    I believe they've been bought out by electrolux which hopefully have started putting decent compressors in them

    Still good get op for the price
    And work great as a display/storage cabinet, which is all mine can be used for now.

    • -2

      Elecrrolux = Haier, so i wouldn't count on it

      • +1

        Electrolux is not Haier lol.

        They are direct competitors.

        You’re thinking about Fisher & Paykel, which is own by Haier.

    • I had the Vintec compressor failure too. Let's just say the company doesn't inspire repeat purchases.

  • +1

    Vintec has a pretty bad rep for their wine fridge compressors. Loads of them die and have to be replaced.

    • Have had our two mini bar fridges for yrs with no issues? Thought they were the premium Goto?

  • +1

    I wouldn't touch Vintec again.
    Myself and 2 friend all got one about 3 years ago, and all 3 died just outside of warranty.
    A bit of googling indicated it's a common story due to cheap components used.

    Leibherr all the way for me now

  • +1

    I bought a Kitchener Wine Fridge, which uses Peltier and doesn’t have a compressor. Mine is 250 bottles.I bought it when it was 40 degrees outside and 30 where my wine was stored. Our unit is still working after 20 years but, unfortunately, the company has folded. They weren’t pretty but they work quite well.

  • Electricity Consumption


    • If that's true, it's like ~$70 - $100 a year running costs (maybe more in SA) which is amazing.

    • +3

      You realise most small to medium fridges only will use 1 kw/day. Once fridge is at temperature, compressors are very efficient and aren't on constantly.

      Do some research yourself and you will be surprised.

    • Yep, thats a normal figure

      This is pretty common for wine fridges that only need to maintain ~14-18 degrees.

      No where near the temperature differential that a regular fridge runs at.

  • -3

    More expensive than a good fridge? I'll pass

    • +7

      Different type of fridge for a different purpose.

      If you don't understand the differences, this isn't the product for you.

      • I always find it interesting how perspective when you appreciate a good drop changes. It was people drinking blue label with coke back int he days, and now with wine the 'not bad' crew who buy out of the bulk dan murphy $5-15 barrel discounts that think we're mad for paying $30 for a bottle. Let's not get into the $40-120 bottles, or god forbid slightly higher than that. I definitely can't appreciate something in the $250++ range, but there certainly is a big difference. And a good fridge to store it is essential.

    • +3

      Are you posting this on your mobile phone / computer 'device'?

  • Biggest concern is the fridge stopping after a few years, my brother has under his stairs as a wine room and he put wall unit air con that runs 24/7 and I think it's pretty cheap to run.

    It's easier to replace a $400-600 unit, then a $2,000-4,000 fridge every 3-5 years.