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3 Large Pizzas & 3 Sides $34 Delivered @ Pizza Hut


Pretty good deal. Normal price for this would be more then double that.

3 LARGE PIZZAS of your choice
3 SIDES from: Garlic Bread, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Spud Bites, Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread or 1.25L Drink

Terms and Conditions:
Pizzas with menu price over $14.95 Pick Up & $17.95 Delivered will attract a $3 surcharge. Surcharges apply for Stuffed Crust & Gluten Free base. Choose from garlic bread, spud bites, cheesy garlic bread (+$1), vegan cheesy garlic bread (+$1.50), Hershey's Lava Cake (+$1) or 1.25l drink.

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    How do Pizza Hut large compare to Dominos?
    I usually end up getting Dominos extra large for +$3 for value.

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      Pizza Hut's large pizzas diameter is definitely a cm or two longer then Domino's "Large" pizzas

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    The normal price for this is not even remotely 'double that'.
    The normal price for three large pizzas and three sides is $33.95 pick-up, or $36.95 delivery.
    That is a regular combo offer on their website - so this 'deal' is only a deal for delivery - and even then is only saving $2.95.

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      hey, usually the coupon only takes $1.95 off the regular price so this is a 50% improvement

      • Ok - but an offer that is actually 5c WORSE for pick-up has its own problems.

  • Still have my 3 pizza vouchers left from the recent giveaway. Wondering if anyone tried using those vouchers to order other pizzas from the menu? Is there a way ?

  • There‚Äôs a $1 a wings promo from pizza hut on doordash.

  • Crap deal

  • I agree that the large size Pizza Hut is just a smidgen bigger than Dominos large. The quality difference is day and night between the two though. It's a shame I don't live anywhere near a Pizza Hut.